Picture of Lawn striper
This will show you how to stripe your yard like the professionals, and you'll save $100!

Step 1: Gather

1. pvc pipe 3" thick and the width of the back wheels or slightly smaller.(see picture)

2. 3/4" thick plywood

3. 2 "eye" hooks big enough for 2 plastic ties to go through.

4. Several long plastic ties

5. drill

6. screwdriver

7. 3" hole saw (optional)

8. Gravel or sand.
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louisw5 years ago
thanks for your inst. i was at a farm supply getting a piece of belting (available in widths starting at 4", i was getting 6" X 3') and the guy asked if I was making a stripper. seems here they just add that behind the deck to stripe. This belting is bullet proof.
katerlyn louisw1 month ago

Thanks for that tip to both of you!

rfmarney1 year ago
JoelSternke made it!1 year ago

This worked great! I had to make an extension to attach to my hitch to extend it behind my wheels. I used a 4" pvc pipe instead and filled it with sand so it would be heavier. I also made mine to actually drag on the ground rather than hover above it. A couple tips I have is to mow the same direction every time and cut your lawn long. My mower is set at 4". After a few mowings, the effect will be even more dramatic.

darrian 1 year ago

it work's great.

MomOf3Es3 years ago
Very cool! I've always wondered how they did that! Thanks
gawenski3 years ago
And what is the point of striping a lawn again??
Can this be adapted for a walk behind mower
only if you mow tall and use a heavy stick/pipe/whatever with it.
Yeah but the effect isn't as dramatic because a push mower is much closer to the ground. You will have to hike it up a wee bit and do everything the same for your push mower. You could also always mount this on a broom stick and do it by hand.
If you would own a simplicity mower instead of a deere, you wouldnt have to make this. simplicity's have full width deck rollers built right on them.
cmd (author)  holsteincowsgotmilk7 years ago
Yeah buy a Simplicity instead of a real mower???
MsJaxFla cmd4 years ago
Go Green!!! Get rid of all that grass!!!! (grin) We here in Florida are trying to use less water and go green and natural. Plant only local plants, tolerant of your growing conditions. You don't need all that grass to mow.
mcovill5 years ago
I always wondered how they did that. Thanks for the great tip.
Reble_455 years ago
I've done this in the past, with good results. Someone else mentioned it, but I'll hit it again, make sure to alternate the cut for each mowing, Mow front to back one session, then the next side to side, the next sideways, the next front to back, and so on and so forth. Heck, get creative, I've done spiral cuts before, and those look pretty sweet from time to time, keeps the neighbors guessing, thats for sure. but I always just used a push mower, and the effect was visible. Not sure you really need the bar. I also agree that incorporating a mechanism for the weighted bar to raise and lower it is a good idea as well. Perhaps and old throttle cable would work well? I guess it really depends on the weight of your bar, and the way it would be adjusted. Thoughts anyone?
Simmons5 years ago
That's awesome and so simple! I think I will surprise my old man next I mow the lawn
cjbjetz7 years ago
here in northern illinois there are so many landscape companies that every third truck you see has a lawnmower on it, none of the landscapers here use stripers on their mowers they just get the lawn cut and get on to their next job. The mowers leave a nice even stripe from the direction they were moving while they were cutting the lawn
chrwei cjbjetz5 years ago
higher end mowers have a metal bar or roller at the back of the blade deck which gives the same effect but has practical purpose too... keeping the large deck level.
folky158 years ago
Love the Windmill and the kissing Dutch couple! If ya ain't Dutch, then ya ain't much!
xD kissing dutch people? we don't kiss that much! but the windmills are true :P
can you use concrete or quickcrete in the bar and how about welding a handle and aparatus for lifting the unit up and down instead of just "zip tying it on " which could get any by standers hurt or maybe even hurt your mower truckinforjesus@windstream.net
To be voiced by Billy Mays; "And now your lawn can have that freshly vacuumed look!"
ROFLMAO "Billy Mays here with another fantastic product! The Lawn Striper!"
466597066 years ago
re piola
rockybob3006 years ago
Check out mine, I made a little trailer hitch to attach it to my type of tractor.
how far is that off the ground?
Its 3/4" off the ground.
my lawn is perfect without kind of efforts, without using any fuel, i share a sheep with a friend , during 7 months ( a sheep cost 85 $, we need to keep it more than 6 months to be " an official sheep riser " and have to have the right to eat it )
Katarukito6 years ago
o.O We hire people to mow our lawn for us .. doesn't look like this though.
Foxtrot706 years ago
Aside from the massive waste of fuel... looks great! How do you mark the lanes? I guess you just eyeball it?
ScubaSteve6 years ago
Dosent it have to be wider than the cutting deck? because the cutting deck on our mower is weder than the wheelbase
about how much weight did you put in the roller?
wenpherd6 years ago
thats cool!
JellyWoo6 years ago
what's the point?
To get that baseball diamond look.
souske256 years ago
i am soooo gunna make my yard with a baseball diamond pattern
insomartin7 years ago
Thanks! i used a 3$ laser pointer to guide me my lawn looks great now. nice lawn mower!
nibbler1257 years ago
id try it but my lawn is dead beacuse we havent had any rain in a long time :( and im not makin no money beacuse i mow the lawn for an allowance
Marlock17 years ago
Our old mower's blades did not reach the wheels which were mounted outside the ... hull. So to get a clean smooth lawn you would overlap the previous lane. If you ran the wheels on top the previous wheel marks, it left an un-cut row/strip which would pop up later making it look "striped" . I always mowed so that the tufts looked like stripes from the window Mom used to check on whether the yard needed mowing yet. The stripes made it look like it was mowed fairly recently... :)
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