video Lawnmower Generator

I have long wanted my own generator, but a $500 and up price tag kept me from purchasing one new.  After some internet searching and sleepless nights I found a good tutorial online at http://www.theepicenter.com/tow082099.html.  What I liked best about the tutorial is that Brian at epicenter has already worked out the kinks and sells the materials.  I have no connection with epicenter, and the only things I have bought from them were for this project, but what dealings I have had with them were fair and honest.  He was also kind enough to let me copy some of his wiring diagrams for this article.

A co-worker gave me an older craftsman lawnmower for this project, it did not run, but with a little bartering, it was repaired.  I ordered the plate, an alternator, wiring harness, pulley, and two belts from the epicenter website (approximately $160 with shipping).

graydog1117 months ago

What did the plasma cut base cost?

ajones971 year ago
you talk about a gassifier, but why not an electrolytic ho generator use a big tank n mutiple electodes n should be almost no gas used.
tngun (author)  ajones971 year ago
For two reasons, one is the inefficiency of using electricity to convert water to hydrogen to run a generator to produce electricity, the other is complexity. While woodgas is no the best way to run a generator, it is relatively simple.
gunman152 years ago
their all videos why don you make pics for them?????
No offense.
tngun (author)  gunman152 years ago
Because I didn't know about instructables when I started doing these projects.
gunman15 tngun2 years ago
ohhhh ok. understood.
heathbar642 years ago
what would prevent you from just using the old lawn mower base and cutting a hole for the alternator shaft. it would save the cost of the base you bought and it could be rolled around to the spot you wanted to charge.
tngun (author)  heathbar642 years ago
Absolutely nothing, but I wanted an excuse to try out the base. If I built one again, I would probably do it how you described... However, this way is a little more compact.
Phil B2 years ago
I did an Instructable on Learning to Weld and in the last step I included links to some alternator welders others have done. You might find those helpful for using an alternator in a welder. One of the links includes a link for using auto batteries to weld.
tngun (author)  Phil B2 years ago
Thanks, that is definitely something I am interested in. Thanks