Lay Out a Circuit Board





Introduction: Lay Out a Circuit Board

This is a brief video tutorial on PCB layout in Diptrace.  If you're thinking of designing a circuit board, you might find it useful.

This is the second part of a multi-part series - the first video (on schematic capture) is right here. Of course, let me know if you've got any questions!

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Dear Gadget Gangster and/or AndyGadget ,

I have made my schematic, then what do I do ahead? Can you help me please?
And is it possible to copy the image to paint? cause i make my PCBs at home.
please mail your replies to with the place where you found my plea...

About the circuit:
This Circuit is a phone charger. I found this Circuit on
I have done the drawing using Paint application in Windows
please help me with it...

Excellent - This is growing into a really useful series of videos. I use DipTrace for schematics and have played around with board layout but have never gone the full cycle through to the board production stage. I can guess what will be covered in later videos and I am really looking forward to them. (The autorouter is a wonder to watch!)