> How to play

Our cave consists of three layers. Put ‘isosceles right triangles’ on each layer to match the given picture on the base floor.

> How does it work?

The triangles are the same size, but when they become shadow, their size can be different!!! HOW?

As the name Layered Shadow Puzzle suggests, the secret lies in “three layers” where you put the triangles. The Cave uses the principle of the relation between ‘the distance of light and object’ and the size of its shadow. The shorter the distance between them, the larger the shadow becomes. We've set the perfect distance between 1st, 2nd and 3rd layer which makes the ratio of size of shadow of each floor(1st, 2nd, 3rd) = 1 : 1.414….(square 2) : 2, so that n st floor’s triangle’s hypotenuse exactly matches n+1 st floor’s triangle’s base line. (see the picture)

> The shadows from all the pieces are combined to form a certain shape like a cat, a star and so on. Since the triangles may have various colors, when they reflect on the bottom floor, it looks so beautiful! The puzzle just becomes an ART!
> Our cave is for people who want to get away from simple puzzles and enjoy multi-dimensional puzzle fully using and understanding the scientific principle and the beauty of shadow. Please enjoy it!!!!

> Check out the pictures to see how The Cave has evolved

Step 1: Make the Basic Structure(4 Pillars and a Ceiling)

> What you need:
1) four wooden sticks - the base side: 7mm*12mm / length: 265mm
(Actually the base doesn't necessarily have to be exactly this big, but our blueprint follows it.>
2) a 5mm wooden board bigger than 172mm*160mm
3) a rubber hammer

> Step 1-1: Make the slots where the acryl layers can sit later.
Engrave three 6mm*2mm rectangles on each wooden stick. To make shadow get bigger at a fixed ratio(1: square root 2) at each layer, the distance between three slots is the most important. From the top, make the slots at the point of 115mm - 41.5mm - 58.5mm-50mm. Be aware that 2mm has to be counted when engraving the stick. For the elaborate cutting we recommend you use the lazer cutting machine.

> Step 1-2: Cut the wooden plate for the ceiling.
Please refer to the blueprint here. Rectagles on the apexes are the holes for the four pillars(Step 1-1) to be put. A circle at the center is where the lighting would be located. Two lines are the space for the roof.

> Step 1-3: Join the four pillars to the ceiling.
Hold a rubber hammer, treat a pillar as a delicate nail and drive pillars into the four holes on the ceiling. Be careful that the pillars are put from the top.

> Step 1 is complete now!

<p>that is so cool</p>
<p>This could make an really impressive art installation. Especially if you made it on a really big scale.</p>

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