Picture of Layered Handkerchief Edge Skirt
This is a super girly twirly skirt! Each layer is a full circle skirt with a handkerchief edge.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You'll need some stretchy fabric, about one yard per layer. I'm doing 6 layers, so I have 6 yards. If you want your skirt to be longer, you'll need more fabric. It is best if you choose a fabric that will not fray so you don't have to hem the layers. It will save time and your skirt will be much floatier! If your fabric is see-through like mine (I'm using a stretchy mesh), you'll need about 1 yard of another kind of fabric to line the skirt. I'm using knit jersey (t-shirt fabric). You'll also need elastic for the waistband, fabric scissors, sewing pins, a measuring tape, thread that matches your fabric, two large safety pins, and a pattern or a compass (or pencil and string) and paper to make your own pattern. A sewing machine is optional, but VERY strongly recommended. It makes things a lot easier and is much faster than sewing by hand! Also, stretchy fabric can be very difficult to sew with, so although the construction of this skirt is quite simple, it can be tricky to sew.

Step 2: Cutting Your Layers

Picture of Cutting Your Layers
13, 6:46 PM.jpg
13, 6:46 PM.jpg
Lay out your top fabric and cut it into about 1 yard sections. You will cut 1 section for each layer. Carefully measure and line up the fabric. It's better to take more time checking your measurements than to cut your fabric too small or too short. Line up your pieces on top of each other and cut off the end pieces with the dye boxes.
ailsaJ3 months ago
Eh Lie Us!2 years ago
It's so awesome seeing people their own clothes. It came out of your hands, people!
MsJaxFla2 years ago
This is a great, extremely accurate tutorial. I don't have the patience to sew bias hems one more time.... lol, I did many times in the past, and don't want to again, so you are so right about not hemming stretch fabrics. Also, might be a good idea to be aware of not stretching that waistline...all those layers and if they stretch..... well the hankerchief hem takes care of that, but the other will be all wonky if you stretch the waistline... ya know? I used to make halter tops with attached double caplets out of cotton voile back in the day.... got sick of those narrow bias hems.
meganelisethedancer (author) 2 years ago
Thanks! The lining was a jersey knit, like t-shirts, and the layers were a sheer stretch mesh, like a lot of dance costumes.
ikarthik2 years ago
Which exactly is the material you used?
wold6302 years ago
Very cute! Nice work!