Picture of Layered Hearts Card
Super easy card for Valentine's Day.  Inspired by this card on Doublestick Heaven.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Here's what you need!

  • Silhouette Cameo
  • 3 Colors of Cardstock
  • Sticky Squares or Glue
  • 5.5 by 4 inch Greeting Card
I've also provided the file as PDF's if you want to print them off on colored paper and then just cut them out :)

Step 2: Make it

Picture of Make it
Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 2.34.57 PM.png
Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 2.36.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 2.41.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 11.30.54 AM.png
It is pretty easy to make this up.  I made 3 rectangles the size of the card and grouped them each with their own heart of varying sizes.  I put them on top of each other when deciding on the heart sizes, but then moved them apart to cut them separately. 

Step 3: Put it Together

Picture of Put it Together
Now just glue the pieces together.  You can write something in the center to if you want :)
You are such a paper diva! So great for kids to make their own cards. I just can't get over your "paper factor." I need to get out from behind the keyboard and over to the paper cutter!