Layered Jello Shots - Caribbean Gold


Step 3: After 30 Minutes

Picture of After 30 Minutes
After 30 minutes the 1/2 filled jello shots should be ready! Wait!! DO NOT EAT YET =)

Now we need to do the exact same thing with the Black Cherry Jello. (or almost the same)

Take 1/2 cup of water and bring to boil
Pour 1/2 cup of coconut rum into another pourable container like a 2nd measuring cup.
Also Pour 1 cup of Black Cherry Rum into the container with the coconut rum.

Once the 1/2 cup of water is boiling, turn flame off and pour in Black Cherry Jello Packet and stir for a minute.
Then pour the hot mixture into the container with the 2 rum mixtures.

Take the rum and jello mixture and pour the other 1/2, till the cup is full. Let mixture sit in fridge 4 hours.
(notice I poured a few with just the pineapple and a few with just the black cherry, again...I'm experimenting)
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