Introduction: Lazer Maze - Mounts

This is a quick Instructable to show the mounts I used to build this great Instructable LASER Maze 2012 - Halloween Haunted Houseby bkhurt.

The Instructable calls for 4 5mW Green Lasers to beam across your garage or maze space.  On the opposite side are 4 "cds" photo resistor cells.

Step 1: Building the Laser Mount

The goal here is to build something fast and cheap to mount the laser.  The laser mount needs to be adjusted up/down and left/right.

I unscrewed the 5mW laser bottom, removed the batteries and soldered on 2 wires.  The negative to the coil spring.   The positive to the case.   The wires were about 1 foot long each.   I stripped about 3/4" off the ends to allow for twisting tot the main feed wires.

I was mounting to a vertical stud piece.  I used 2 blocks of wood with a SINGLE hole drilled in each.  This allowed the adjust as shown in the picture.

I used Velcro to secure the laser to the mount.  I got some vibration and added a piece of tape over the laser to secure it to the wood to reduce vibration when the kids jumped up and down.

Step 2: Building the CDS Photo Resistor Mount

I used a piece of 1 1'4" PVC pipe cut into 4 2" sections.  This is easy to mount and small enough so it wont get whacked by kids.

- Shove a lump of Plumbers Putty (see picture) in the back of a section and pushed the CDS cell through.  Plumbers putty is cheap and is in Home Depot.
- Drill a small hole in the PVC pipe, pass the 1 foot wires through and and solder to the CDS cell.
- Secure the wires at the hole with some epoxy so they wont wiggle.
- Wrap scotch tape over the end of the open hole to act as a diffuser for the laser beam.
- Wrap a loop of electrical tape around the PVC to secure the scotch tape.

Again, as with the laser mount,  get 2 small pieces of wood and drill ONE hole in each as shown in the picture below.  Secure the PVC tube to the wood with Velcro.


TonyH57 (author)2016-02-16

Is there more in the PDF... cause this seems incomplete ?

skakad1 (author)2015-01-17

i got this error in processing soft. my ardiuno port is com 4 still nt work

how i clear this error?

plz reply fast

amandaghassaei (author)2012-11-08

very cool! what happens when the lasers get set off?

ihart (author)amandaghassaei2012-11-08

The lasers are always on. When you break any one of the laser beams, sirens go off and a fire engine type red light spins around.

See the original Laser Maze instructable by bkhurt for great videos and pictures. I shot my video with an iPhone. IPhones cant shoot video in low light conditions so... I got nothing.

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