Love the taste of lasagna, but hate how the time it take to construct it takes away from valuable dance time and party time? Well this twist on lasagna gives you all the flavor, and is a true time saver. Wow! I saved so much time, I learned how to rhyme! Alright, let's-a make-a the pasta!

Step 1: Gather La Familia

***Disclaimer - No mustaches were harmed in the making of this Instructable. Also, we know that all Italians don't have mustaches. The only ones we know though are Mario and Luigi. Well, and the Sopranos, but we didn't want to see anyone sleep with the fishes, so we just got a little silly with it instead.
I laughed so had about the mustaches not being harmed, that was great! Want to adopt me? :) Great instructable, brilliant idea and thank you for the laugh!
Thanks! Sure ill adopt you. I could always use more "help" in the kitchen.
YAY!! :)
Oi vey that should read I laughed so hard...not had...jeez wiz lol
This-a iBle is Amazing-a! :) Will try with the daughteral unit.
Haha! Yay! Grazie! (which means Thank You!) Let me know how it turns out.
Looks yummy and super simple :D
Thanks. It really is.

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