The Easiest Tech Target Mod





Introduction: The Easiest Tech Target Mod

This is an amazingly easy mod for your nerf tech target blaster. it will be able to shoot stefans, micro darts, and hold a couple extra, as well as shoot much harder and farther.

Step 1: Materials

Get these: 2x 2 inch sections of pvc, 1x 5 inch section of pvc, 1x superglue(not shown), 1x rubber band of choice, 1x Tech Target Blaster.

Step 2: Assembly

Take the 5 inch pipe and insert it into the existing barrel. push down hard, it will stay in tight. Now, take the 2 2 inch pipes, and insert them halfway in to the existing dart holders. Glue these in and let sit while glue dries. Wrap band around pull back lever, and secure, then pull it around the handle.

Step 3: Done

Use your fave ammo and fire away!



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    pvc doesnt fit darts very good thats cpvc

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