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This is an amazingly easy mod for your nerf tech target blaster. it will be able to shoot stefans, micro darts, and hold a couple extra, as well as shoot much harder and farther.

Step 1: Materials

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Get these: 2x 2 inch sections of pvc, 1x 5 inch section of pvc, 1x superglue(not shown), 1x rubber band of choice, 1x Tech Target Blaster.

Step 2: Assembly

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Take the 5 inch pipe and insert it into the existing barrel. push down hard, it will stay in tight. Now, take the 2 2 inch pipes, and insert them halfway in to the existing dart holders. Glue these in and let sit while glue dries. Wrap band around pull back lever, and secure, then pull it around the handle.

Step 3: Done

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Use your fave ammo and fire away!


jumpingcat (author)2011-08-11

pvc doesnt fit darts very good thats cpvc

makerboy112 (author)2011-06-16

Thats CPVC, not PVC

Japaneese taco (author)2008-02-02

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Naw, I'll pass. Eggs make me... well...
the gaseous form of #2

Try bacon instead! Goes good with eggs, but you can eat it by itself. Just don't forget to brush and floss afterwards, otherwise the evil tooth monkeys will invade your tonsils, eventually spreading to your throat, stomach, and even your brain. Once inside, they will attach their evil tooth monkey controller to your cerebral cortex and force you to give everyone in town a quantum wedgie, and the Incredible Hulk will have to stop you and call a doctor to scare all of the monkeys out.

Don't forget to have Pancakes(R) with your breakfast!

nerfer192 (author)YummyPancakes2010-02-17


Revan_Taros (author)nerfer1922011-02-18

Waffles pwn FTW! haha I used to make waffle sammiches.

Madrias357 (author)YummyPancakes2009-08-26

*Delivers an Atomic Wedgie and runs for it* I'm just evil.

YummyPancakes (author)Madrias3572009-08-26

*scoffs* Quantum wedgies are better. You get to actually rip apart the protons of the elastic!

Madrias357 (author)YummyPancakes2009-09-17

True, but a Neutron wedgie is cool, too. Nothing better than yanking someone's underpants through them, leaving the shorts intact, but the person in severe pain and agony.

nerfer192 (author)YummyPancakes2008-07-11

i like bacon.

CapnTac (author)Japaneese taco2008-06-23

YAY!!!!! EGGS!!!

Bartboy (author)Japaneese taco2008-05-24


nerfer192 (author)Japaneese taco2008-02-03


PaulTozzi (author)nerfer1922008-05-09

my thoughts exactly

Knexhockey (author)2010-01-17

do u need cpvc cuz i have pvc and it dont fit

___JoYo___ (author)Knexhockey2010-04-02

You need cpvc because it has a smaller outer diameter than pvc.

avgbear (author)2008-12-20

My son and I took apart his Tech Target and did two things to improve the efficiency by at least 400%. 1. Take out the screws and pull the gun apart. BE CAREFUL, there is a spring for the trigger mechanism that will pop out. 2. There is a small round piece between the air chamber and the barrel, with several little holes in it and a one inch nib with a purple end on it (this holds the dart away from the inner end of the barrel). Cut that sucker off. 3. After you cut the nib off, take the same piece and drill out a hole where all the tiny holes are. They're just restricting airflow. We used a 3/8" drill bit. 4. Put it all back together and fire. Your darts will fly much, much farther.

nerfer192 (author)avgbear2008-12-20

yeah, i did that, but i didnt put it in this ible because that reqieres poeneing the gun up, and this is supposed to be easy peasy

avgbear (author)nerfer1922008-12-21

I would argue that the steps we made were not at all difficult. You should add those steps, it makes a huge difference.

nerfer192 (author)avgbear2008-12-21

i agree, nut this ible is supposed to NOT REQIRE OPENING THE GUN

avgbear (author)nerfer1922008-12-21

Alright dude, chill.

cmd1237 (author)2008-07-21

you can also use markers wrapped in duct tape

evilgenius 398 (author)2008-07-17

you should put a more powerful spring in

geek27 (author)2008-02-08

I'm not a nerf expert, and I've never done nerf modding, but the simplicity of this has given me second thoughts. However, what I do want to know is the range. How far can the normal darts go? How about the micro-stefan things? Thanks!

nerfer192 (author)geek272008-02-09

well, for range im you are probably goong to get 40-60 feet, dependng on how well you mod it. mine is hovering around the 50s. Stefans are a homemade dart that consist of foam backer rod(available at hardware store), hotglue(craft store), and copper bbs(sporting goods). for instructions on how to put tham together, click here

geek27 (author)nerfer1922008-02-09

Ahh, thanks! Maybe I'll get one and try this!

dsman195276 (author)geek272008-07-14

i would recommend a nerf nitefinder instead. it is a lot cheaper(6$) and is easy to mod. this gun is really good but kinda expensive because you have to buy a lame electronic target with it.

geek27 (author)dsman1952762008-07-15

Oh, umm... yeah, I know that. I quickly got obsessed with the NH forums, and indeed, did my first mod on the nitefinder (Gengar003's coupler modded NF). After that, I tried a Maverick (but screwed it up). Yes, it was then that I realized that THE MAVERICK SUCKS!!!!! Yeah, I recently did Cmdrmack's Big Salvo mod, and I am totally LOVING it!!

dsman195276 (author)geek272008-07-16

well, the maverick does not suck it just has a lot of problems that makes it a bad sidearm.

geek27 (author)dsman1952762008-07-16

Still, I mean, the best range you could probably get with it is 35 feet flat, and that's with a barrel replacement, seal improvement, and other mods. Even though the ROF makes up for the range, I just don't think all the mods on it will be worth it in the end.

dsman195276 (author)2008-07-07

check out my target tech! i still need to replace the barrel but i took out the air restrictor, added a spring, pluged a hole in the barrel, added a rubberband to the plunger(not on in picture), and painted it. the paint is a dark grey on back of handle were your black is and on top were your black is. i have black everywhere else except the orange on the gun. also, can the pvc be a shorter length to fit entirely in the gun? i want to keep the look of the gun. maybe i could paint the pvc.

nerfer192 (author)dsman1952762008-07-08

yep just paint the pvc and :( sad face mine just broke.....mahaaaaaaa!!!!

dsman195276 (author)nerfer1922008-07-08

i just finished modding my target tech. it is now my faverite gun. I: put tape under the O-ring to improve the seal. replaced the barrel up to the air restrictor with pvc. removed the air restrictor took the barrel extension out of the bad long shot pistol and cut it to fit over the pvc. glued the pvc on and glued the cut barrel extension over the pvc(to hide it_ put pvc in place of the ammo holders replaced the spring on the trigger catch. painted it back and grey. added a really think rubber band to the plunger this thing is a beast. it shoots around 80 feet from what i can see. and it looks hard core lol.

nerfer192 (author)dsman1952762008-07-10

um well now i have a modded super soaker with a SILENCER!!!!!HOLYCRAP!!!!!and it goes like sooooooo far

dsman195276 (author)nerfer1922008-07-10


nerfer192 (author)nerfer1922008-07-10

btw it shoots nerf

dsman195276 (author)nerfer1922008-07-08

sorry about that. hmm, i can't get the pvc into the barrel.

Braeburn (author)2008-05-02

nice. my sister (3) just bought an old one, but now it works with my darts.

JPDubby (author)2008-04-10

I ment to say that I wrapped the sling shot strap under the barrel above the dart holder and adjusted it for best pull back and range.

JPDubby (author)2008-04-10

That looks like a decent mod, but there are some things that I did differently to my own pistol. First, I took the entire barrel assembly out of the gun. I tool 1/2" copper pipe that you user to patch regular 1/2" copper pipe with. You can find a 12" of this at Home Depot or Lowes. It has to be the patch pipe. I used a soldering iron to melt the plastic whole so it was big enough to insert the copper pipe that I cut down to about 6" in size, but you can eye ball it. Make sure the barrel is straight before the plastic drys. I stuck the 1/2" CPVC in the copper pipe, it's a tight fit, but if you have a clean cut on the pipe it should be easy. Put everything back in the gun. I user a sling shot band and wrapped it up around the top of the barrel and tied it off. You can get the extra sling shot bands at Meijer. I now get about 80 feet out of my pistol. This is about the same distance as a modded big bad bow. I did the copper pipe, because it one stonger than CPVC alone, your barrel will never warp or bend for better accuracy, and it prevents the plastic from expanding and contracting.

P.C. 111 (author)2008-03-02

increse seal, remove air restrictors, insert dart ALL THE WAY, and some other things and you could get 80s.

Derin (author)P.C. 1112008-04-05

haha effective as hitting iwt a 2x4

nerfer192 (author)P.C. 1112008-03-03

yeah i took the resrtictors out but didntshow it and i already have a login at nerfhaven.

skotman1974 (author)2008-02-20

bungee or rubber bands work nicely on nightfinder as well

sofaking (author)2008-02-09

nice I might do one on the maverick rev 6 if I can get my hands on one

Artemis (author)2008-02-06

just open the gun and replace the spring and o-ring . . . you might also consider lubricating the shaft and o-ring. with my version of the modification, you can stick darts up several stories to stick on windows with only a ten dollar gun!

nerfer192 (author)Artemis2008-02-07

with a bunggee vord, this thing shot across the street in to the yard and it shoots over my house

kidengineer (author)2007-12-02

wat does the bungy cord do

nerfer192 (author)kidengineer2007-12-02

it gives it a bit more power.

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