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I love cooking for breakfast, and when breakfast turn into brunch with friends it's ever so great!
These are the things that I make for a luxurious brunch - not all of them at once though I'd love to... 


MsJan (author)2012-08-06

I am CONFUSED. Are these just photos of items or is there recipes? They look interesting.

anatroccolo (author)MsJan2012-08-12

These are photos of the things I like making for breakfast - my photos, my food!
Ifyou're interested in a recipe let me know and I'll write it for you. :)

MsJan (author)anatroccolo2012-08-12

There is a few that I am very interested in. The top one that looks like a upside down cupcake shape. Thandown aways is a lof of bread that looks like it has fruit in it. My third choice would be the one on the bottom right that are flat and round. You make me very hungry looking at these photos. Wish the recipe were already there. I would love for you to cook for me too.

anatroccolo (author)MsJan2012-08-12

If you click on the photos you'll find the name of the recipe. Please tell me the names and I'll send the recipes.
And if you ever come to Italy i'll be happy to cook for you! :D

sunshiine (author)anatroccolo2013-03-30

Does that invitation extend to all your fans? I like the lemony cake. Do you make it with Meyers lemons, just curious! Your recipes all look so yummy! Have a beautiful weekend!

anatroccolo (author)sunshiine2013-04-01

Hi sunshiine!
I made my lemony cake with ordinary organic lemons. :)
If you come to Italy I'll be more than glad to have a tea and cakes party in the garden with you! :)

sunshiine (author)anatroccolo2013-04-02

Is lunch too soon? Organic lemons! Wow! Thanks so much! Looking forward to a scrumptious dessert! Have a splendorous day!

#OccupyInstruct (author)2011-12-19

wouldnt the ginseng coffee be a little on the high energy side?

I don't know...the one I buy has a lovely flavour but no strange side effects, I don't find any difference between a cup of espresso coffee and a gingseng one.

sunshiine (author)2011-10-31

These look amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Supernewby (author)2011-05-30

They all look so delicious! Can you share the chocolate pisatchio cake? :D

anatroccolo (author)Supernewby2011-05-30

I'm a subscriber to Goodfood magazine, but I was lucky enough to find the recipe on their website!

Here is the link:


Supernewby (author)anatroccolo2011-06-14


jstewart-1 (author)2011-05-23

Wow, looks delicious! I guess my single dish I'bl is going to be lost in all this splendor! These are all photos of things that you've made? Or are they from the recipes?

anatroccolo (author)jstewart-12011-05-24

Thank you!
I took the pictures myself, with my husband's camera. These are all things I made in different occasion for brunch.
As I'm not professional photographer, nor professional cook, I'm very proud of how they turned put both in the photos and in reality! :-)

jstewart-1 (author)anatroccolo2011-05-28

They do look very tasty! Nice photos!

anatroccolo (author)jstewart-12011-05-29


rachelmaryb (author)2011-05-05

Could you possibly share the lemony soft cake recipe?

anatroccolo (author)rachelmaryb2011-05-06

Here it is:


• 250g flour
• 125g sugar
• 70g melted butter
• 100g ricotta cheese
• 70g milk
• juice of 1 lemon
• 8g baking powder
•2 eggs

Heat the oven to 180°C.
Mix flour, sugar and baking powder.
In a bowl mix eggs, melted butter and milk. Add the liquid ingredients to the solid ones, add the ricotta cheese, and once everything is mixed together add the lemon jouice.
Fill the holes of a muffin tray with the mixture and bake for 15-25 minutes. (the recipe said 15 minutes but mine took 25 minutes to be thoroughly cooked!)

GailC (author)2011-05-04

Could you post the Cheesy Eggs en Cocotte? My friends and I are going to start having brunch at our own places instead of going out every Sunday and I'd like to have an interesting recipe! Thanks so much :)

anatroccolo (author)GailC2011-05-05

Here it is:

For 1 egg en cocotte you need

1 egg
1/2 small leek thinly sliced
a couple of thick slices of hot salami cubed
2 tbsps cream
2 tbsps grated Gouda cheese
black pepper
pink peppercorns
1 knob of butter

Heat the oven to 180°C.
In a small pan stir-fry the leek with the butter. Add some salte and black pepper to taste, and when the leek is soft add the salami and stir.
Put the leek and salami mix in a ramekin and pour over the cream, then crack the egg and add it to the ramekin. Season to taste, then sprinkle the grated cheese and pink peppercorn on top.

Put the ramekin in a ovenproof tray filled with very hot water - the water should cover half the rameking, then let cook for 15 minutes or till the egg white is set and the yolk still runny.

I recently found that you can cook eggs en cocotte on the stove, using a pot with some hot water in it instead of the tray.

This recipe can be twisted and changed as you wish:
add whilted spinach instead of the leek, add ham or leave it out for a vegeratian dish, you can add herbs like basil or thyme, cubed leftover cheese, whatever you like or you find in the fridge really...

GailC (author)anatroccolo2011-05-05

It's really nice of you to post this..I really appreciate it.

Thanks so much!

- Gail Cooke

anatroccolo (author)GailC2011-05-05

My pleasure!
I like sharing good tips...
Have fun with your "at home brunches"!

- Debora

scoochmaroo (author)2011-05-04

Yes, I pretty much want to see a recipe for every one of these, and with the quality of pictures you've provided, I'm sure they'd have no trouble getting featured!

anatroccolo (author)scoochmaroo2011-05-05

I'll try and write some instructables for the recipes, if you have a favourite one though, I'll give you the recipe straight away! :-)

skyisblu (author)2011-05-03

It all looks fantastic, but the marbled loaves look especially tasty! Any chance you'd be willing to share the recipe?

anatroccolo (author)skyisblu2011-05-04

It is quite easy, you have to make 4 dough, one for each colour. Here are the ingredients.
white dough: 150 white flour, 75 g water, 1 tsp honey or 5 g sugar, 6 g yeast, 1 tsp extravirgin olive oil, 2 g salt
red dough: 120 g white flour, 50 g tomato paste, 30 g sweet paprika, 25 g water, 1 tsp honey or 5 g sugar, 6 g yeast, 1 tsp extravirgin olive oil, 2 g salt
green dough: 150 g white flour, 200 g spinach, 100 g water, 1 tsp honey or 5 g sugar, 6 g yeast, 1 tsp extravirgin olive oil, 2 g salt
130 g white flour, 10 g turmeric, 1 envelop saffron, 75 g water, 1 tsp honey or 5 g sugar, 6 g yeast, 1 tsp extravirgin olive oil, 2 g salt
Make the doughs - for the red and yellow dough mix first the flour and the paprika for the first and the flour and turmeric and saffron - and let them rest for 30 minutes.
With a rolling pin make 4 half centimetre thick rectangles with the doughs. Brush some egg yolk on the surface of the first dough and put the second on top, brush with egg yolk and put the third on top, brush whith egg yolk and put the final dough on top. Cut the rectangles in 3 or 4 long rectangles and twist them. Cover them in parchment paper, let them rest for 15 minutes and cook at 180°C for 35-40 minutes.
I hope it's not too foggy, as I translated it from an Italian cookery book... :-P
Let me know if you make the bread!

Post some pictures of the process please!

For the marbled bread you mean?
I didn't take any photos when making it I'm afraid, but it's really easy!
All you have to do is make the doughs, roll them out in equal size, more or less, rectangles, brush the top surface of every rectangle with egg yolk and pile them one on top of the other. Cut in 3 or 4 parts from short side to short side and twist a you would do with a cheese straw.

tocsik (author)2011-05-03

Looks great. I'd love recipes.

anatroccolo (author)tocsik2011-05-04

I can share the recipes, even if it'll take a while as they have to be translated. Pick a couple of them and I'll post them.

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