This lazy susan is made from marbles and wood, rotates freely, and can accommodate weights over 100 pounds. Originally conceived to rotate food using a small motor, this un-motorized version has proven to have uses also! These include as a display mount for products, or as a platform for photographic panoramas.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

  • A laser cutter capable of engraving into wood*. We used an epilog fusion 60 watt laser cutter.
  • 2 plywood or solid wood boards around ¾” thick cut into 8”X 8” sheets. These dimensions can be nearly any size to suit your needs.
  • Around 25 marbles of equal size. The small generic marbles work well because they are small enough to line up well with the cut out races.
  • A fine, sharp chisel.
  • A slide caliper

* The races of the lazy susan can be made using a variety of different tools including CNC routers or band saws/jigsaws before being glued together. However, we used a laser cutter as it proved to be the most accurate and simplest method.

<p>This is cool! I have lots of marbles, but towo problems... No laser cutter and my marbles are any size from 3/8&quot; to 3/4.</p>

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