Picture of Lazy Susan
Today I am going to show you how to make a lazy susan.
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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools

Your choice of wood

Lazy Susan hardware


Varnish (optional but recommended)

Stain (optional)

Biscuits (I recommend 20 or bigger) and wood glue (if you are using the biscuit jointer)
ie: http://www.craftsman.com:80/shc/s/p_10155_12602_00925426000P?vName=Tools+%26+Equipment&cName=Power+Tools&keyword=biscuits&prdNo=3&blockNo=3&blockType=L3


Table Saw (if needed)
ie: http://www.craftsman.com:80/shc/s/p_10155_12602_00922114000P?vName=Tools+%26+Equipment&keyword=table+saw&prdNo=1&blockNo=1&blockType=L1

Bandsaw (or another suitable power saw) ie: http://www.craftsman.com:80/shc/s/p_10155_12602_00922400000P?mv=rr

Biscuit Jointer (if needed)
ie: http://www.craftsman.com:80/shc/s/p_10155_12602_00917539000P?vName=Tools+%26+Equipment&cName=Power+Tools&keyword=biscuit+jointer&prdNo=4&blockNo=4&blockType=L4

Planer (if needed)
ie: http://www.craftsman.com:80/shc/s/p_10155_12602_00981158000P?vName=Tools+%26+Equipment&keyword=planer&prdNo=3&blockNo=3&blockType=L3

Sandpaper (assorted grits)
ie: http://www.craftsman.com:80/shc/s/p_10155_12602_00922893000P?vName=Tools+%26+Equipment&cName=Power+Tools&keyword=sandpaper&prdNo=5&blockNo=5&blockType=L5

Any other materials you may need or that I may have forgotten

Step 2: Choose your wood

Picture of Choose your wood
Now is the time to choose your wood, so head off to your favorite Rona Lansing, Lowe's, Home Hardware, etc.. or even go chop it fresh off the trees in your backyard.. I really don't care.

I chose pine and stained it American Walnut because pine is easy to work with.

Though you can choose Oak, Pine, Maple, Mahogany, Walnut, etc...

Step 3: Choose your hardware

Picture of Choose your hardware
Now it's time to choose your lazy susan hardware. You can do this later, but I like to get it out of the way.

You should choose one that is about 1-2 inches away from the edges.

You can buy this at Lee Valley and assorted other stores like that. (I got mine there)

Step 4: Prepare your wood

Picture of Prepare your wood
Ok, so now we are going to prepare the wood.

If you need to plane it, plane it. If you need to cut it to an appropriately sized square, cut it!

Now we need to mark the circle or square or octagon or whatever so we can cut it out. 
An easy way to mark a circle is to use a compass... but where will we find an oversized compass you ask? I'm going to show you how to make one.