Introduction: Lcd Photo Frame or DPF (yet Another!)

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Nothing new here, just a different approach to an old trick.
Hoping to give it a better use to a lazy pressario 305 laptop.

Step 1: The Machine and the Frame

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I inherited an ancient Compaq pressario 305 laptop, 64M Ram and 8G hard drive, running Xp.
I try different ideas in how to transform the machine into a DPF. In my first intent I messed up the inverter trying to extend the video and the power cables, so I went and replaced it with a used one from eBay, (no that bad $23.00).
With that bitter beginning I decided no to touch the laptop (meaning dissembled the electronics) and leave the machine intact. I try with a big custom made frame out of wood, not so good idea btw. It was too big. Later on I try with different photo frames, but it was to complicated and I wanted something more simple.

(the two openings at the bottom were made to put a couple prints, no so good idea either.)

As usual in my projects all the material are reused.

Step 2: Buidl the Frame

Picture of Buidl the Frame

I went ahead and build the frame, very simple and straight forward as shown in the pictures. After my first attempt I cut the frame in half to fit the dimensions of the laptop. I used some pieces of cedar for the frame and Mdf of 1/8" for front.
I also painted the front with black matte paint.

Step 3: Reconfiguration

Picture of Reconfiguration

I was mentioning that the original idea didn't went well, so I cut the original frame to fit a better configuration. Basically a custom made frame for the size of the lcd screen.

I disassemble the laptop, without getting into the electronics and with a little of intervention I was able to disconnect the hinges of the lcd screen and place it back to back with the rest of the laptop (back of the lcd screen against the keyboard/controllers) and reconnect the video and power cable, luckily for me the pressario 305 has a dock that comes off (where the floppy and cd-drive goes) I took it out and the thickness of the laptop back to back was reduced.

Step 4: Final Product

Picture of Final Product

Looks much better doesn't?. The Laptop is a Presario 305, 64mb ram, 8Gb of memory and Win Xp pro, I can load pictures over the network (wi-fi), or via Usb, and placed them in the screensaver or use irfanwiew or windows slide show to view the pics, or I can go online and use flicker too in slideshow mode. The machine is very slow and takes a while to start and/ or connect to the network, but once is running works great.


rwbishop (author)2013-04-22

great idea, it looks really nice and big fan of new life for old technology

rilokiley77 (author)2012-05-19

I've got a busted up "lap top" that'd be perfect for this project. It already folds in half the way I'd need it! Thank you. Very minimalist. Very sleek.

stephenniall (author)2009-05-03

This is very nice i love the wood used

gamer (author)2008-07-14

...Covered in spelling and grammar errors... Read the WHOLE this over, correct all the errors, and then tell me... Thanks :-) -gamer

arte.sano (author)gamer2008-07-15

thanks Gamer and LinuxH4xor, I did this long time ago and very quickly, I hope it's better now, (bear with me, English is not first language.) Cheers

gamer (author)arte.sano2008-07-17

Thanks for correcting :-) Very nice Instructable, actually. Made through the process of trial and error. Thanks for posting... -gamer

killerjackalope (author)2008-07-14

As an addition buy a cheap bluetooth adapter dongle, use your phone to control the slideshow...

LinuxH4x0r (author)2008-07-14

Not bad, but it has lots of mistakes. I'd like to try this with an older mac laptop or mac mini considering it has a remote and a better system for viewing.

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