Yes, yes it is a glove with high powered LeD's in it.

Yes I do feel like the creator of light when I'm wearing them.

Practical for a variety of applications, yet oddly awesome at the same time.

I might add now that I have become aware of the fact, that I am not the first to think of this idea yet possible the first to make some (nothing special) myself. (edit: missed it, there was a Light golve)

So I guess i'm not the first.

I'm not going to run through the specifics.
Experiment, I'm sure you could improve on this yourselves.

Just buy a couple of small Led torches and rip them apart. Can you fit them inside a glove? If not make them, you know you want to.

"So... yeah it's kinda of cool, but does it like have any functions?"

Well my good sir, it has one or three LeD function dependent on the light required. Circuits are slimline and can not be felt by user. Lithium-ion battery which is also re-chargeable, we also have a dynamo recharge option too making it a NO on going cost item.

So are you going to be the next creator of light, from YOUR FINGERS!!!!???
evil laughter follows

Lonewonder6 months ago

these glove would be good for airsoft night games in buildings

KDS44441 year ago
I am confused, and you are very scant on details (as others have pointed out)... But I want to make these gloves! You are using high-power LEDs, yes? What wattage? Are you using them with just regular resistors? How many? Which kinds? Where did you get the battery you mention? How many amps does it deliver? Volts? Will it burn up my LEDs? What are the dimensions of these LEDs? Do they not require a heatsink of any kind? How do you recharge the battery, exactly? Where did you install the switch? What kind of switch did you use or would you recommend?

This is why I am not the first to want more information— because you haven't really given us very much to work with here and we like the gloves! Would you consider revising this one-step Instructable in one that shows all of the actual steps you took and how the whole thing looked as you went along? Thanks for considering my request.

ARJOON4 years ago
no9w it is3 time for me to us3e 1watt leds3
GINA121235 years ago
  Very nice, i was in a video movie me & my friend put together back in 1998, we were explorers from outer space, anyway as my main wardrobe piece to my custume in the movie, i made a power glove that lit up in different colors,
i soddered the colorful big LEDS with a switch wires & AAAx battery pack,
glove was black,  we got alot of attenttion as we filmed at night alot, everyone
thought we was from "Hollywood" my glove when lit up really caught alot of eyes, it is now retired kind of dusty, but still works.
furcino6 years ago
Ironman xD xD !!!
conrad24686 years ago
Im gonna make a pair of these
agis686 years ago
Nice work but u should give us more details how u made them....
Lftndbt (author)  agis686 years ago
It's really not that hard. ;-)
agis68 Lftndbt6 years ago
That answer is not acceptable here in Instructable...u should INSTRUC us HOW you succeed that result.....;)
Lftndbt (author)  agis686 years ago
No, you "INSTRUC" people in a Instructable. This is a Slideshow a form of an Instructable in which you are able, to display work you have made that you do not wish to supply deatails of all construction steps.
Just to clarify, before you go all capitals on someone else.

But maybe you are right. If connecting 6 wires together and inserting it into a glove needs further info, then perhaps I should consider an I'ble.
agis68 Lftndbt6 years ago
I insist : u should instruct us and not just do a show of Someone else abilities. Nothing says here that U made this glove...maybe your Dad did it and you just show of your fancy glove
Lftndbt (author)  agis686 years ago
LMAO. Are you for real? Your hilarious!!! You have to be running that through a translator. Alright I confess, my Dad made the glove that's why I can't give you details. He also made my other 30 Instructables.
Bam21696 years ago
Did you make those or did you buy the ready for action ones? cause if you did them what did you use to put the leds on the glove?
Lftndbt (author)  Bam21696 years ago
I made them from scratch... I drilled holes in the knuckle protector pads, then ran the wires up the inside of the fingers.
Bam2169 Lftndbt6 years ago
Oh ok the gloves had protector pads...now I see... Well time to go find a pair of gloves and make some thoso will be good for when I work on my car !!
Lftndbt (author)  Bam21696 years ago
Yes, working on my car was my original plan for these. If you are anything like me, I can see you sticking your arm up behind the block, at night, trying to tighten a leaking compression nut or jubilee clamp. Almost impossible to hold a lamp at the same time. I'm sure you will find these very very handy. If you need any 1 on 1 assistance please feel frre to private message me.
Bam2169 Lftndbt6 years ago
Yep I know what you mean I used to put my flashlight in my mouth to hold it so yes I guess there gloves would be great lol thank ill go and try to find all the stuff I need and thanks maybe ill send you a pm
matroska6 years ago
Wolverine V2.0
Lftndbt (author)  matroska6 years ago
Hmmmm, I saw your comment and didn't see where you were going. Now I do.... Picture this Kipkays maglite laser hack, cross Lftndbt's LeD Light glove of power... Oh yeah , oh yeah!! Wolverine V2.0!!!
Plasmana7 years ago
You could use the LED glove as headlights for ridding bikes at night time...
Lftndbt (author)  Plasmana7 years ago
Yes, that would be a good use actually. I will try it.
Awesome idea!!! I think I thought of this but never got to do it, but amazing job. 1 question: How come the pictures are small a little and the quality isn't too great? Still, nice job. +5/5 stars.
Lftndbt (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Mobile phone. best res for size. The LeD's light wasn't helping either. They were the best I could get.
=SMART=7 years ago
Sweet, thanks for getting the pictures to work it looks awesome :D ill try this as soon as i get some gloves with the plastic on the top :P
Lftndbt (author)  =SMART=7 years ago
No problems... Perhaps if similar gloves are not available, try making some little pockets out of fabric. Insert LeD's into them, then glue the little guys to the back of each of the gloves fingers. Feed the wire up the inside of the finger to conceal it.
=SMART= Lftndbt7 years ago
I have paintball gloves which have protective backing on them, that might work ill have a look
Lftndbt (author)  Lftndbt7 years ago
Thanks for your comment they are sweet arn't they..! ;)
bumpus7 years ago
AWESOME!!, i shoulda made this for my dad for fathers day....
Lftndbt (author)  bumpus7 years ago
There is always next year!! I'm sure he will love it. Thanks for your comment.
bumpus Lftndbt7 years ago