Ever since I was a young lad, yes just a couple years ago, I loved playing with Legos. I could create homes that would take hours to complete and then days later have a city. Fast forward to 2013, being 16 years of age and into the GoPro revolution, I began to like all the mountain bike and ski footage I was getting. However I really was into films from a young age. What if you could timelapse the build from a lego building, or have a third person view outside of that Lego racer, or even fly away on a Star Wars gunner ship? I thought to myself what better way to connect my love for Legos and new found addiction to the GoPro than to create the LeGoPro.

Step 1: Step 1: The Base

-Create the base by using the Sketch->Rectangle Tool
-The dimensions will be 31.8mmx31.8mm
-Next use the Construct->Extrude Tool to 9.4mm
lol great :D
omg!! i wish i had a 3d printer!!!

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