Picture of Lego brick shaped gummy candies
In this Instructable, I'm going to show you how to make gummy candies.

I made a silicone candy mold using Lego bricks. You don't need to make a custom mold. There are many commercially available silicone molds, or you could just skip the mold completely, and cut them with cookie cutters, a knife, or even scissors.


First I'll tell you how to make the candy.

I'll explain in detail how I made the mold in step 4. It really is very easy. User Gabebillings made the mold and documented the process in photos. See the first comment under step 4 to read his experience and see his photos.

User ibeschieru made a "making of" video showing his kids creating Lego shaped gummy candies!  http://vimeo.com/36217289

I bought the Food Grade Silicone from Douglas & Sturgess. They are a great San Francisco store that sells artists materials, mostly for sculpture and casting. They have some great info on their site.

If you have kiddos that might mistake real bricks for the candy, you should consider whether it is safe to make these for them.

Vegan option There is another kind of jelly candy called gellies or jellies. Those are made with Pectin. It's a different recipe entirely. I don't know how well they would mold though.

Here is a Pectin Fruit Jelly Instructable. I haven't tested it in the mold but it seems like it should work. Pates de Fruit
Great Instructable!  I purchased my silicone from http://www.makeyourownmolds.com/ - I used their CopyFlex.  The only two reasons I used theirs is because the mix is a 1-to-1 ratio so I don't have to worry about how precise I am with it and they are in Cincinnati, so shipping was substantially cheaper for me here in the U.S. midwest.  1 lb. was perfect for the size of the mold I made.  I first used a little paintbrush to paint the silicone onto the lego pieces just to make sure that there was no air bubbles around the pieces themselves.  I tried to make a gummy lego dude, which actually worked better than I thought it would!  But I had to do some trimming with a knife to cut him free from the silicone and give access to free the gummy from the silicone later, but it worked pretty well.

The recipe you give for the gummies was perfect.  I tried yours and another I found online and yours worked much better.  Had a lot of trouble getting them clear though.  They ended up pretty cloudy.  Added a few pictures.  Thanks again!  Great instructable!
Do you by any chance still have the Lego mold? I'm having tons of trouble with mine.
SFHandyman (author)  baggynosheds4 years ago
That is so incredibly awesome. People ask about the lego guy a lot.

Here is how I make them perfectly clear:
I crush the vitamin c, dissolve it in water, let it drip through a coffee filter, then use the resulting clear liquid to sour the candies.

If it isn't the vitamin c making them cloudy, then it is probably because you are stirring too vigorously. You have to be very careful not to push air down into the syrup when stirring. Don't ever stir the foam back into the candy.

The other cloudy problem is from not letting it melt long enough. Just let it sit and mello in the boiler. The longer it stays, the more clear liquid gathers on the bottom.
How did that copyflex work? is it worth the 22 bucks?
I thought it worked great for this.  It was easy to mix and pretty quick to set up.  I'd recommend it.
Thanks! I saw some other kinds but this looked the best and easiest to use. I'll have to try it!
Wow, I like the gummi man :)
I had seen that website before but unfortunately the postage for me was $36 for 1lb, still haven't found anywhere else that sells it and I'm desperate to make these. I tried emailing Douglas and Sturgess about postage but they've not bothered to reply :(

If anyone knows other places that sell the silicone please let me know.
SFHandyman (author)  Badgerdan5 years ago
The price at Douglas and Sturgess would be about the same.

Sorry they haven't replied to your question. I think they are set up more as a business to business supplier, but they do have 1 retail store and it is here in San Francisco. I think most of the materials they ship out of their warehouse and over the website are larger industrial quantities. That isn't to say they should neglect you. I'm sorry that happened.

The guys in the store are Awesome. I'm sure it was just an oversight. (I thought I'd replied to you days ago but just realized it hadn't posted!)

SFHandyman (author)  baggynosheds5 years ago
This is so awesome. I saw the comment on my phone and it didn't reveal there were PHOTOS. I love it.

The lego man is great!

Thank you for your tips and sharing the photos.

I added Step 5 that details the process I came up with that makes almost perfectly clear candies.

ibeschieru3 years ago
Here is a video based on this instructable. Hope everyone enjoys it.
SFHandyman (author)  ibeschieru3 years ago
Awesome work. Thanks
do i need the knox gelatin
what happens if i dont use it ?
ceafin5 years ago
Just was at douglasandsturgess.com and looks like their "Food Grade Silicone, 1 lb." has the purchase number "Code: MC-1287".

Also, glad to know someone else out there calls them "kitchen scissors" too!

SFHandyman (author)  ceafin4 years ago
hahaha I thought Kitchen Scissors was universal. I have sewing scissors too. Paper dulls scissors, so you never ever cut paper with your fabric scissors. You can cut hair with your fabric scissors though.

Thanks for the code update. It has changed a few times.
kcls5 years ago
Just to let you know, douglas and sturgess have the silicone on their wbsite now. here is the link.
SFHandyman (author)  kcls4 years ago
Here are a few pictures from my moldmaking process.  The first is the Lego grid I built.  As mentioned on the main comment page I worked the volume out by counting bricks and figuring out the volume.  A 1 lb. container of silicone filled it perfectly.  Incidentally when I mixed it by weight, I had some of the smaller container left over, probably because I didn't scrape out the big container well enough.  The next two pics are just after combining the two parts, and then what it looks like mixed together.  I didn't use anything high tech for this, just a plastic knife.  There were a fair amount of bubbles in the mix, but I ignored them.  When I started pouring the mold, it wasn't moving exactly like I wanted it to.  I did a fair amount of nudging it into place with the knife.  As slow as it is to move, though, it will indeed fill all the voids and level out if you're patient.  You can see some of the larger bubbles in the last picture.  I obsessed over the bubbles, but all the big ones worked themselves out.  There will be some microscopic ones left all over the bottom, but they don't matter.  All of this was done with no prior experience or knowledge except for SFHandyman's instructions, and the mold turned out great.  If you're thinking about trying this instructable out, I urge you to do so.  It's a lot of fun.

you see the little dimples on the side and around the brick moulds? When u fill up the brick moulds u can place the same plate (just without the bricks on it) on top brushed with vegetable oil and the bricks will be build able!

Reba4124 made it!1 month ago
Please help me! I'm having a very hard time with this! Lego people come out awesome. But are sticky even after 5 hours. Lego blocks stuck to the mold and they messed up when I tried to take them out. Please help!
Reba4124 made it!1 month ago
I'm having a VERY hard time with this project. Can you please help me??
CarolM91 month ago
Hey there!! I loved your idea and I have to ask you... Where did you get the lego bricks silicone?? I've got one but without the detail of down holes for assamblage, would you tell me where to buy it?? Pleaaaseee!!!
jpeterson191 month ago

Got fiber and vitamin C tablets mixed up ......

AdrianR101 month ago
do i need the knox gelatin
RadharaniL2 months ago

Thank you for the recipe!
Do you have some kind of special trick to get them out of the old? I had a hard time getting them out... and when I managed to take them out, they were all broken...
Should I put some oil in the mold before the candy mix?

RuthAnneC2 months ago
I made mine using the large 6oz package of Jello, 4 packets of Knox gelatin and 1 packet of unsweetened Kool-Aid. Mixed it altogether little at a time to ensure dissolving of the gelatin; with approximately 1 cup of lukewarm water.
I make my own Meletonin gummies by pulverizing 30-45 milligrams of store bought Meletonin and 10 Hiland's "Calms Forte" tablets and dissolving the powder into the mixture prior to melting. Be sure to pour into a mold that will yield 60-90 pieces for .5mg of Meletonin.
H MaC2 months ago
Mayor email is hector_023@hotmail.con,hope tour coments
H MaC2 months ago
Mayor email is hector_023@hotmail.con,hope tour coments
H MaC2 months ago
Need a mold of this,howmuch costa me you to make it,and send it to México
5N0WM3N3 months ago

I made it but I used different brands still worked though

5N0WM3N3 months ago


5N0WM3N3 months ago

well done that's looks stackable and edible yummy?

ErinK63 months ago

Made these and they are awesome. You can save a step by buying premade silcone trays like these http://www.brickloot.com/products/brick-ice-tray

Brick Loot Ice Tray.jpg
CeciliaF13 months ago
Can we get an alcohol infused recipe?!?!? :D
kansas6 years ago
So, so, so, great. Thanks for superb instructions.
SFHandyman (author)  kansas6 years ago
Wow, wow, wow, Thank you.
I have no other reason to get a metric scale. Have you ever made an extra silicone mold and sold them? I know it sounds lazy, trust I'm not that way I just can't justify spending even $5 for a single project then never using it again. I would like to make Lego gummies and ice cubes just for fun.

Lego makes some, actually. The brick-shaped ones aren't always available, but the minifigure-shaped ones tend to be. Plus, if you live near a Lego store, some of them have the brick-shaped molds in stock.


ronmaggi6 years ago
Wouldn't Myth Busters make their Ballistics Gel out of Knox like everyone else?
SFHandyman (author)  ronmaggi6 years ago
I'm pretty sure it's a special mix.
no they said on their show once that they used unflavored gelatin

Knox is a brand of unflavored gelatin. ;) I use it for this stuff all the time.

abbyy ronmaggi5 years ago
They likely use a product that when set, has the density and mass of a human body.

If you live near a Lego store, you can make Lego gummy without having to make your own mold. Their brick- and minifigure-shaped ice cube trays make actual-sized Lego treats for a lot less money than buying the silicone.

But then you don't get to make your own mold yourself. So it's a tradeoff.

ecafsub3 months ago

(semi)pro tip for crushing things when you don't have a mortar & pestle: double-bag things to be crushed with ziploc plastic bags. Attack with rolling pin.

ZEROTB5 years ago
 It would be awesome to make some nes 8-bit sprite molds

might do that :D

SFHandyman (author)  ZEROTB4 years ago
Whoosh. That went right over my head. "nes 8-bit sprite"?

Go for it though. I don't know what they are but be creative and have fun.

Making it as I speak, didnt have any unflavored jello though, so I used 1 box of sugar free (my grandmother is diabetic) mixed fruit jello and about 3/4 a box of pectic (she also likes to can and make preserves and is teaching me) the syrup is very tart but I think with sugared jello they'd make great semis sweet candies :D I'll upload a instructable if it works

typo: pectin

cryptozoology8 months ago

where can i find a cheap, silicone mold?

davidbarcomb9 months ago

My kids would love this! Thanks

JM199911 months ago

Do these actually stack?

izzythecat1 year ago
Dude this is awesome
jcduplessis2 years ago
Awesome, thanks for the instructable!
Chloe82 years ago
Amazing! Would love to try making it.
This is amazing. You are amazing.
Xandergust2 years ago
I am really excited to try this! Thanks for the post! How long do these stay "fresh"? I want to make these for a party and would love to do this ahead of time, but there's nothing worse than a stale gummy.
banut2 years ago
What happens if you allow the liquid to cool to lukewarm before pouring into molds?
sugarworm2 years ago
Going to times this recipe by 6 to make a giant jelly fish for my marine biologist uncle, (and no his name is not George (; ) will this be flexible enough to make the tentacles or should I just melt together a bunch f gummy worms?
i went to the nearby groceri store. and make the gummies. they were awesome
TekoMuto2 years ago
looks delicous :)
sanzya3 years ago
hi there, i'm wondering how can i increase the number of gummies, that recipe only makes a 10 gummies and i have some about 10 different molds, how can i fill them all with only one pot? sorry for the words erros, portuguese man!!!
Fantastic Indestructible! Great and thorough video!
yallen3 years ago
In Australia you can buy citric acid at the big grocery stores which is just sour, no flavour. You could also met down a packet of jelly lollies. Gelatin is not always easy to find in my area.
asylvester23 years ago
Amazing, amazing, amazing!

Thank you, thank you a thousand times, for building a tutorial even the most helpless among us (me) can follow.

I'm throwing a Black Tie Gummi Tasting and thought it might be neat to build my own gummis. I'm making gummi Venus de Milos, gummi Octopi and gummi unicorns (complete with edible glitter, if I can ever get the gummis to come out clear).

Quick question for you though... Do you have any idea how long these gummis will keep?
SFHandyman (author)  asylvester23 years ago
Thanks, glad you like it. I have no idea how long they last. I had a lot around while I was still experimenting and I kept them covered in the fridge for a couple of weeks. They get worse with time. The flavors fade and blend together when stored for a long time in the same bag. The official ones I've made from the final recipe never lasted past the day I made them because folks ate them all.

Party sounds awesome.
asylvester23 years ago
Oh! And do you have any suggestions as to where I could find a confectionery syringe, like you suggest in the video and directions?

Google didn't help much...
SFHandyman (author)  asylvester23 years ago
The one pictured I bought at Tap plastics. I tried to find the one I use now online but couldn't track one down.
Echo10313 years ago
Can you use these things in sets? lol.
does it have to be silicone mold ? can we use something else, perhaps metal ?
FALCON4EVR3 years ago
Do you think i can make a soap mold using the same method?
glorrydoll3 years ago
So will ANY silicone mold work?? Not specifically for Lego candies but diff silicone molds. Would silicone molds work for HARD candies also?
yes and no :-)
depends on the temperature of your hard candy recipe when pouring... we make rock candy and it has a super high temp at pouring so we can only use tempered silicone molds...

check the mold/silicone before you get it, it will say tempered or not... if your candy doesn't have to reach boiling before you pour it, you are probably ok to use any candy molds
ssmoochy4 years ago
I probably messed up the jello/knox mixture -- no clear layers when melting or anything. The finished product is really soft and wet (more like jello then anything else I guess. Still they took to the molds pretty well. If anyone is interested in how I made teeth/tongue molds let me know.
How did u do that?
Hi SFHandyman

Hey, I tried to do the gummies but I panicked in the middle of the melting process. I started wondering if I had the amounts right.
Do you happen to have the recipe with grams or some kind of measurement?
SFHandyman (author)  rauleduardo853 years ago
I don't have it in grams. You can read through the comments. Others have talked about this and you can read their experiences.

Don't be afraid of the candy though. You can remelt the gelatin again. Just finish the melting. Cast some candy. Let it cool and test the texture. If it is too soft add either more plain gelatin, or flavored gelatin. If it is too hard, add more water. Then remelt the whole batch and try again. It doesn't hurt it to remelt and adjust.
Thanks a lot!
Krayzi993 years ago
So, I could mold these, build something, then eat it? Awesome!
I made the mold and LOVED it!!! I made a double size and it has been so worth it. I've used it for 4 lego parties with more to come. I've made the gummies, hard candy, more hard candy, candy melts, crayons and soap in my mold! Even ice cubes a few times!
cool knex133 years ago
Its funny my mum use to tell me never to eat my lego but now I can!

dread3 years ago
Would be interesting to know if anyone has tried this with a non-animal-based gelatin, such as the one used here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Vegan-Marshmallows
I am a "newbie" to instructables. Don't know how I missed this site for so long. I am very excited to have found this instructable. My daughter is part of a Lego Robotics team and I am planning on making all kinds of things, including the gummies for their end of year party. Thanks so much for all the great detailed info that you have included. I can't wait to get started. I ordered my material for the mold last night from makeyourownmolds.com.
irwinkris3 years ago
hi hun! love this. doubble boilers are cheep and easy to make. all you need is a large pyrex glass bowl and a pot. tada!!! grab a oven mit and away you go!
Sulfurite3 years ago
suddenly...I want to make these.
maybe i can gift a figure made with half toy and half candy :D
Adilane3 years ago
Very nice!
CandiiKorn3 years ago
This looks very kewl
Zarubavella3 years ago
You need to enter this in the "Play With Your Food" challenge!! This is DEFINITELY playing with your food! lol
Wait couldn't you also make a cast out of a non food grade mold making medium and make extra Legos ® out of resin or something?
BenMillen4 years ago
can we have some weights and measures please as im un the uk and dont have this brand, also i have different sized cups! :P

a box, a packed and a bit of water arnt measurements i can use
Try looking up the conversion rates and then tell them to the maker of this instructable so they can post it for other people using SI who want to do this.
deetip20033 years ago
I grew up with Lego, it was and still is my choice of toy for most age groups..myself included lol I can sit and play with it forever. So coming across not only the gummies but the making of the mold also, I was more than excited. The instructions were impeccable, the information on each step was written in such a way that I'd think anyone could understand. I love the way you put your personality into it too. Awesome Job!!!!
Tevenyel4 years ago
This is beyond awesome. I'm going to have to go buy some more legos now! Wish I'd kept my old ones... :c
bshin14 years ago
This seems great! Agar agar is also a nice alternative for the gelatin in this recipe and you don't have to worry about the stickiness. ^^
http://poll.pollcode.com/GFH please vote! legos or megablocks?
myakka4 years ago
Make these with a hard candy substance so you can build with them then eat them when your done playing! Great project!
gaby1st4 years ago
Gummies are my favorites!
 Yuk! Made from dead stuff!
Like most if not all things we eat...
Okay I'll correct myself; 'Yuk! Made from dead animals!'
but dead animals are DELICIOUS.
uuh, made from dead bears?
No, made from gelatin, which is "derived from the collagen inside animals' skin and bones".
Nothing wrong with a bit of crackling :D
we developed a skill to eat dead things, a tasty nutritious skill.
Nutritious?!??!?! Hardly.
Name one dead thing that inst nutritious
wamj mr.space4 years ago
one of those poisonous fish-thingies
Cerafem wamj4 years ago
actually, they are prepared as a delicacy, but it requires a chef that reeeaaaally knows what they are doing.

If God didn't want us to eat animals, he wouldn't have made them out of meat.
Humans are made out of meat, too.
if you are what you eat, are cannibals the only true humans?
Only cannibals that eat other cannibals who ate other cannibals who ate other cannibals. In short, only people who come from societies that regularly eat their dead.
LOL! But I have to say, though I am very late in suggesting this... Don't feed the TROLLS. Just keep them busy until the sun comes up and they turn to stone.
So from the above we can deduce that God wants us to eat humans.
one dead thing that isn't nutritious, i cant think of any. Bacteria, when they die, act like fertilizers. when elements die (or decompose) they turn into another element.
Elements cannot decompose.
oh yes they can! the new elements being produced synthetically sometimes live for a quarter of a second before they decompose. an example is element 113 known as ununtrium
They decay, not decompose.
Also how is this relevant to your argument against one of the most nutritious foods not being nutritious?
First of all, elements cannot decompose without substantial energy.
secondly, bacteria are VERY nutritious!
So you are under the mistaken impression that collegen has absolutly NO nutitional value? Or are you just foisting your own (valueless) value judgements upon all of the rest of us? Thought so.
All animals are nutritious, including humans
Look dude people eat meat and animals get over it. OOH NO DEAD ANIMALS yes its sad but i f***ing love to bite in a nice warm and fat cheeseburger so dude chill up if we wouldnt eat meat we wouldnt envolve our brains. Just i dont know shut up or something? There are more serious thing than your beliefs, dont eat meat keep it for your self end let others eat it. I belive that vegetables feel bad too when you pull it out of the ground don't you? it's natural to eat animals get over it.

I dont mean to be hostal but rly? this pisses me off sorry
I'll second that!
SFHandyman (author)  DavidRobertson4 years ago
Yuk. Stating the obvious to make other people feel bad.

Be nice David.

I said very clearly that gelatin was an animal product so people could make an adult choice. I even listed ideas for making a vegan version.

Instead of trying to stir up negative comments make an awesome
vegan candy Instructable. I'd love to see it.
also like most things we eat
SFHandyman (author)  mr.space4 years ago
SFHandyman (author)  DavidRobertson4 years ago
skirk34 years ago
is the silicone that was used a soft, medium or firm type of silicone? Appreciate the tutorial, you rock!!
food you can play with i thought you were not supost to do that =D lol
Cam9184 years ago
These look amazing! Great idea!
mischka4 years ago
Great to see that someone has combined two of my favorite things: HARIBO and LEGO!
Spieral4 years ago
i think i found a way to get all the air out of it (use a vacuum chamber) however that is going to run you up to like $500 so if you really want it clear you probably will want to make a lot of them
sarahfish4 years ago
woohoo! well done

were do you get the mold
username484 years ago
So, i'm a little confused... If i want them clear, do i only use the bottom layer of the syrup, or do i still use all of it? if i use all of it, is the flavor any different? do you pour the foam? thx.
cool knex134 years ago
I love the idear!
Is there any way you could make the candy so that you could actually build with them?

Instead of Assembling the blocks you would have to adhere them to something flat i would say hot glue them to a cutting bourd of some type standing up on one side or end then build a wall to hold the silicone around the outside perameter that way the silicone cover both front and back bottom and top of the block ...

I may be a bit tedious removing the gummies though unless you blend them really stiff but im sure it would work

Good luck
well, the problem is that there aren't any holes(Voids) in the bottom for the plugs that stick out (Nubs) to go into. I'm sure if you did a 2-piece mold, it should work...

Also, you should probably taper the nubs more than in the plastic because gummy isn't as stiff as the plastic normal legos are made of.
how are those even gummies?
nickreese904 years ago
how hard would it be to make a mega blocks gummy?
jongscx4 years ago
Oh cmon... I finally just got my little brother to stop eating his legos...
benduy4 years ago
instead of making the mold, couldn't you just make it with lego.
Suddiebelle4 years ago
Wow! If I were making candy, this one seems fairly simple with the great instructions! great pictures,too...
Good job...
eloquacious4 years ago
SFHandyman: So what would you say is the total cost for creating the mold? I would like to make one out of Duplos for my son's 3rd birthday party, but it seems like I'd have to get more of the mold, and that would make it prohibitively expensive. :(
Make your Duplo (D) mold using D bricks in a LEGO (L) grid. Start by building a box out of L bricks, but make it 3 bricks deep, and use D bricks, spaced 1 L brick apart, to make the positive, in which you'll make the mold. That would use much less silicone than having the D bricks on a D grid. D and L are (in case you didn't know) compatible by design. Start by building 2 walls of L bricks, then arrange the D bricks of your choice, then build the other 2 walls, so you can maintain the 1-L-brick spacing all around. Now, if there was an inexpensive filler you can add to the silicone, so not as much is needed.
sushinoms4 years ago
What an innovative and fun idea. I would have never thought to of done something this unique. Thanks for sharing this!.
what weight are the packets of gelatin? living in little new zealand we often don't have the same brands as other places. great instructable by the way.
kikiorg4 years ago
You can get powdered ascorbic acid at any health food store.

(Makes a great non-browning additive for apples and other fruit as well, and add sugar for an Emergen-C-like "lemonade" flu drink!)

Ikea has double boiler pans sold individually -- so bring your pan and see if it fits before buying!


PS Brilliant idea clicking the Lego's to a board and casting the whole thing! Great 'ible!
SFHandyman (author)  kikiorg4 years ago
Thanks Kiki and thanks for the tips.

I've looked around for these powders and when I have found them in Health Food stores they have always been very expensive. I'll keep looking.
Do a little division problem to check on "expense." A bottle of powder may seem expensive for the jar, but is cheaper by weight.

For instance, here's some cheap powder on Amazon ($15 / 454g= 3.5c/g)

And this cheap bottle of pills ($4 for 50g (500mg per tablet) = 8c/g):

Even though the tablets are a $4 bottle, it's 8 cents per gram! Powder pretty much always comes out cheaper per gram.

Since vit C is so useful, it's worth it in the long run to fork out for the big bottle of powder.

TSC5 years ago
SFHandyman (author)  TSC4 years ago
TSC SFHandyman4 years ago
Your welcome!
mkambas4 years ago
congratulations SFHandyman!
this is a very well documented presentation. a hurried reader can just read the bold text only--but personally i like ..."analysis paralysis" and know all hazards up front to ensure success of end product.

C vitamin tablets can be crushed and run thru a coffee mill too.

a clear base mix recipe can also be colored with drops of food color or in stages as the syrup contracts.

another simple souring agent is, of course, a few drops of lemon juice.

your post was perfect, thx again, oh kindred spirit! (like you, i buy things and make up uses for them later too!)
SFHandyman (author)  mkambas4 years ago
Lemon juice has been tried. It reacts badly to the heat.

Thanks for the compliments.
didn't know that about lemon juice and gummies. thought that it'd react the same as citric acid, but ...nah. thx for sharing your experiences so generously.
You can get this vegetable gelatin stuff called Kanten or agar-agar. Martha Stewart uses it so it must taste good, you know, that whole picky, picky, picky thing she has.  It is sort of expensive, but I don't really care. I've eaten the Knox gelatin for decades and I'm no worse for the wear (I think).  @Zion_Sphere quit whining. @SFHandyman thanks for the compliment.
kiva225 years ago
do these taste good? because i dont like jello flavoring. and are they firm or really jiggly? should they be refrigerated? they look so cool!
SFHandyman (author)  kiva224 years ago
Yes. Firm. Possibly. and THANK YOU.
F-174 years ago
Sweeeeet!! no it really is
SFHandyman (author)  F-174 years ago
No You're Sweet.
mary candy4 years ago
funny and delicious
SFHandyman (author)  mary candy4 years ago
Thank you
hardj0095 years ago
like the instructable

how long do they last

SFHandyman (author)  hardj0094 years ago
Impossible to know. Your question is something that would need to be answered by a food laboratory. All I can say is when I've made them for things like parties, they are always gone before the party is over. :)
bsq2phat5 years ago
they do have food grade silicone on their  site, but its under a different number as the website numbers are their own and the ones in the store location is the manufactures... but yeah its at http://www.douglasandsturgess.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=DAS&Product_Code=MC-1287&Category_Code= the nuber on the site was mc-1287
SFHandyman (author)  bsq2phat4 years ago
It has changed a few times. Thanks for the update.
 i don't suppose there are any other ways of making a mold without having to buy a $20 bucket of silicon plus $12 shipping are there?
SFHandyman (author)  flamethrower10104 years ago
That is the hard part.
larsenk834 years ago
Great photography, well composed, good use of 2/3 rule, nice back ground, photos were all balanced. Have you had classes?
SFHandyman (author)  larsenk834 years ago
Thank you. I don't know what the 2/3 rule is, but I have taken a couple of classes. They were on operating the camera though. I haven't had classes on composing shots. I think the photography is a huge part of the success of a good instructable, especially when you are making something pretty like these candies. I spent a few weeks making this. I cooked them up over, and over. I took hundreds of photos the whole time, then picked through the photos and found the best.
sorry I mean 1/3 rule. If you split the pictur into 3, 1/3 sections, both side ways and up and down, than you could use the "cross sections" as a " focal target" to make you picure more intresting.... But now I'm off topic... Sorry guys. Any how it looks great and can't wate to try the lil gummies. ( sorry bout spell'n dis is sent from my fone)

 ok so i did this last weekend and it worked out  great, i did two sheets of just small drops of the gummies and one 2/3in thick pan of them. it worked out fine with the measuring cup i had until the very last minute. lets just say i need a new measuring cup... i think it is because the bottom of the cup touched bottom of the pot for a few seconds and cracked.  i'm wondering if you could just use a metal bowl instead of a measuring cup. also i'll have to use more water as well. i'm trying it again this weekend. by the way sorry about the rambling message.
SFHandyman (author)  flamethrower10104 years ago
I love it. Keep sharing your experiences.

Metal bowl should be fine also. I used glass so I could take pretty pictures :)
mamachef5 years ago
 Awesome idea!! Going to try this out for my son's lego-themed birthday party. I have the lego mini cake molds from the LegoStore but this will be used for his mini cake toppers. Will drive up to SF from the south bay to pick up if that will save on shipping?
SFHandyman (author)  mamachef4 years ago
Call the store. Their main warehouse store is in San Leandro I think.

Great idea to use these like "sprinkles" on lego cupcakes.
HappyCampas5 years ago
Can't wait to make these! My mold just cured :) I grabbed a box of the Amazing Mold Putty this evening from Michael's for 10 bucks. (Used a 50% off coupon, whoo hoo!) It was definitely easy, but not even close to being as pretty as your mold. I think I'm going to splurge and buy some of the CopyFlex. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I want it to look really good.

Tomorrow I will head to the store to pick up the Jello and such.. and start a batch! Can't wait!
SFHandyman (author)  HappyCampas4 years ago
RelientOwl5 years ago
SFHandyman (author)  RelientOwl4 years ago
Thank YYYYYYou!
rayads7865 years ago
How could I change the recipe to make it suitable for vegetarians?
Yes there is something which is similar to gelatin thats for vegans and vegitarians its called Agar, similar tot he stuff used it bacteria trays for cultivation, it comes in flakes sheets powder and its derived from various sea vegetables.
SFHandyman (author)  Tacky1834 years ago
Thanks Tacky183
SFHandyman (author)  rayads7864 years ago
Read the instructable. There are other Instructables for pectin candies that are kind of gummy like.
legopop5 years ago
I am trying to make the gummies but it is not working out too well!

How much unflavored gelatin do you exactly need and how much jello do you exactly need and how much water? I can't seem to find the right amounts for them.

Please let me know! So desperately want to make them! :-)
SFHandyman (author)  legopop4 years ago
The Instructable is really detailed. Try to follow the recipe exactly. Don't worry if it doesn't look liked mine looked while you are making them. Your mix might be wetter or drier.

Read through the comments. Lots of good information in there from people who have been making them in other ways.
seabananers5 years ago
you could probably do this with legos limited edition ice cube trays to bad you could only get one if you bought a certain x-wing fighter (its a star wars ship for you non geeks)
SFHandyman (author)  seabananers4 years ago
I haven't seen a "Limited Edition" ice cube tray. You can buy an ice cube tray, but the bricks are all four post and big, they have sloping sides and they won't have holes in the bottom.

You really don't need holes in the bottom of my candies either. They just look cooler. Even with holes building with them is crazy hard so I leave the bottom holes out when I make them. It is easier, faster and they still look really cool.
did you chill them?
SFHandyman (author)  g0nn el tren4 years ago
To cycle the mold faster I do chill them. They are stable at room temperature, I kept them in the fridge though.
cool i luv legos but wer did u get the molds
SFHandyman (author)  wickedsonic14 years ago
There are two parts to this Instructable. One is how to make the candy, the other is how to make the mold. Be sure to read to the end.
see step 4
Goalie15 years ago
I did this and it worked great!
SFHandyman (author)  Goalie14 years ago
artgurl4 years ago
this sure is really great
SFHandyman (author)  artgurl4 years ago
Thanks artgurl!
hsteinbe4 years ago
use "fruit fresh", which is powdered vitamin C, and then you don't have to grind up a vit C tablet.
SFHandyman (author)  hsteinbe4 years ago
Out of all of the hundreds of comments, I think you might be the first to have mentioned this. I've heard of Fruit Fresh but never knew what it is. This deserves investigation. If somebody tries it please leave a comment and tell us how it worked out.
These are the best instructions ever, thank you!  :)
SFHandyman (author)  janettetsmith4 years ago
janettetsmith is the best commenter ever, thank you! :)
(hahaha seriously thanks)
hellstudios4 years ago
SFHandyman (author)  hellstudios4 years ago
Sorry to tell you the truth. If you aren't horrified enough there is an Instructable on how to make your own gelatin at home. :P

The more you know... :)
UkuleleGuy4 years ago
Very cool, the only way you could make this more awesome is to make a way for the bricks to actually stick together so you could build things with them.
SFHandyman (author)  UkuleleGuy4 years ago
They do stick together. There are holes in the bottom. The problem is it is hard to get them together. Imagine forcing a rubber cylinder into a rubber tube. You have to stretch the tube open, slide the post in then let the tube relax. You have to do that for every peg on each gummi lego.
combine this with the instructable for the "drunken gummies" (instructables.com/id/Drunken-Gummies-Vodka-Infused-Gummi-Bears) and there you have the house of the ill repute.
SFHandyman (author)  tweakinreaper4 years ago
Go for it.
boom12345 years ago
Tip: Use a FIMO mold! Its easier!
craig3 boom12345 years ago
as in polymer clay? that would be a bad idea, because to get the bricks out youd need to bend and stretch the mould, FIMO clay would just break apart
SFHandyman (author)  craig34 years ago
You are right. Remember to think FOOD SAFE for this project. Getting a flat sided lego brick out of just any mold is not easy.
eeeek! fimo has phthalates. Not a safe mold for food stuff.
Be careful out there.

(or did you mean a mold used to mold fimo?)
SFHandyman (author)  pacwoods4 years ago
Either way you are right. We don't know what a mold for Fimo is made of so we can't consider it food safe. Fimo itself is not food safe.
SFHandyman (author)  boom12344 years ago
Never use FIMO for food. Keep thinking creatively but remember how what you make is going to be used.
wolfkeeper4 years ago
Push comes to shove you could probably use plasticine for a mould. Plasticine is non toxic. You could possibly spray it with a thin layer of cooking oil as a release agent.
SFHandyman (author)  wolfkeeper4 years ago
Plasticine MELTS. Gummi syrup is HOT. Don't try plasticine hahaha

Plasticine is parafin (wax) and oil.

Keep up the creative thinking though.
illicium6 years ago
Note: Citric acid and ascorbic acid are two different things -- the former is what gives lemons (and other citrus fruits, hence the name) their sour taste and is most commonly used in sour candy.
yep. ascorbic acid is used as a color keeper/anti-browning agent in jam making.
SFHandyman (author)  illicium6 years ago
You are correct. They are different chemicals. What I meant was if your recipe is calling for a souring agent, any of these would work.
Cheezpaper4 years ago
I did this, except I included the inside of the thing so you can build with it. It'd be hard to do it with regular gummies, so I made it firmer.
LEGOs are originally from Denmark (I'm half danish woot woot!)
Zion_Sphere5 years ago
Damn I love your idea, and I am vegan, and though I can't have geletain I know the alternatives but I don't like the taste. You ever thought of making various chocolate bricks and windows doors etc and seeing if you can piece them together afterwards. Great job!
I have froze chochocalate lego bricks and they stack well if you have holes in the bottom of the brick to fit them, I made a taj mahal with chocolate bricks and some melted cholate paste.
whoa! like that chocolate house in charlie and the chocolate factory! (the book not the movie)
gwl1234 years ago
The visit was useful. Content was really very informative. http://www.giftwithlove.com
How much does one envelope of gelatin weigh?
Mongpoovian4 years ago
This is way cool - I know what I'm bringing to the departmental Christmas party!
ianhs15 years ago
i was thinking of making a house then eating it

ive been making mine with cornstarch molds instead of silicone

How has that worked out? I'd love to learn from your experience.
It works quite well if the thing your keeping the cornstarch in is deep enough other wise it just makes a giant gummy on the bottom. But you have to give them a wash before eating any.
 Do you need a pyrex measuring cup or will any measuring cup work?
SFHandyman (author)  flamethrower10105 years ago
It has to stand up to being immersed in a boiling pot of water. I know pyrex is safe for this but can't tell you about any other kind of measuring cup.
 ok thanks i imagine any measuring cup should be fine. 
im gonna try this soon so i'll tell you how it goes. 
Totally awesome!!!!!
SFHandyman (author)  erikos kostarikos5 years ago
xacrox5 years ago
Thank you for being thoughtful and awesome and mentioning a vegan option
SFHandyman (author)  xacrox5 years ago
I'm a gay guy and I have an aunt who is a paraplegic. I am really sensitive to trying to make my Instructables very accessible, and that includes folks with dietary differences. When I know some tips that might help, I try to share them.

Thank you for thanking me. Makes it worth it.
randofo5 years ago
My Hebrew is a little rusty, but I think they are saying good things about your candy.

(...also took me a little bit to figure out the arrows were backwards)

randofo randofo5 years ago
Ack. The link did not post right. Try clicking here
randofo randofo5 years ago
Okay, fine... it won't play nice. Here is a screen grab :-)
SFHandyman (author)  randofo5 years ago
Oh, cool. I have to go look. He asked me if he could use my photos. He has some really beautiful work on the blog and I feel really privileged to be in that group.

I asked him if he was going to write good things (jk) and he assured me he would.

It was crazy difficult to use a mouse when trying to edit right to left text for me. I was doing it a lot a couple of years ago. I was a big fan of Ivri Leder who is an important Israeli singer song writer. I was doing searches for him on Hebrew sites, even though I know nothing about the language. I just figured out which characters were his name, and the names of his songs and pasted them into Google to search for them, but results obviously came out in Hebrew also.
hishealer5 years ago

So I ran out of knox and tried overdosing the jello... and disaster and mess later, I found these pound canisters of Knox online on Amazon.com.  Those packets are an ounce, right?  I'll check next time I see it in the store.  The moral:  This man got the recipe right by trial and error.  Don't mess with it!  I'm preparing for pounds of green gummy hearts for a VD gift.  Thanks!

SFHandyman (author)  hishealer5 years ago
Green Jello tastes a little strange (but oh so familiar). Sour green gummies are great. If you want to experiment, you can melt those too strong gummies down then add more water and gelatin. Getting the proportion of water right will be challenging though.

I should have bought the big canister but didn't have any idea how many times it would take me to get the recipe correct.

Good luck this time.
I did melt them down and fixed them right up on the second try.  Just for kicks, one packet of Knox is just under one tablespoon.  I found a little coffee scoop, that two scoops to one packet jello is just right for my husband's taste.  I have also played around with adding a little lemon flavoring to the lime jello, and those disappeared so fast I didn't try one!  I also took Scoochmaroo's idea with the powdered sugar mold and made a really long worm just for the fun of it.  It worked pretty well, but any lumps in the sugar will stick and look funny hanging off your gummy...

Happy gummying!
SFHandyman (author)  hishealer5 years ago
It is pretty amazing how different they taste with a little sour flavoring. I'm glad the remelt worked and thanks for the info on the bulk gelatin. I'm sure it will help others.
legopop5 years ago
I can not find a way to make the mold myself. Is there any way I can buy the lego gummies from someone? I really want to have them as a very special gift to someone. Or is anybody out there that wants to make and sell the lego mold to me?

zab chev5 years ago
I am currently waiting for the mold to cure..i am so excited!  I am going to make a bunch of these to sell at our elementary school's bake sale.  What kid is going to resist??!!  Have you ever used to molds to make hard candy?  Thinking of doing some of those, too...
SFHandyman (author)  zab chev5 years ago
Woo Hoo, that's exciting.

I haven't tried to make hard candies yet but the silicone I bought should be able to handle it with out any problems. I do have to try it out some day. I'm sure the base plate would melt though so I wouldn't even try that. Just let them be flat backed. I do that usually anyway. It is easier and faster. I don't know how easy it would be to pour the sugar. I wouldn't use any kind of syringe. I haven't played with sugar that much.

If you try it let us know how it works out.
Bruce Koh5 years ago

Really great!!! Thank you.

SFHandyman (author)  Bruce Koh5 years ago
Glad you like it.
hardj0095 years ago
like the instructable
how long do they last

SFHandyman (author)  hardj0095 years ago
I've had some over 2 weeks in the fridge and they tasted fine. It's funny though, the colors and flavors blend together while they are stored. I can't tell you how long they really last though as I don't have the testing equipment and I can't control for the process you use while making them.

Glad you liked it.
I saw on How It's Made that the factories actually mold the candies in corn starch, so they keep a little of the starch on to keep them seperate.  Maybe a toss in corn starch after would keep the color from bleeding?  (Not that they would last that long at my house!)
SFHandyman (author)  hishealer5 years ago
I also saw that before I made these. They are transparent and shiny and I didn't want to lose that by dusting them with powder. I like how pretty they are.

You do have to keep them for a long time for the color/flavor bleeding to occur. I had to make pounds of them while I was experimenting to find the best recipe, trying to get them clear, in preparation for the photos, and again I made more so I had some to take to the Maker Faire with Instructables. I ended up with pounds of gummi. That is the only reason I had them so long. They still tasted good though.
Just made some and they do look very nice.  I agree.  And they didn't last an hour, so I don't think it's a concern here either.  ^.^  I used a silicone heart mold, and they did pop right out after refrigerated just a few minutes.  Besides, jello is my husband's favorite thing, and gummies at second, so it was a big hit!  Thanks!
SFHandyman (author)  hishealer5 years ago
Glad it worked for you. Thanks
 I know this is probably one of the stupidest comments you've gotten, but do the gummies stay firm even when not chilled (out of the fridge) because I don't want to have to keep them refridgerated, then eat them when they're cold or else they'll melt.
SFHandyman (author)  tofu4tortoise5 years ago
I'm from the "there are no stupid questions" club.

Yes they stay firm. Just like regular gummies. I suppose they'd melt if you had them sitting on a hot table in the sun or in your trunk on a sunny day. At room temperature, they are firm.
 Ok, thanks for the quick reply.  How is the consistency of your recipe?  Is it like the same as a haribo gummy bear? like chewy? or is it like jello, not firm? 
SFHandyman (author)  tofu4tortoise5 years ago
These are real gummies. They are chewy. Sounds like it's time for you to buy some jello and experiment :-)
 Yep! I'm gonna order the silicone sometime this weekend!
corksean146 years ago
You'll Sh*t Bricks!
Only if you don't chew them first!
specially around small children... they could mix up real legos for gummies and choke...  like handyman said in his steps

*i had to read through all of the instructable twice as i didn't see the note that warned us about that...

did you guys know that lego made gummies???

i bet they don't taste as good tho... ;)


Besides, they are all square!  Where are the other shapes?

SFHandyman (author)  corksean146 years ago
Hahaha. Thanks for the warning.
sdsaf5 years ago
Great instructable! i just have thing that you might want to add to this. When i read this i thought they would be stack-able like real legos. I'm pretty sure if you just cleaned the original sheet you used to make the silicone mold you could place it back on top after filling the molds with the gelatin mixture. This way there would be little indents on the bottom allowing you to stack them. I'm not sure if it would work as i haven't tried it yet, but it sounds like it would work to me :P.
SFHandyman (author)  sdsaf5 years ago
What you describe is how they are made in the Instructable. There are even photos of me doing it. hahaha
LOL my mistake. i think i wrote that just when i woke up so i wasnt thinking quite straight :P. looking at it again i can see you clearly did that :P
SFHandyman (author)  sdsaf5 years ago
You were thinking like ME :-)
avakatie5 years ago
SFHandyman (author)  avakatie5 years ago
Let us know how it works out.
kazzak5 years ago

Hi 2 All n Lo 2 None!
This instructables is really interesting n i think most informational. I read it more then dozen times n learn a lot of things from it. I read more then 300 instructables n this instructable is my favorite one. Specially Vietnamese/American comments. I have my own punch when i reveal my nationality. I congradulate SFHandyman for such a nice project. I am also a lover of LEGO bricks n i have them in different shapes. I got gelatin from the local market but dificult part is making the mold (Specially from the FG Silicon). It seems that no one even heard of this kind of silicon. I have a last try as i planed to visit the dentist stores. I hope that I find FG silicon from there. If i get it i will tell u all. BTW (I m Pakistani).

SFHandyman (author)  kazzak5 years ago
I thought I already replied to this. Sorry, it didn't post for some reason.

Thanks for your comments. I hope you have luck finding the silicone.

I think you might find that the term "Food Grade" is country specific. If Pakistan doesn't have a department that tests and grades silicones they might not even have any called "Food Grade" in Pakistan.

All of the chemical testing that was done on the silicone I used was done by a United States government agency.

Food Grade silicones are always Platinum cured silicones. Tin cured silicone can leach toxic chemicals into food.

Try checking at the fanciest hotel in town. Ask the pastry chef in the kitchen. That is where the silicone is used most commonly. They use it to make custom molded candies and decorations for desserts. Also check any store or school that teaches or sells items related to baking and cake decoration.

I'm glad you liked it.
dark david5 years ago

no tecomes los legos

how much was the silicone
SFHandyman (author)  imthatguy11255 years ago
Look at Gabe Billings comment above. He goes into complete detail on purchasing the silicone.
itsthatsguy5 years ago
When i first red the ittle i said "French gummies?" then realizing its a play on lego and gummies
SFHandyman (author)  itsthatsguy5 years ago
I was too chicken to say Gummy Lego or Gummie Lego in the title. I thought that might upset the Lego Company, so I made up the name.
I followed the author's directions pretty closely, and here are the observations I came up with.

I decided to go ahead and make a real Lego mold too, and I got my silicone from Douglas and Sturgess.  It's now available on their website, so you don't need to call to order it.  I noticed that on the .pdf version of their catalog it's listed as FGS-1137, and in both that catalog and their online catalog the actual stock ordering number shows as MC-1287 (for 1 lb.).  These are both the same thing as noted in the instructable.  The actual containers I received were labeled FGS-2237, and I paid $27.80 per pound.  Shipping was $5 for 2 lbs.

When figuring out how much silicone I'd need I opted for the calculation method versus the fill it up and check the volume method.  As best I can calculate, a 1 x 1 x 1 Lego brick is about 0.038 cubic inches.  I made a big cube, counted the bricks, then measured the sides and divided.  After I made my mold, I measured the interior volume then subtracted what the bricks inside the mold would displace and got my answer.  I think I estimated about a 1/2 brick height for the thickness at the bottom of the mold.  I knew that a lb/fluid oz. conversion wouldn't be exact but I knew it'd be close.  I ended up using a full 1 lb. of silicone for my mold and it worked perfectly.  I had a 32 x 18 interior with 252 bricks worth of candy space on the inside.  That's 612 bricks worth of mold material, or about 24 cubic inches and around 13 fluid ounces.

I was a little paranoid about air bubbles in the mold, but it seemed to be a non-issue.  Once it was cured I could see tons of micro bubbles all over the bottom, maybe the size of the sharp end of a pin.  The interior of the mold looked perfect, though.  I wouldn't obsess over the bubbles.

The candy making process gave me a little trouble.  The first thing that threw me was that the amounts given are in packets with no weight reference.  I had my powered ingredients ready to mix and thought there was no way that amount of stuff was going to come even close to dissolving in 1/2 cup of water.  Turns out my jello packets are 8 oz. compared to the author's 3 oz.  My first batch only ended up being a smoothie consistency, not clay-like.

The next problem I ran into was the heating.  I think if you were to make a single batch the Pyrex-in-frypan method would work.  I had such a huge volume of mix that it simply wouldn't heat.  I had boiling water as high as the level of mix inside the Pyrex measuring cup, but the mix never melted.  I think that was due to the thickness of the cup and the amount of the mix.  Even after being on the stove for half an hour or so, things had gotten a little more fluid but never clarified.

My second batch I dialed back to the recommended 3 oz. of dry jello, but still never got the clay-like mixture the author did.  I also went with a real double boiler; close fitting nested metal pans.  Thinner, more conductive walls plus less gummi mix and everything melted in a couple of minutes.

If you want clear gummies the syringe with some sort of needle is a must have.  My first time through I grabbed one we had sitting around for children's medicine and tried to use that.  With no needle the entire head of the syringe just got glommed with the sticky foam and it was a mess.  Then I bought a 'flavor injector' from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  It's just a larger syringe with a plastic needle for injecting liquid into meats.  Mine had two openings on the side wall of the needle, but I chopped those off to make a single opening at the end like a standard needle.  With a slender implement to 'pierce' the foam and get to the clear melted mix it was much, much easier.

SFHandyman (author)  gabebillings5 years ago
This is really excellent. Great info.

I made some edits to the original Instructable.

I've already written most of the changes that I made in the comments, but I went ahead and incorporated them into the text.

I also added a new step with my technique for making almost perfectly clear candies. I've figured out how to do it over time.

I edited the part about the clay lump. Just a tiny bit more water makes the slushy consistency and they both work perfectly well.

I added the info about the meat injector, and also a frosting gun that I use now, instead of the syringe. They all work. The meat injector and my frosting gun handle the heat a little better than the syringe.

I've mentioned in the comments, but added to the Instructable now, that I used the shallow pan for photography, so you could see what was happening through the side of the cup. I use a sauce pan when I make them.
In the factories they just use corn starch for the mold. Fill a tray with it, press your objects (legos) into the corn starch and pull it back out. Instant disposable mold. The Silicon would let you do some shapes that corn starch doesn't, but corn starch is easy to find and work with and is completely non-toxic.
SFHandyman (author)  AnnArborBuck5 years ago
Have you tried to do it AAB? Let us know how it turned out. I've always wanted to try it.
adamgillies5 years ago
Would food grade silicone caulking work for the mold?
SFHandyman (author)  adamgillies5 years ago
Caulking is formulated to stick. Someone tried it earlier and said they didn't have any luck. I also don't know how it would react to heat. It might be non-toxic at shower and fishtank temperatures but leach chemicals when you put hot candy syrup in it.
SFHandyman (author) 5 years ago
We are getting link referrals from http://forum0937.miniancora.com/

The forum is in Portuguese but it's the name I love: 0937 flipped over spells LEGO
WOW! These look great! I might try this, I love legos and these look like they would be great for little kids or adults! great job btw :)
SFHandyman (author)  the duck tape queen5 years ago
Thank you.
apoel5 years ago
SFHandyman (author)  apoel5 years ago
That's the spirit!
thanhpi6 years ago
Ý tưởng rất độc đáo!!!! Thanks for my scene! thank you very much.(i'm VietNamese)
SFHandyman (author)  thanhpi5 years ago
Thanks I'm glad you like it. (I'm American :-) )
These are sooo cute! :]
SFHandyman (author)  unicorn_nerd5 years ago
Thank you.
adamgillies5 years ago
Could you make the mold out of acrylic?
SFHandyman (author)  adamgillies5 years ago
I don't know how food safe acrylic is. Remember this is a HOT syrup that we are using. The acrylic would need to be heat safe and it would need to not leach chemicals into the food. You'd also have a very hard time getting the original legos out of the mold while making it and getting the candy out of the mold after you cast it. I think acrylic shrinks a tiny bit when you cast it (or am I imagining that?). If that is true you'd probably never be able to get the real legos out of the mold. I wouldn't think it would be worth it to even try but an acrylic lego mold like my silicone one would look very cool!
ronmaggi6 years ago
Trader Joe's has vitamin C powder that is cheaper than pills. The pills tend to have binders and fillers. Also the tablet making process is energy intensive, and damaging to the vitamin C.
SFHandyman (author)  ronmaggi6 years ago
That's great. Thanks for the info.
super amazingly coll haha, i'm definitely making these
SFHandyman (author)  ElfuegoelDoom6 years ago
gee6 years ago
Wow - until now I never knew you could buy silicone in this form, let alone make candy molds out of it. Thanks for the guide!
SFHandyman (author)  gee6 years ago
Silicone is wonderful mold making material.
Hi!, I realize this is kind of a bump, but I was wondering if anyone had tried making custom molds with aquarium silicone? The reason I ask, is that I live in Norway, and have yet to find a good source of food grade silicone for a reasonable price.. It shouldn't be poisonous, but will it hold up as a mold-making silicone?
SFHandyman (author)  dexusno6 years ago
Interesting question. Aquarium Silicone has some ingredients that make it sticky. Otherwise it would just peel right off the aquarium. I don't know how easy it would be to get the legos out of it. The chemicals they use might not be toxic in aquarium temperatures, but may be toxic when heated like when making candy. We do use aquarium silicone to install armatures in silicone castings (in sculpture - Not Candy Molds) Almost nothing sticks to silicone so metal armature rods won't stick to silicone. If you goop aquarium silicone on a metal rod and let it set up, before you pour your mold, it makes the metal stay put. The aquarium silicone will stick to metal and the silicone gel will stick to the aquarium silicone.
Well.. I did try it, and the results are not promising.. The Aquarium silicone, as you stated, is REALLY sticky.. and that makes it pretty hard to get out of the positive after it sets. But that is not the biggest issue. What i found was that it takes virtually forever to set when applied in thick layers, like a mold would require. I made a small mold using a small plastic container and a couple of heart-shaped erasers, and even after 8 days in a warm dry room it did not completely set. Still some sticky spots here and there. Another thing is that because it is so sticky, it's hard to push the silicone down in the crevasses of the positive, it will stick to your fingers, a spatula (even a silicone one) and virtually everything else. Air bubbles are also a big issue, because the silicone is pretty viscous. Oh well.. back to the "drawing board".. Anyone else have an idea for good mold-making silicone not costing me postage from the US to Norway?
XTL dexusno6 years ago
Most silicones use a non-platinum catalyst (tin) and are poisonous. You must use a food grade silicone if you intend to make molds for food or for molding body parts (Dentists use a food safe Silicone). It will have a platinum catalyst. The platinum catalyst makes it more expensive than, say, aquarium silicone. Aquarium silicone is actually a pure silicone and that is why it sticks to glass. But it is not clear - it is slightly milky. The clear silicones have additives but are no good for aquariums as the seal must be very good and very strong to hold all the water - hence pure silicone.
I heard on another instructable that a food grade silicone exists. You would have to Google "Food Grade Silicone" to find it.
If you read my initial question, you would find that I do know it exists.. The issue is to find a good source of affordable non toxic mold making silicone. It's easy to order food grade silicone from the web, but would cost alot in postage to Norway.
Nom nom nom
tajigirl6 years ago
I need help building the taj mahal on the lego download designer. Please let me know the instructions for it. Please thank you
SFHandyman (author)  tajigirl6 years ago
That model has 6000 pieces and three books of instructions. I expect the only way to build it is to buy the model.
well if you buy it..its not really building it isnt it, Its more like..buying it.
SFHandyman (author)  milamber16 years ago
It's a Lego kit. You need to buy the pieces anyway and they'd be more expensive if you bought them individually.
Actually, you can download the building instructions for most sets right from the LEGO website. Go to customer service and click building instructions. Or go here: http://us.service.lego.com/en-US/BuildingInstructions/default.aspx Then search Taj in the keyword search. It will come up with 3 results. They are part 1, 2, and 3 so download them all. They are .pdf and about 10MB each.
LEGO Digital Designer only has a very limited amount of pieces and colors, so you will have a hard time building it according to directions.
D.L.H.6 years ago
Delicious idea
SFHandyman (author)  D.L.H.6 years ago
knexguy6 years ago
Is it one 500mg Vitamin C or 1500mg Vitamin C? Thought I'd better check.
SFHandyman (author)  knexguy6 years ago
It just depends on how tart you want the candy to be. I like it more sour. Probably around 1000 mg. I crush up a lot of them, dissolve them, then filter it with a coffee filter to get the powder out. That way I can get really clear candies. I just pour in some and taste. I don't actually know how much that ends up being. Different flavors of jello taste better more or less sour. Like Grape isn't as good really sour, but Lime is excellent with a lot of sour added.
sula216 years ago
Looks like Lego did make these at one point! Unfortunately they were discontinued... In spite of that article I'm going to take it a step further and apply courtnix's Drunken Gummies (Vodka-Infused Gummi Bears) instructable to my LeGummies!
tatiss156 years ago
hi in the site where you purchased the Food Grade Silicone, send to other countries??? because I'm in Mexico
You can get silicone at a magnificent little store called "Poliformas" (http://poliformasplasticas.com.mx/) there are many of them througout mexico city and all the country. Check their website.
SFHandyman (author)  tatiss156 years ago
I don't know. You have to contact them.
treblasp6 years ago
i just put mine into the fridge to set
Thank you so much for these instructions! I just molded my first gummies today, and they worked really well. I've got some pictures on flickr if you'd like to see.

SFHandyman (author)  mrvelocipede6 years ago
I love the bolt! You must have poured it from the threaded end to get the detail on top, how did you get it out of the mold?
I made the mold in two pieces, so there's a seam running up the length of the threads. It tends to leak around the seam, but I found that wrapping a rubber band around the halves keeps them together fairly well, and chilling the mold before pouring the gummy syrup helps get it congealed so it doesn't ooze too much.
SFHandyman (author)  mrvelocipede6 years ago
Amazing job. You can't see the seam at all in the photos. That would be so cool to have a bowl full of nuts and bolts (I am the "Handyman").
I'm working on a mold for the matching nut, but unfortunately it's a much more difficult shape because the threads are on the inside. If it works, I'll post some more pictures.
SFHandyman (author)  mrvelocipede6 years ago
I could see where it might be difficult to get out of the mold. You might have to bend the sides back and unscrew it! Here is a way: 1. Put a bolt into the nut with just about 1/4' of the threads poking out 2. Make a mold of the nut and bolt like that leaving the top side of the nut uncovered. (Nut on it's side, bolt in the nut and sticking out a little on the bottom) 3. When it is set, unscrew the bolt and pop the nut out of the mold. When you want to make some candy: 1. Screw a bolt back into the mold (same place it was before, minus the nut) 2. Pour your candy 3. When it has hardened, unscrew the bolt and pop out the candy. Hopefully the bolt won't stick to the candy. If it does, just duplicate it in silicone and use those as your mold centers. Kind of complicated but fun.
SFHandyman (author) 6 years ago
Proof that somebody made them for real: http://www.flickr.com/photos/26689612@N08/3432947281/in/photostream/ !

Flickr user hamcheesesandwichonwheat 's boyfriend made them for her as a birthday gift. He's a very wise boyfriend. She must be an awesome girlfriend too.

He even made them the more difficult way with the holes in the bottom. You can see them stacked in the photo.
haha wow these are awesome!
SFHandyman (author)  Shaznazabbadaz6 years ago
Thank you.
Javin0076 years ago
That first image with all the different colored gummy legos is probably one of the coolest images I've seen on this site.
SFHandyman (author)  Javin0076 years ago
Thank you very much. You can get the full size one off my Flickr Stream. I'm SFHandyman there also. I met a guy at the Maker Faire who worked for Lego and told me he used it as his desktop image. hahaha
briackman6 years ago
i wonder if you can just cut the bottom off a lego and pour the gummi mix into it? i even wonder if a lego is solid
SFHandyman (author)  briackman6 years ago
The inside of a lego is not lego shaped.
The Jamalam6 years ago
Can you build things with these?
SFHandyman (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
Yes but they are very hard to get together. It's like trying to shove a soft rubber stick through a soft rubber hose.
Ho, ho...cool.
mman15066 years ago
i just made another batch it's good but could use some more water because there quite strong and a bit too rubbery
SFHandyman (author)  mman15066 years ago
It's all a matter of taste. I made many batches before I found a mix that I liked. If you are really unhappy with the result, you can always remelt a batch and add more water, or gelatin. No need to throw it out and start over. It also gets clearer each time you melt it (after the final amount of gelatin has been added). I've been melting each batch twice before casting, to get really clear gummies.
i still ate them they were good .ill try remelting them.i also found a some molds from an old chocolate maker and a neat ice cube tray from ikea that made them look gourmet .i was rushing so there was lots of foam but some people said that made them look even fancier
mman15066 years ago
im doing it right know but i added an extra pack of gelatin accidently
SFHandyman (author)  mman15066 years ago
It's ok if you do this. It might be a little too thick. Just add some more water. They won't be quite as flavorful, but you might like that better.
the gummies were really shard but tasted good
Cereleste6 years ago
This sounds delicious, but isn't it simpler to just pour the gelatin mixure onto a a "pile" of legos that has the same shape as the silicone? This would be simpler and cheaper, but perhaps the legos have traces of lead in them.
SFHandyman (author)  Cereleste6 years ago
The candies would be inside out with the knobs going in instead of sticking up. If you look at the bottom of the brick, you can see that it wouldn't make either a knob or a hole.
I heard that Jelly babies are made by impressing a jelly baby shaped form into packed bed of corn flower. The jelly is then poured into the hollowed out form to make the Jelly baby. This is why Jelly babies always have corn flower on them. It's all done on a conveyor belt, so that the corn flower form just falls away from Jelly baby and gets re-used. You could try impressing lego blocks into corn flower as a cheap alternative to a real mould - though you'd lose the colour and wouldn't be able to put connecting holes in the bottom.
SFHandyman (author)  minkette6 years ago
It's Corn Starch, not Corn Flour. That is correct. I haven't tried it. I'm not sure how easy it would be at home. I'm sure you wouldn't be able to get the sharp corners that you get from silicone.
I've just found out (the hard way) the CORN STARCH is actually called CORN FLOUR in the UK. I asked for it in a store and they had no idea what I was talking about. When I described what I'd be using it for, they said it was right there, and they pointed at corn flour. Very strange....
SFHandyman (author)  szasama6 years ago
Wow, now that's really confusing. We have another kind of corn flour here called Masa Harina. It's used to prepare many Mexican dishes. Then we have corn flour that is used for corn bread and to sprinkle under loaves of bread and pizza. Corn starch is used mainly as a thickener for liquids like gravy.
sorry, clarity not colour.
chilll20096 years ago
Kandid6 years ago
Hi there, great instructable. But I have just a few questions for you. I'm sorry if someone asked this before, but I didn't really have the nerve to read thru all 370 comments. :p Now, I noticed in your photos that you used a rather shallow pan for heating the water that the Pyrex cup was in. Wouldn't you get better results if you used a deeper pot and cover the cup half way (or up to the size of the gummy lump), and then put it on lower heat? That way the heat would be equally distributed among all the layers of the jelly and the middle layer would be much clearer, since it would heat from all sides instead just from the bottom. Also, why not use a wire whisk instead of a spatula during the melting process? Finally, I have a question for all the people reading this: As I am not from the US (or EU for that matter...) we don't really have Jello or stuff like that here. So, could you please recommend an alternate way of flavoring the gummies? Perhaps using only simple, plain, unflavored Gelatine with a dash of some food colors and flavorings? Any advice would be welcomed. :)
SFHandyman (author)  Kandid6 years ago
I used the shallow pan for photography. I wouldn't have been able to document the process for you with a deep pan hiding the sides of the cup. Don't use a wire whisk. The whole purpose of a wire whisk is to introduce air into your mixture. We are trying to avoid adding air. Look around for any kind of drink mixes - Koolaid, Powdered Lemonade, ... some of those might work. You'd have to experiment. I would add them right at the end, after you have melted the gelatin down. The drink mixes are not designed to be heated, and may change flavor if you add them at the beginning of the melting process. Some may be ok in the heat though.
Oh, right, that makes sense. :) Thanks, I'll go with the powdered juice. Again, great instructable. :)
SFHandyman (author)  Kandid6 years ago
ReCreate6 years ago
Why Can't we Make these for sale?
SFHandyman (author)  ReCreate6 years ago
Read through the comments. This has been fully discussed. I put an abundance of warnings in the Instructable because I didn't want to have any confusion about whether this was approved by Lego. It wasn't. I didn't want Lego to have any reason to be upset about it. It's an homage really.
Could you just melt gummies into the mold instead? like in the gummi shot glasses instructable?
SFHandyman (author)  Houdinipeter6 years ago
Probably. I haven't read through Gummi Shot Glasses though. You can always try it. Experimentation is fun.
Hey, I have a Q. Can you make a mold out of lego's themselves? like put them on a flat brick and stack them together and pour the jello into there?
SFHandyman (author)  short-genuis6 years ago
They'd be inside out.
combatknex6 years ago
hey,i was wondering where you can pick up some silicone for the mold.thnanks.
SFHandyman (author)  combatknex6 years ago
It's mentioned in the Instructable. Also read through the comments. Other folks have suggested possible sources.
knarx6 years ago
This is unbelievable. Cool and nice work.
SFHandyman (author)  knarx6 years ago
robotguy46 years ago
Nice Instructable! There was only one (minor) problem that ticked me off:

SFHandyman (author)  robotguy46 years ago
Well at least I didn't write Lego's :-)
Hmmm... Actually that made me think of something interesting but pointless... Writing "Lego's" could be more correct than "Legos," provided that you then follow it up with the word "bricks," so it read "Lego's bricks," which would be plural. It would be a bit strange, but since "Lego" is the name of a company and they make bricks, it would be logically and grammatically correct... I guess. But yeah, you are right, "Lego's" by itself is worse. Besides, these are just minor grammatical problems that don't really matter to most people.
Ow. You made my brain hurty.
SFHandyman (author)  robotguy46 years ago
Dang. You got me on that one. I didn't think it through. It seems to be pretty well accepted to call a Lego brick a lego, but you must be correct. It's just the brand name. I'd give Kleenex as an example of a brand name that was co-opted for a generic item, but it isn't proper, or pluralized either. I mostly gave up on being a grammar nazi many years ago. Your point was interesting though. I was pretty random in the capitalization also. Please forgive me for that. hahaha When I was writing the thing I was trying to be careful not to tread on the trademark. That's why I didn't just call it "Gummy Legos" (I would have added an S there also!)
SFHandyman (author)  SFHandyman6 years ago
Oh, and I have been completely random in using Gummi, Gummies, or Gummy also.
Meh... They still tastes the same. I'm not really a grammar Nazi. I'm just a Lego fan.
Let's not bring grammar into tastiness!
Actually, according to the LEGO Company, the word LEGO is an adjective, as in LEGO bricks or LEGO pieces. It is not to be used as a noun.
MegaMaker6 years ago
You said you would explain how to make the molds in step 5, but you don't have a step 5.
SFHandyman (author)  MegaMaker6 years ago
Thanks, I have to fix that. It's actually page 4.
TXTCLA556 years ago
Now not only can you build a cool creation, but eat it too! .
SFHandyman (author)  TXTCLA556 years ago
ganapchan6 years ago
One of the best Instructables I've ever read, GREAT JOB!
SFHandyman (author)  ganapchan6 years ago
Wow, thanks.
kenexinator6 years ago
Do they actually connect together like the real legos?
SFHandyman (author)  kenexinator6 years ago
They can but it isn't easy. Think of shoving a soft rubber rod into a soft rubber pipe and doing that 6, or 8, or 2 times for each brick. It takes a long time and parts come apart while you are adding new bricks. With patience though you can push them together.
Corvis6 years ago
I actually got the entire middle layer to clarify; there was still a skin of foam on the top. I just heated and stirred as above, and then let it set in the low-heat water for about 30 minutes. After that the foam had made a tough skin that could be removed with a fork and a bit of picking. It seemed important that the mixture be warm, but not hot enough to have significant circulation.
thepelton6 years ago
I recall seeing something like this commercially available, but it was made with an opaque type of candy like SweetTarts.
Yeah. my sister got me some. they are like, brick shaped sweet tarts. there pretty good. yuo should do a instructabel on it, SFHandyman.
SFHandyman (author)  thepelton6 years ago
There is a photo of them on Flickr. I'd think those take a pressure mold but if anyone knows how to make them I'd like to see it.
Wow!! You should make another mould but sand off the brand name from the top which would mean you could sell them, because the name wouldn't appear on the 'candy' (i'm british, so object to using that word!). You could make millions (but i want a cut!). Seriously niceinstructable, you've written loads, I really want some of that 'candy' and the pictures compliment it well!! 5 stars!!
I demand i cut also, ROTFLOL
SFHandyman (author)  thefunktopus6 years ago
Thanks. Why don't you make them and I'll take the cut. :-)
Riojelon6 years ago
Wow!! This instructable is very mouth watering!!
SFHandyman (author)  Riojelon6 years ago
Thanks. Now I need to make some more for me.
Rhyok6 years ago
Hello SFHandyman,
Just contacting you again. I made a second batch: http://nifflas.ni2.se/forum/index.php?topic=608.0 (click the spoiler)
Oiling the ice cube tray worked like a charm (removing the treats was as easy as a silicone mold, in my opinion)! I do have one last question for you though: is there any way to dilute the flavor. I'll eat the gummy, but it's a bit too strong for my taste.

SFHandyman (author)  Rhyok6 years ago
I love seeing the photo. Glad the oil worked. To dilute the flavor reduce the jello and increase the unflavored gelatin.
KillerPanda6 years ago
Can they interlock like real legos?
SFHandyman (author)  KillerPanda6 years ago
Yes but they aren't that easy to stick together. Think of pushing a soft rubber stick into a soft rubber tube of the same diameter. You have to stretch them a little.
You could use cake icing as mortar, and build structures with them.
SFHandyman (author)  thepelton6 years ago
They do have holes and will stack but it isn't very easy to get them hooked together. Royal Icing is like glue. It would be fun to try it.
I might make then. 5 stars!
SFHandyman (author)  KillerPanda6 years ago
hey do you happen to know how hot you can get the mold? I was wondering if you could make hard candy in it and they get up to 300 degrees but most of the molds are tempered up to 320. Would your silicone method work?
SFHandyman (author)  DELETED_jorgegunn6 years ago
Different Silicones have different temperature tolerances. The food safe silicone is Platinum Cured and that usually has a higher temperature tolerance than Tin Cured Silicone (which is never food safe). It should be fine. Candy makers use silicone molds and bakers use silicone pans. Candy makers also work on silicone sheets when doing sugar art. You can cast low melt metal in many Platinum Cure Silicones. It depends on the Silicone though. If the temperature range isn't on the packaging ask for, or look on the web for, the MSDS. That's the Material Safety Data Sheet. It tells you what it's made of, how to cast it, approved uses, and the temperature tolerance. I'm sure the lego plate would not survive hot sugar, so I wouldn't try to put the base plate on the mold to get the holes in the bottom. If you wanted to try that, you'd have to make a silicone duplicate of the Lego plate. I haven't tested the mold I made with hot sugar yet. I'm not really sure how much hard candy shrinks either, so bottom holes might not work anyway.
Being made with Platinum, I'm guessing it's not going to be cheap.
SFHandyman (author)  thepelton6 years ago
Not terrible. The platinum is just to prompt a chemical reaction. There probably isn't very much in there. Tin cured is almost the same price.
Hey thanks I mold a lot with chocolate and have recently began trying the hard candy. One thing I have noticed about its nature is that you have have to use molds with more flex in them than chocolate where as you could use a deep hard plastic mold for chocolate the hard candy gets stuck and makes a huge mess.That and they have started making clear high temp molds and we had a low temp and high temp identical version and put the hard candy in the wrong mold and it ate right through it i expected it more to deform the mold but it simply consumed it. I am sure that if they use the silicone for baking than they would def. have enough flex. thanks again for the help_jorgia
SFHandyman (author)  DELETED_jorgegunn6 years ago
My lego mold is very solid - there isn't any air space between the candies - it's solid silicone, but it will bend all the way into a circle without damage. I'm sure you'd be able to get hard candies out of it. Sugar, and almost anything else you can think of, will not stick to silicone. You don't even need any kind of release. I noticed the hard candy clear molds. It is not really very smart IMO. They should make the high temp molds a different color so folks won't accidentally melt a chocolate mold like you did.
yeah we are currently banning all clear molds and only buy the white and blue ones
SFHandyman (author)  DELETED_jorgegunn6 years ago
Glad to hear they are making them in colors now.
Do you think a mould made of ice would work?
Interesting idea. I don't know how you'd get the real legos out of your ice mold though. The syrup would probably melt enough of the ice to thin out the syrup on the outside and it would stay wet and gooey. I don't think it would work. But you can always try.
ya i treied but it didnt work so im gonna try some other ideas like a gummy gummy mold
quesoman6 years ago
these are awesome
SFHandyman (author)  quesoman6 years ago
Thank you. I'm glad you like it.
zetablack6 years ago
Hey I've tried to make this recipe and the past two times i've gotten the same thing. I used the exact ingredients shown and i never get a clay when mixing, it stays a liquid. Then when i let it sit it turns into a smoothie solution. The first time i just went along with the rest and the end result came out as hard Jello Jigglers, not even close to gummy. The second time i had found someone else had this problem and you said i believe to reheat the solid after already having heated and the gummies came out harder then before. i can't quiet get them to be the nice chewy and almost stretchy-ness to normal gummy bears. any ideas? I want to make these very badly...
bronwync6 years ago
Fruit juices for flavouring may not work - many fruits contain a protease that will degrade the gelatin. I have a suspicion that lemon juice in jelly stops it from setting, and I know that pineapple, papaya & kiwifruit each have a lot of protease in them.
SFHandyman (author)  bronwync6 years ago
You could probably use extracts or oils. Extracts are oils thinned down with alcohol. They come from the rind, not the juice, so they don't have any acid or sugar problems. Oils are extremely concentrated flavor. It would probably only take 4 or 5 drops to flavor a batch of candy. That is why they make them into extracts. It's very hard to measure very tiny amounts.
SFHandyman (author)  bronwync6 years ago
I think it says no Pineapple on the Jello Box. I didn't know about papaya or kiwi. I think lemon would be fine. If it wasn't, it seems like the acid I add from the vitamin C would be a problem. It doesn't do anything except add deliciousness. Needs to be tested though. You can jell many things with gelatin. People jell tomato soup with it. Maybe the fruit problem is why Pectin is used for jams and jelly.
Hm... wouldn't it be a little cheaper or easier to simply melt down a bag of gummy worms in the microwave instead of making them from scratch?
SFHandyman (author)  eurasianbro6 years ago
I really doubt it would be cheaper but it would probably be easier. I like to make stuff though. I don't recommend using the microwave in candy making. It heats unevenly and if you aren't careful it can cause the sugar to start burning. Melt them in boiling water if you want to try this.
It's not the acid that does it, it's the protease. Gelatin is a protein, and proteases break down protein. Pectin is not a protein, and reacts WITH acid to form a different sort of gel. I'm not positive that lemon won't gel, but I seem to remember trying to make a jelly with lemon juice some years ago and it didn't set. Just don't be surprised if fruit added to gelatin stops it from setting. It's actually an interesting experiment to show kids - set a bowl of jelly (jello for Americans) and put some slices of different sorts of fruit, including pineapple and kiwifruit, on top and leave it for a few hours. You can see which fruits break down the gelatin because they sink. The protease extracted from papaya is generally what is used in the meat tenderiser you can buy in the supermarket.
All true. But enzymes denature (become ineffective) at relatively low temperatures. Pasteurization used in canning generally does the trick, so canned tropical fruits and juices are okay for gelatin setting.
SFHandyman (author)  bronwync6 years ago
Thank you for the Information. I love learning new things.
Thank YOU for the instructable, I love gummi sweets. I intend to make these a) for my office lolly-jar, b) for my grandkids.
amazing mold putty
This stuff is the best for silicone for beginners. Its food grade... but its about the texture of playdough, and sets up in about 15 minutes.

It says to measure equal amounts of parts a (white) and b (yellow) and knead together until its all the same color, but its very forgiving... eyeballing it works fine and even when one side is obviously a bit off it seems to just make the curing time either shorter of longer but it still forms fine, and is very durable.

They sell it at Michaels as well, near the sculpey and other clays. I really don't get the baby on the cover... it seems like the least likely use most people are going to be grabbing it for of all of their suggested ideas pictured on the packaging.

With something larger like the tray of legos though I think I would probably mix it in about 4 different groups rather than all together... it does set pretty quickly after mixed.
You said "BUT its about the texture of playdough..." is that a bad thing? does it affect the process at all? Have you tried it? :D sorry for all the questions!
SFHandyman (author)  blueraindrop6 years ago
That's interesting. I'll let you know if I "get my hands on some" - literally.
Have you tried the amazing mold putty? I read that someone had suggested it and you said you would try it when you get your hands on it- literally.
Vort6 years ago
Great instructable, thanks mate, can't wait to make some. :D
headcrab6 years ago
Brilliant made loads of them took them to school (Tech College) and shared them with my friends lol the teacher wanted some
Cocolino556 years ago
I'll explain the reason for this in a later post once I complete the challenge... but how would I make purple gummy bears using regular Haribo gummy-bears as the mold positive? I guess I could freeze them and cool the jelly quickly once they are placed in. Any ideas?
LemonLily6 years ago
This is great for kids, especially the part about making cusom molds. Thank you for sharing this.
Spudnuts6 years ago
Hey! This is fantastic! I bought my kids a couple of the actual Lego silicone molds for Christmas so we could make chocolates. They LOVE them! We have a freezer full of Lego chocolates right now! However, I got to thinking how much more they would love it if they could actually build with them and my dad showed me this site! So, one of my sons has a birthday coming up April 3 and I'm going to make him one of these molds as he's an absolute Lego FREAK! I thought it would be a great b-day gift! Well, that and some Lego Miners! Heh. He wants to be a Lego Designer! Seriously. Here's my problem though: I've been trying to find the mold making stuff you used and I'm not sure they're offering it anymore. Or perhaps they've changed the product number? I can't find it on their site. The only other thing I can find that is food grade is in a dough consistency and I'm not certain that's going to work as well. All that to ask if you have any idea where I can find the mold making supplies I need! I'm so excited about this and want to get everything AT LEAST ordered so I can give him this as a gift. Even if we make the mold together, that would be great, too! Can you point me in the right direction? He would be utterly THRILLED to have this! Thanks for your help and for posting such a great project! This is really cool! You rock!
thepelton6 years ago
Leggo my legos!
Taotaoba6 years ago
Cool! I might make them with my son when free of time.
pyroelfears6 years ago
using citric acid also works for making the gummies sour
SFHandyman (author)  pyroelfears6 years ago
I saw some in a baking supply store but it was very expensive. I've been filtering my crushed up and dissolved Vitamin C through a coffee filter so I only have sour flavor and don't get any cloudiness.
Clayton H.6 years ago
*picks up phone*
"Hey Man what'cha doing?"
"Nothing I'm eating a lego house."
"WHAT?! How can you eat plastic?!"
"They're not made of plastic."
*hang's up*
SFHandyman (author)  Clayton H.6 years ago
Hahaha. It's a recurring theme in comments around the world. I saw one in German and one in Spanish that was about making buildings and eating them Here is a comment from Gizmodo.fr:
Génial ;)
Faire une tour, et la manger étages par étages :p

Nice ;)
Make a tower, and eat it floor by floor :p
firefliie6 years ago
aw...mine turned out gross...any suggestions?
SFHandyman (author)  firefliie6 years ago
Gross in what way?
they didnt have much flavor, and even though i added the vitamins, it wasnt sour. and i dunno....they just kinda tasted weird
SFHandyman (author)  firefliie6 years ago
I tried store brand jello once and it didn't taste nearly as good as the brand name Jello. You could double the Jello and reduce by 1 packet of gelatin. Vitamin C from rose hips tastes weird - bad weird. Try tasting your Vitamin C alone. It shouldn't have any flavor just sour.
SFHandyman (author) 6 years ago
Yay. I finally hit Africa. I was pretty sure it had to have hit a blog or news site somewhere in Africa but I couldn't confirm it. Google Zaire is now linking to my Gummi Legos. That means I hit every continent but Antarctica. It's in more that 20 languages (just added Polish) and many more countries.
PKTraceur6 years ago
You can even roll your candies in the vitamin C powder for a sour bite on the outside of the candy. Be sure and taste it first before you roll all your candies in it. Some Vitamin C's don't have a good enough flavor to be on the outside. You will have to test different ones to find one you like. As I've said, I've found the cheaper is Vitamin C's taste better. You could thin it out with some powdered, granulated, or fine granulated sugar to cut down the sour. Pure, uncut powder tastes good to me.

It sounds like you are talking about crack. I will most definantly make these some time, you know, give new use to legos...
SFHandyman (author)  PKTraceur6 years ago
Hahaha. Have you ever watched kids eating sour candy? It's about as close as you can get to crack for kids. I love these candies soured up. They don't taste like jello once you add just a little sour flavor. Add a lot and YUM.
Hey, I am a kid, and I like my sour crack! LoL! ~RoAr
Another massive thank-you to SFHandyman!!! You've just given me the perfect idea for how to decorate my friend's birthday cake! Fingers crossed that i'll get it right ... :) Just a quick question to you or anyone in the community: Any recommendations/knowledge of silicone products and/or retailers in the UK (especially Manchester)? Been searching for the ingredients on Google and art-store websites for about an hour now. Almost all the results are US-based. And as for the ones that aren't: I'm too novice to know whether or not they're the right kind. See, it'll be my first time working with ANY of the materials on the list - cept maybe water - and I really don't want to end up poisoning the birthday boy! :S In any case, a million thanks! :) YOU ROCK
SFHandyman (author)  truefrancesca6 years ago
Just look for Food Safe. There is a brand that is in some Art Supply/Craft Stores. It is a silicone clay that you just press into the lego tray then let set up. I haven't tried it yet but it looks like it would be really easy. It's called Amazing Mold Putty in the US
I think it's made by Alumilite click on the link there are two shops that carry Alumilite products.
NIGEL LAWTON nigel@nigellawton009.com EAST SUSSEX UK BN25 2XF

Art Clay Supplies 118-983-1071 Berkshire
http://www.artclaysupplies.co.uk larissa.johnson@artclaysupplies.co.uk
Thanks again!! I'll give those a shot :) And hopefully gonna be back with results soooon ...
hey a question can you razor blade the logo off and then sell them?
SFHandyman (author)  davidglinski6 years ago
They don't control the shape according to a news story I read, but they do control the name and logo. If you said anything that might make people think Lego was involved I'm sure you would be hearing from Lego. If you removed the logo or made your mold with bricks that did not have a logo like megabricks you could sell them, but to sell food you have to have to have a certificate from a health inspector.
thanks and i am only 14 so probly i would sell them to friends and family. and by the way nice able'
What if you added say a little alcohol to this like you were making jello shots, you think that would work, or would all the alcohol be cooked off when you place it in the boiling water bath.
that be a good idea for parties nice thinking
I'm afraid the alcohol would dissipate once you heated it up with the boiling water, so you could still get the flavor just intoxication, sorta like rum cake.
borsi6 years ago
i can tell you that hungarians like the edible legos as well. :) (some bad experiences: that bricks which ones i left out of the box i put into the fridge got dry and hard and impossible to chew but what is funny they turned into mini-lego bricks :-) ; i couldn't use the mold for chocolate bricks as none types of chocolate melted perfectly to fill the small parts and majority of the bricks splintered during i was trying to get them out of the mold. :-( and a tip: i used cotton swabs to remove the jellyfoam from the top of the mold. that worked perfectly.) thanks for the idea! happy holidays!
You know there are special melt and pour chocolat. they're available at some craft stores, but sometimes they dont exist in some places. they're called candy melts and they're made by Wilton
SFHandyman (author)  borsi6 years ago
I had some dry out, but not completely. I left them out purposely to see what would happen. They weren't rock hard, but the corners were hard, and some were bending because one side was drier than the other. I put them in a ziploc and put them in the fridge. The funny thing is, the fluid that was remaining in them redistributed itself. When I pulled them out the next day, the outsides had softened back up. The moisture just evened out. Sorry to hear that about the chocolate. I had high hopes. I stopped casting the bottom holes and just pour flat bottoms (for ease and speed - so many people want them). I found that if I cook it up, then let it harden in the cup. I can pull it out of the cup, cut the foam layer off and melt the clear remaining part. I use scissors. If you pull it apart, as you slice, a knife will go right through it easy. I also trimmed it by cutting it into chunks, and then trimming off the foam layer with scissors. Then I cast with that clear syrup. They are crystal clear and gorgeous. No holes though. I knew those .hu links must have been Hungary!
omg, that's awesome. added to favorites 5/5!
SFHandyman (author)  lordofthedonuts6 years ago
Great. Thank you.
ElQuinntero6 years ago
if you don't have a mold would it be ok to just use a lego mold made out of legos?
SFHandyman (author)  ElQuinntero6 years ago
You should be able to. I don't know how the heat from the gummi syrup would react with the lego plastic though and they wouldn't come out shaped like legos, they'd have holes in the top and flat bottoms.
Is it possible to melt down solid silicon?
SFHandyman (author)  mouthwashninja6 years ago
No. Silicone is stable at very high temperatures, some above 400 F. There are baking dishes from silicone. Some Platinum Cure Silicones (Like the food safe silicone I'm using) can even be used to cast low melt metals. Casting those pewter figures that the RPG games use can be done in silicone molds.
CaramelKing6 years ago
Wow! This is great! Thanks for doing this!
SFHandyman (author)  CaramelKing6 years ago
I'm glad you like it. Thanks
FaqMan6 years ago
SFHandyman thanks for this ible I can finally make gummie candies in the sahpe of legos.
SFHandyman (author)  FaqMan6 years ago
Your welcome. Have fun.
json127956 years ago
i knew it was going to hurt but i did it anyway i took the gooey, hot, liquid form of the gummies and drank it but great instructable
SFHandyman (author)  json127956 years ago
I cringe every time I read this. I guess you probably won't do that again. Hahaha
defoaming6 years ago
Would it be possible to add an edible defoaming agent to the mix to reduce foaming? Maybe grind up and sprinkle in a bit of a simethicone tablet (simethicone tablets are sold OTC for gas relief). Has anyone tried this?