Goku did it, and look how buff he is now!
I searched around for ages looking for an instructable on wrist and/or ankle training weighs, which I could wear during my everyday activities, and put some exercise into mu otherwise fairly lazy life.
All the articles I came across, however, produced big chunky weights full of sand, or wheat, which could only really be used during actual training, without looking silly.
So I sought to make a pair of wrist weights which I could wear all the time, and look cool. Maybe even pick up (ok wishful thinking).

Read on...

Step 1: Theory

Sand and wheat are great, accessible, easy to work with materials, but at 1.6 and 0.6 grams per cubic centimetre respectively, I needed something more dense.

Lead (atomic number 82, chemical symbol Pb) is very heavy - about 11 grams per cubic centimetre, extremely soft and malleable, and has a melting temperature of only 327 degrees celsius. These characteristics all combine to form the perfect material for my purposes. My only other choice would have been Uranium, but that's a bit harder to obtain. And it causes cell mutation/super powers.


Lead is a heavy metal. It is poisonous if ingested or inhaled, causing nerve damage, blood and brain disorders. It is harmless to handle, but I washed my hands thoroughly afterwards, and proper ventilation was used when melting and forging it.

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