Goku did it, and look how buff he is now!
I searched around for ages looking for an instructable on wrist and/or ankle training weighs, which I could wear during my everyday activities, and put some exercise into my otherwise fairly lazy life.
All the articles I came across, however, produced big chunky weights full of sand, or wheat, which could only really be used during actual training, without looking silly.
So I sought to make a pair of wrist weights which I could wear all the time, and look cool. Maybe even pick up (ok wishful thinking).

Read on...

Step 1: Theory

Sand and wheat are great, accessible, easy to work with materials, but at 1.6 and 0.6 grams per cubic centimetre respectively, I needed something more dense.

Lead (atomic number 82, chemical symbol Pb) is very heavy - about 11 grams per cubic centimetre, extremely soft and malleable, and has a melting temperature of only 327 degrees celsius. These characteristics all combine to form the perfect material for my purposes. My only other choice would have been Uranium, but that's a bit harder to obtain. And it causes cell mutation/super powers.


Lead is a heavy metal. It is poisonous if ingested or inhaled, causing nerve damage, blood and brain disorders. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after handling, and use proper ventilation during the melting process. Also wipe down the food preparation surfaces near the stove afterwards. If you have children, you may want to wash your clothes after working with lead, to avoid exposing them to any lead particulate on your clothes.

<p> It is not safe to handle lead regardless of the precautions you took. If you have kids they can be affected by particulate matter that gets on your clothes during the forging. Lead has one of the most severe chonic psychological impact of any known substance.</p>
<p>It is safe to handle lead if you take the proper precautions. Many occupations (including mine) have contact with lead, and you just have to make sure you never put yourself in a situation where you could swallow or inhale it. Lead cannot be absorbed though the skin.</p><p>You are completely right about risking exposure to your kids through lead particulate on your clothes. Thank you for bring up that point, I have edited the instructable to include a suggestion to wash your clothes if you have children.</p>

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