Picture of Leaf Blower/Vac. Bag Extender - Leaf Hog
If you have ever tried to use a blower/vacuum then you would probably agree that its built-in bag is too small for any substantial quantity of leaves. The Snout is an attachment that my brother and I made in order to solve this problem. This instructable will show you how to make a trash bagging system cheaper and better than commercially available units.

What Are You Talking About?
A blower/vac is a yardwork machine that is capable of both blowing out a strong stream of air and "inhaling" small objects. Most include a mulching feature that will shred leaves before ejecting them into a provided storage bag.

Why Would You Use One?
We normally use our mulching mower to cut the ground cover of leaves, but not all parts of our yard are ideal for using a lawnmower. For example, we have a large patch of ivy along our driveway that never needs to be mowed. This area, however, still has leaves that need to be mulched.

So, What Is Your Problem Again?
The included bag, although large, is not nearly big enough when compared to the number of leaves our yard contains. I spend two thirds of the time sucking up leaves and one third emptying the bag. When the attached bag is almost full, it becomes very heavy and burdensome.

Why Did You Call Your Project Leaf Hog Snout?
The Leaf Hog is a blower/vac made by Black & Decker. Hogs are known to nose through the dirt, and this system reminded us of that process. Thus we named it after the structure where all the work begins: the snout.

Using your common sense should, for the most part, keep you out of trouble, but it is important to mention that you are dealing with a machine that spits out very small and sharp objects. I suggest that you wear safety glasses and hearing protection (these things are not quiet). Attempt at your own risk.

This is my first Instructable. Any comments or questions are welcomed.
howest5251 year ago
Forgot to ask one thing, what do you do about filtering? Did you attach the old filter to the blower or just leave it non filtered? I would think without a filter something could get lodged in the blower turbine and ruin it. My Homepage
Bosnoff (author)  howest5251 year ago
The only filter leaf vacuums have are their bags. They use an impeller which is meant to draw debri into the blade and mulch it before ejecting it. Occasionally a small stick manages to lodge itself in the grinding chamber. The result is a loud whine as it slowly wears the wood away. This can often be cleared by slapping the outside of the chamber to dislodge it. The impeller is made from steel, so it is not easily damaged.
I have the commercial attachment and found as you said the can falls over if you go to far, i strapped mine to a hand truck and when the can is full I wheel it to where i want it to go and dump saves the back.

I found that the string tie which secures the cloth filter/bag is not effective and need to add an extra strap to secure it to the can I use. I really like the idea of the modified removable trash can lid.....Good job. I thought about modifying the cloth bag attachment so that when i want to dump the can the connection between the hose and the cloth bag would open to a larger opening for ease of dumping then reduce back down to hold the discharge end of the hose securely once again. It would be easy enough to do I just haven't located a source for the right material. Burlap was a thought but not tough enough nylon material used in the making of lawn catchers is what i am looking for. Does any one have a source where I may purchase this by the yard thanks.
Squareman5 years ago
With the ability to haul leaves in a pickup truck, I made a hose attachment that fits into a stake box hole on truck box. This holds the discharge end of hose and allows me to move/adjust/direct the stream of leaves into the desired area of the pickup box. A poly tarp held in place with bungee cords covers the top of the bed and still allows air to escape around edges.  If leaves begin to build up, removal of bungee cords allows me to rake/push the leaves to other areas of the box.   I can blow all my yard leaves onto the driveway next to truck, and simply vacuum them up from next to the truck.   I have been using 2 inch hose ( replacement for a shop-vac at Menard's Building Center) but may try your larger diameter hose to reduce clogging.
X86-11386 years ago
Have you thought of trying flexible plastic dry hose? This would make storing the hose more like the commercial one.
Bosnoff (author)  X86-11386 years ago
Yes, dryer hose was an option that we considered. We decided not to use it because the plastic appeared to be very thin and would probably tear when sharp twigs ran through it. But if you know of some industrial strength dryer hose that is stronger than the common white plastic or foil hoses I would be glad to hear about it.
i.am.flink7 years ago
This is very similar to the garbage can chip catchers that woodworkers use. Rockler and Woodcraft both sell garbage can "cyclone lids" that work ahead of the impeller (unlike yours where the junk goes through the impeller) to capture chips, etc., before they hit the duct collector's impellers on their way to the dust bag. BTW, the sound level is attenuated by the new "muffler" you added. Before, all the impeller noise exited straight though the leaf bag. Now it's trapped in the can. A happy situation ;-) I wonder how this would work with a strong shop-vac....
AHH!! Wonderful!! I was just out back rigging a home made bag to my lawnmower out of some chicken wire(for inside support) and what little irrigation hose I had. Worked for a minute and then I started having the problem you explained. It dawned on me before seeing this a trash can would simplify things. Cheers, let you know how it goes.
clanger7 years ago
looks like some kinde of time machine to me be carefull
gamer7 years ago
hehe, i use this thing called a rake;p
Bosnoff (author)  gamer7 years ago
But I can't mod a rake..... or could I :)
gamer Bosnoff7 years ago
use your creativity:P you could add a bag to a rake:P or.... make a motorized rake:P or maybe a robot that can rake leaves for you. (im not very creative and see what i came up with while writing this comment ;])
Cool! I have a leaf blower too (my dad's), I might show him this, nice job.
Bosnoff (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
What brand does he have?
Sgt.Waffles7 years ago
Borat is sitting next to me and he says "vereh nize".