Picture of League of Legends Poro Cupcakes

Poro are the tiny, fluffy creatures with big pink tongues that inhabit the Howling Abyss in the game League of Legends. Here's how to make a poro cupcake!

Step 1: Assemble the Ingredients

To create a cupcake poro, you will need the following:


  • Cupcake batter
  • Brown Reese's Pieces or Brown M&Ms
  • Pink Starbursts
  • White frosting
  • Whole cashews
  • Shredded coconut


I am so making these for when my friends come over to carve pumpkins in 2 weeks except I think I may do chocolate chip eyes.Two of them know LOL so I hope they like them because they look great. :)

snackordie (author)  amber.kupferschmidt10 months ago

Awesome! Sounds like a great time. :) Let me know how they turn out!

They went over very well at the party!When we were all ready to eat I just pulled them out and I said "and you know what these are" and my friends replied "poro cupcakes".So they were so excited.They were very yummy.And the tongues that I made were made out of laffy taffy instead since starbursts are unfortunately not vegetarian.So thanks for the idea/recipe. :D

snackordie (author)  amber.kupferschmidt10 months ago

Yay!! Glad they went over so well. :D Great suggestion for the laffy taffy instead of starbursts! :)

Kaiven1 year ago

Serve around one giant poro cake. And have poro-snax available. Man, that would be an awesome League party, but too bad I'm not a die hard fan, just a fan. Great submission, they look awesome!

snackordie (author)  Kaiven1 year ago
That's a great idea! :D And thanks!!
jess_can21 year ago
so happy!!! ty
i will try making these! nice
snackordie (author)  jayeshshinai1 year ago

Sweet, let me know how they turn out! I will look into a teemo themed baked goodie. :)

Eeeeee! So cute. :)

snackordie (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago

Thanks! I am happy you like them!

They are so cute, what exactly are they. You said furry creatures but are they anime or something? :)
snackordie (author)  kawaiilover1 year ago

Thanks! I'm not sure if they qualify as anime, but they are pretty stylized. :) They're like tiny sheep pets. If you feed them snacks they will get bigger!

teemo cupcakes plssss! :) #bronze for life! haha