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Introduction: League of Legends - Riven Sword Prop

Over the summer I wanted a project to work on. I decided to make a roughly scale version of Riven's sword from the game League of Legends.

To make this I used a laser cutter for most of it.

This has slight modifications from the actual art that exists. I took the design from the "Redeemed Riven" skin to make this. The sword stands 6 feet tall and weighs about 30ish pounds. Its make of wood and acrylic. The handle is wrapped with leather. On the inside and on the back are RGB LED lights that can make many different colors.

There is a video attached to this, but I think that you have to click it to view. For some reason it will not show up like the rest of the images.

Hope you guys liked this. This made for a great piece of decor for the new apartment at school.

If you guys like this please vote for it in the Epilog contest because if I had a laser cutter of my own I could make more cool things and actually document the cutting.



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what is the clear areas for the lights. im going to be making a riven sword for cosplay. i will be making a lighter version so i can carry it easier. but the clear areas to house the lights look so good

It's made of 1/2" clear acrylic. I then took 100 grit sandpaper and scuffed up the surface to give it the hazy look.

So how did you make this? The instructable is 1 step!?

Unfortunately I didn't document the whole thing. I wish I had, but it took too long. It's a set of 3 layers on 1/2" ply that were laser but into the shape. I then tapered the edges. Bondo, paint, leather. The lights run through the middle layer of the sword slightly offset.

This is awesome! Any additional photos of the build process? It would be cool to see some of the steps that went into this.