Leaking exhaust / muffler / silencer repair with repair paste and epoxy bandage strips kit on a Toyota Hilux.
<p> I bought a muffler a few months ago. It cost $125.00 and I put it on. It worked just fine but the repair kit would have been a lot cheaper.</p>
Are parts hard to find where you live? I don't understand why you wouldn't order a new part where you got the paste and the tape. I have replaced a few exhaust systems myself and I it is not that expensive. Where I live, a makeshift job like yours, will not pass emissions inspection.
I've also changed a few exhaust systems over the years.This solution is not permanent but it's a way to repair without replacing the system if you do not have the time. Of course it's better to change the muffler.
Thanks for sharing, and THANKS FOR THE CAPTIONS IN VIDEO! <br>
You are welcome!

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