Introduction: Lean-to Book Shelf

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This book shelf was made by me - Dounia and my dad - Dennis .  It was pretty easy to make it  .

Step 1: Gather Materials

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What you need is :
1. Gather materials
* Three 1 m peaces of wood and two 1,2 m of wood
* Six crews

Step 2: Gather Tools

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2. Gather tools
*  Drill , drill bit
*  Clamps
*  Pencil
*  Tape measure

Step 3: Measure

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3.  Measure three 1 m peaces of wood and two 1,2 m of wood

Step 4: Cut

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4. Cut three 1 m peaces of wood and two 1,2 m of wood

Step 5: Clamp

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5. Clamp three 1 m peaces of wood , then two 1,2 m of wood

Step 6: Measure

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6. Measure 10 cm from the edge of three 1 m peaces of wood , then six holes from two 1,2 m of wood and make a mark

Step 7: Drill

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7. Drill holes whre you made the marks

Step 8: Put

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8. Put the screws in the holes to make the shelves

Step 9: Hang the Books

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9. Hang the books on the shelves


karossii (author)2010-08-04

That is a horrible way to store books; it will break the bindings and stress the pages, possibly ripping them or ruining the print on them!

bosmaru (author)karossii2017-02-12

I could never stand a bookshelf that damages books that way.

gmjhowe (author)karossii2010-08-05

I think if the cross poles were thin sections of metal, it would suit alot better (like a bookmark). Even so, I think rough and ready paperbacks are the candidates here.

GermanPotatoSalad (author)2010-08-05

It isn't very efficient on space. Which is great, if you only own nine or so books. But with the dimensions of this shelf being so similar to a traditional book /shelf/ you could store far more with a bit more wood.

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