I hunted around everywhere for a set of leaning bookshelves, but couldn't find any that I liked...so I made my own.

The great thing about this style of shelving is that it keeps the room more open than traditional enclosed shelving.

I made it at TechShop! http://techshop.ws/

Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials for one set of shelves:

- 2 x Wood Board (8' x 16" x 2") - Uprights (recommended: get slightly longer to cut to size to achieve a better finish)
- 5 x Pine Board (4' x 6-12" x 1") - Shelves (recommended: get slightly longer to cut to size to achieve a better finish)
- 5 x Pine Support Board (4' x 4" x 1") - Shelf Supports
- 20 x steel corner brackets
- 80 x 1/2" Screws (for corner brackets)
- 20 x 1" Screws (for under-shelf supports)
- 20' LED Light Strips (2' per shelf)
- U-shaped wiring pins

I found the wood at my local hardware store. Because you're going to cut and finish it, getting uprights a foot or two longer and a few inches wider will make it easier to get a good, clean edge.

For the LED accents, I used basic warm white LED strips from IKEA. You need 10 strips total for one set of shelves (two per shelf).
<p>These look fantastic, I just started work on my own today. I noticed your blueprints say the support shelf is 4' long. If I understand it properly, shouldn't it only be 2'6&quot;? Also you mention the shelves are wider at the bottom and narrower at the top. Could you please post the different shelf widths you used? Much appreciated. </p>
Yes, the shelf (and the board you'll need to purchase for it) is 4' long. However, that includes the two sections on either side of the upright, so the inner portion is less than that.<br><br>However, really, you can make the shelf as long or as short as you want, depending on how much space you want. The only thing that really matters is where you cut the groove to slip in the uprights.<br><br>The shelves in my version do indeed have different depths--<br><br>Bottom (1st &amp; 2nd shelves): 11.25&quot; deep <br>Middle (3rd &amp; 4th shelves: 9.25&quot; deep<br>Top (5th shelf): 7.25&quot; deep<br><br>The only one that's really critical is the very top shelf, because the back of that shelf sits flush with the back of the upright, both against the wall (see image).<br><br>Thanks for the interest, and good luck!
<p>Perfect, thank you so much! And congratulations on a job well done. </p>
<p>I'm going to build this great work. What about using dowels to support the shelves instead of the metal L brackets? </p>
I'm sure that'd work and would give it more of a hand-made look, as opposed to the retro industrial look the metal gives it.<br><br>The only thing I forsee as being difficult is drilling holes in the uprights in the right position, so that the pegs buttt up against the shelves when you slide them in.<br><br>Good luck!
<p>your bookshelf looks very nice, and I like your project </p>
I understand the over-sizing of parts, but your blueprints show 9&quot;+2'4&quot;+9&quot; being equal to the 4' of the shelf while it is 2&quot; short (the width of the slot on the other side)
<p>Thanks for pointing that out, I've uploaded a corrected version. If there are any other errors you noticed please let me know the specifics and I'll get them adjusted :)</p>
Good job. The pair of shelves together look really good. I'll just point out there are some differences between the parts lists in the text and the blueprint, and there appear to be some errors in the measurements - they don't appear to be consistent.
<p>Thanks for the comment. I've adjusted the parts list to hopefully be more clear. If you get larger pieces and cut them down you can get a cleaner end than what you'd find off the shelf at the hardware store.</p>
Wow, these look awesome!
<p>looks great</p>

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