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Introduction: Leaning Door Lamp

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Great alternative when you don't want a table and a lamp.

Step 1: Find a Door & Clean/paint It

Any door will do as long as it fits the space where you need a light. This was a gift for my friend who needed a bed side lamp, but had no room for a table because of a bi-fold closet door. This one needed a paint job.

Step 2: Drill Hole

Find center of door and drill a hole. Just big enough to get the cord threw. The plug DOES NOT come threw this hole

Step 3: Pull Cord Threw

Pull lead end of wire (what you will wire to the socket/wall sconce) from the back of the door & threw the hole you drilled. This leaves the plug end of the cord behind the door.

Step 4: Wire the Light

Wire your socket/ wall light fixture correctly. Its better to use a pull chain or keyed type light fixture for easy on/off feature.

Step 5: Mount Fixture to Door

Mount fixture to door, just as you would if it was going on a wall.

Step 6: Light It Up!

Add bulb ( I used a vintage type) and lamp shade (if desired). Plug in to wall outlet and lean on an even surface. Enjoy!



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    Sweet! I've never seen this idea before. Thanks for sharing!

    Very cool! I love it!