Introduction: Leap Frog Minigame

Picture of Leap Frog Minigame

Par core on Lilly pads

Step 1: Digging Down

Picture of Digging Down

Dig a hole 11 by 10 and down 3 blocks

Step 2: Swimming Pool

Picture of Swimming Pool

Fill the hole with water

Step 3: Lilly Pad

Picture of Lilly Pad

Put lily pads in the water for the par core bit

Step 4: Starting Line

Picture of Starting Line

Build a starting line at of wool at one end

Step 5: Finish Line

Picture of Finish Line

Start by putting 5 fences on top of each other
Then do it again 6 blocks apart

Step 6: Flag

Picture of Flag

Build a checked line across the top

Step 7: Start

Picture of Start

Start at the Orange line to start the game

Step 8: Rule 1

Picture of Rule 1

You have to jump on all the lily pads to go through the finish line

Step 9: Rule 2 Pool Band

Picture of Rule 2 Pool Band

Fall in the water and swim out and go to the starting line

Step 10: Winning

Picture of Winning

The first one across the line or the quickest time


Austydude (author)2014-10-23

Cool! Mini games and also the cool connect four!

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-09-30

Yay more game within games! Thanks for sharing!

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