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Introduction: Leap Motion Arduino Animatronic Hand Robot

About: Hi I'm a maker,also a high school student from china. Contact at psrobotics@foxmail.com

Hi first ,I'm a maker,also a high school student form china.

I'd like to share my animatronic hand project.and this is my first instructable!

This project is basicly a bionics hand robot based on arduino mega 2560.The whole hand has 13 DOF which is very similar to human hand.To achieve that ,the hand uses 7 servo motors and 6 air cylinder.The hardware was designed in 3dsmax and machining by a small CNC.The material is 5mm ABS plastic ,and if you want ,you can also use a laser cutter .In control system, air cylinders were controled by solenoid valve which connected to arduino mega .As servos. There are virous wags to control the hand .I've tired the leap motion sensor and the data glove which catches my motion via processing.Then the processing communicate with mega via Serial.Now i'm trying to use emotiv insight EEG sensor to control it .It takes me 6 months to finish the project .And i've design 3 verson of it .

Because i just finish this project,i'm still preparing instructions and introduction of it.There are some photo of it.I'll send photos and instructions as soon as i finish them.

Feel free to leave your comment!

Step 1: Video

the video of hand control

see the video at


Step 2: Hand Hardware

the hardware of the hand robot was designed in 3dsmax and cut with a cnc with 5mm abs plastic.Other materials like wood and acrylic are feasible too.the hand have 5 fingers .each finger has 2 DOF and independently controled by arduino.to make the finger more flexible,there is a servo motor and a air cylinder on each finger.the air cylinder control two finger joint ,and the servo control the last finger joint.and there are 2 air cylinder to control the side movement of index and ring finger.

Step 3: Eletronic Part

the eletronic part is a arduino mega 2560 and a solenoid valve drive with tip122.7 servo motors are directly connect to mega 2560.

Step 4: Control

in this verson.i control the hand with leap motion sensor.i use the leap motion for processing library


use the leap motion get the data of my hand,then control the robot via serial.

thanks for reading,and fell free to leave your comment :)

code and drawing will be uploaded soon



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    This is very awesome! And I am going to design one for competition, can you send me the file?


    How long did it take you to make it?

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    This is awesome! could you give me your contact? I love robotics too.

    That's neat! Definately the best use of the leap motion controller I've seen.

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    please send the whole blueprint

    Very cool project, reminds me of that Big Bang Theory episode ;-) Just kidding, I think this is the coolest use of the Leap I have seen until now.

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