Step 14: What's Next

Once you have mastered this, you can move onto more advanced techniques. Each of the designs below is an original design I made with this stitch as the starting point. You are only limited by your imagination to create a multitude of beautiful designs. Use the idea of a pixel as a bead, and bead-weave your pixelated object. I used bead paper to draft my designs. This site has a variety of bead graph paper you can download and use for free. http://shala.addr.com/beads/resources/graphpaper/

Enjoy, and please post your creations here!
Beautiful work... and your illustrations are first class!
Thank you so much!
lovely!<br>but how long is a yard?
Ah, great question! It's a bit more than a meter (metre), but a meter will do just fine.
thank you!<br><br>i have been searching and searching for a new hobby and since i saw this i am suddenly addicted with breadweaving! how can you do two even, straight rows?
1 yard is 36&quot; a meter is i think 39&quot;
Oh right, it's a bit LESS than a meter.
oooh ok
thanks shazni
You can use Ladder Stitch, which is like the first row I showed here over and over, or use a loom. <a href="http://www.firemountaingems.com/beading_howtos/beading_projects.asp?docid=935J&doccat=tutorials&sact=search" rel="nofollow">Here's an example of a tutoria</a>l.
thank you susanrm, i will post pics! :)
wow, beautifully illustrated
Thank you! It took a lot of work, that's for sure. :-)
Great tutorial susanrm! I loved the humming bird! <br>Sunshiine
Thank you, Sunshiine!

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