Learn How to Make a Crucible


Introduction: Learn How to Make a Crucible

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In order to safely melt and cast aluminum, brass and bronze one needs a proper crucible.

Please watch the video for all the steps involved in bringing the crucible project to
completion. Please be sure and check out all my metal casting instructables I have posted. Thanks for Watching!

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    That was a great video! I understood not only how, but also why. People seem to leave that part out too often. Thank you for the help; I hope to have one by summer's end.

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    Well I doubt I will ever do this but hey now I have a resource to do it if i ever want to. Also this is epic.

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    Thanks Matt! i have other instructables up showing them being used for casting metal

    Many good ideas here. I especially like your "Frankenstein bolts" (properly called "trunnions"). Is there any reason why someone couldn't use empty propane cylinders? How about using large stainless steel hose clamps to attach the ring for your pouring ring?

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    Thanks :) I like the term Frankenstein Bolts because frankly everyone knows what they look like. LOL

    I prefer not to cut up 1lb propane cylinders because even tho empty of liquid the fumes remain and cutting a tank involves sparks so I will end there....proceed at own risk

    Sure, a hose clamp will work fine! I was trying to show options that didnt involve welding for the home gamer even tho I can Oxy Weld or Stick Weld them if I wanted. Thanks for your comment & happy casting! :)