In order to safely melt and cast aluminum, brass and bronze one needs a proper crucible.

Please watch the video for all the steps involved in bringing the crucible project to
completion. Please be sure and check out all my metal casting instructables I have posted. Thanks for Watching!

MSFN = Makin Sumthin From Nuthin

That was a great video! I understood not only how, but also why. People seem to leave that part out too often. Thank you for the help; I hope to have one by summer's end.
<p>Glad that you found it helpful! See them being used in my other instructables</p>
<p>Well I doubt I will ever do this but hey now I have a resource to do it if i ever want to. Also this is epic.</p>
<p>Thanks Matt! i have other instructables up showing them being used for casting metal</p>
<p>Many good ideas here. I especially like your &quot;Frankenstein bolts&quot; (properly called &quot;trunnions&quot;). Is there any reason why someone couldn't use empty propane cylinders? How about using large stainless steel hose clamps to attach the ring for your pouring ring?</p>
<p>Thanks :) I like the term Frankenstein Bolts because frankly everyone knows what they look like. LOL<br><br>I prefer not to cut up 1lb propane cylinders because even tho empty of liquid the fumes remain and cutting a tank involves sparks so I will end there....proceed at own risk <br><br>Sure, a hose clamp will work fine! I was trying to show options that didnt involve welding for the home gamer even tho I can Oxy Weld or Stick Weld them if I wanted. Thanks for your comment &amp; happy casting! :)</p>

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