Step 1: Learning Music Notes

In learning music notes, remember the first seven letters of the alphabet. Using A, B, C, D, E, F, G, you'll start to grasp the cadence of notes and how they sound on a piano.

Reading music is detrimental to becoming a successful, well-versed musician; however, it is possible to simply play piano by ear.

The easiest way to remember how these notes, or letters, sound is by singing The Sound of Music like this: Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do.

At your piano or keyboard, find the middle note C and sing as you play the do re mi piano melody while moving your fingers to the right on the keys, then back down the scale to the left.

The best way to learn to play piano is by practicing small groups of notes and scales over and over and working your way up to playing piano on your own.

Take it a step further in learning notes: Look at this music and find the C in the middle of the staff, or group of five horizontal lines with notes on and in between them.

The note C on a piano is always the first white key to the left of two black keys grouped together. White piano notes, or keys, are a full step between notes, while black keys are only half steps between notes.

These are denoted as flat ♭ (half step down) or sharp # (half step up) when playing piano, or really any musical instrument.

For now, we will stick to piano basics and practice the C scale, which takes whole steps between the so-called do re mi piano notes.

For additional learning on the C Scale, go here: PianoForAll.com

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<p>Looking forward to learning~ I play by ear by memorizing the music but have always wanted to learn how to play the correct way. Thanks so much for sharing this and do have a safe and happy holiday season~ </p>
<p>Wow, that's really impressive! Learning to play piano by ear is just as cool as being able to read music. Happy holiday season to you as well :)</p>
<p>Thanks, I first learned on a toy piano when I was in the first grade. As I got older I and had friends who played the piano, I would watch them play and learn how they moved their hands across the keys. I could always tell if I played the song wrong by listening to the music.</p><p>sunshiine~ </p>

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