The Mnemonic Method uses simple sayings to help you remember the order and names of notes.

Step 1: Intro

I had originally written this guide as an aid for my piano students, thus I have kept it short and simple. Enjoy!

I also have an instructable posted for reading notes in the treble clef.

Step 2: Reading Notes in the Bass Clef

The Bass Clef is used to show notes that are generally played with the left hand. The notes on the bass clef are usually found on the middle to left side of the keyboard.

Step 3: Staff and Bass Clef

The bass clef is also placed on a staff made up of 5 lines and 4 spaces. However, the notes in the bass clef are read differently than the notes in the treble clef.

Step 4: Bass Clef Spaces

The notes on the spaces are 'ACEG'. Remember this using:

All Cows Eat Grass

Step 5: Bass Clef Lines

The notes on the lines are 'GBDFA'. Remember this using:

Grizzly Bears Don't Fly Airplanes!

Step 6: Leftovers

There are two leftover notes that are often used in beginner piano. These two notes are Middle C and B.
<p>Animal Calls Estimate Growth aslo works If you like</p>
<p>Also, if you picture an extra line below the bottom line and name that 'E', you can use</p><p>'Every Good Boy Deserves Favour&quot; and &quot;FACE&quot; starting on that line.</p>
<p>I agree wholeheartedly with Peggy. Thank you so much Grim, for creating this. I, too, am a newbie, so I thought I was hot...err...stuff when I learned to read the treble clef, but I found when I tried to apply the same mnemonics to the bass clef, the sound was all wrong (i.e. FACE for spaces and Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge for lines). So thank you for this!</p>
<p>I find some replies on here very negative, I'm a total newbee to learning piano accordion and I have found this site very helpful. I'd known the treble clef but learning the bass clef was totally new to me and I am 46 years now so learning through easy sayings is helpful for me. Thanks grimsqueaker</p>
Good Birds Don't Fly Away, is another way to learn it!

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