Learn Needle Tatting With My Flower Pendant





Introduction: Learn Needle Tatting With My Flower Pendant

Finally with sound...this is a new video companion to my written Instructable of the same name for beginning needle tatting. This one includes spoken instructions and is a bit slower than the previous version also listed here.



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So where are the written instructions?

They are located at the link in the introduction under the video. You can also find it here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Learn-Needle-Tatting-With-My-Flower-Pendant/

First one ever! Love this art form more than words can express!


Thankyou so much for your wonderful tatting expertise. Your very helpful and kind to do this for the public. Love your work. I am hooked on tatting because of the beautiful work I saw from your website.

I have a question: between a rw and the next chain (or between a rw and the next loop), I end up with a bit of a gap, that I can't seem to get rid of. This makes my piece seem really loose. Do you have any tips about how to remove it? I tried inserting half a ds, uncounted, to see if it would fill ok...but it made it look a little bit funky.

Thanks! Helped me lear tatting!

Thank you SO MUCH for showing this pendant and your other tutorials. I was completely frustrated with shuttle tatting. I came to the conclusion I can only "get it" from watching someone in person. Then I ran across your instructions on needle tatting and now I'm hooked. I so appreciate your sharing your talent with us!

Thank you so much! Your video helped me learn tatting. I made the flower and it came out great (the second time, LOL)! I'd like to send it to my Niece for her birthday if that's okay with you.
Thanks again!!!
P.S. LOVE your masks!

I love you! I love you! I love you! I've been stuck on rings-only tatting ever since my grandmother gave up on teaching my left-handed self 30 years ago. Thanks to your wonderful video I am now a tatting fool!

Thank you forever, Totusmel!

Wow-wee! I've never heard of this - came across it by accident and am glad I have! Beautiful! I'm defo going to be giving this a go! :)