Finally with sound...this is a new video companion to my written Instructable of the same name for beginning needle tatting. This one includes spoken instructions and is a bit slower than the previous version also listed here.
<p>So where are the written instructions?</p>
<p>They are located at the link in the introduction under the video. You can also find it here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Learn-Needle-Tatting-With-My-Flower-Pendant/</p>
<p>My first one. I couldn't find a tatting needle so I made one out of an old knitting needle.<br>Thank you for the excellent tutorial!</p>
First one ever! Love this art form more than words can express!
<p>Thankyou so much for your wonderful tatting expertise. Your very helpful and kind to do this for the public. Love your work. I am hooked on tatting because of the beautiful work I saw from your website. </p>
I have a question: between a rw and the next chain (or between a rw and the next loop), I end up with a bit of a gap, that I can't seem to get rid of. This makes my piece seem really loose. Do you have any tips about how to remove it? I tried inserting half a ds, uncounted, to see if it would fill ok...but it made it look a little bit funky.
Thanks! Helped me lear tatting! <br>
Thank you SO MUCH for showing this pendant and your other tutorials. I was completely frustrated with shuttle tatting. I came to the conclusion I can only &quot;get it&quot; from watching someone in person. Then I ran across your instructions on needle tatting and now I'm hooked. I so appreciate your sharing your talent with us! <br>
Thank you so much! Your video helped me learn tatting. I made the flower and it came out great (the second time, LOL)! I'd like to send it to my Niece for her birthday if that's okay with you.<br>Thanks again!!!<br>P.S. LOVE your masks!
I love you! I love you! I love you! I've been stuck on rings-only tatting ever since my grandmother gave up on teaching my left-handed self 30 years ago. Thanks to your wonderful video I am now a tatting fool!<br><br>Thank you forever, Totusmel!
Wow-wee! I've never heard of this - came across it by accident and am glad I have! Beautiful! I'm defo going to be giving this a go! :)
I agree you do make it look amazingly easy, as a knitter I'm hoping i'll pick it up rather fast;)<br>Thanks so much for adding you video with voice too, it help me alot to visually see it to learn!!
I can remember as a very young boy watching my grandmother tat... and one of my most treasured possessions is a table runner she tatted... I always wondered latter in life how she formed such amazing designs... Thanks for this video it brought back great memories and your nimble fingers are a delight to watch. Thanks again. Malaki
Wow! I have always wanted to try Needle Tatting! You make it looks so easy! &gt;_&lt; That's a really pretty flower! I love it! Thanks for making this video! I really can't wait to try!

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