Learn The Basics Of A Spanish Language!

Picture of Learn The Basics Of A Spanish Language!
A language is hard to teach all written down, but I'm trying my best. Feel free to state your opinion and question on my ible.
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Step 1: Hablar Espanol?

Picture of Hablar Espanol?
Hablar espanol? That means, do you know Spanish, well, do you? Read this instructable and hopefully you'll understand some of the basics of Spanish language!

Step 2: Starters!

Picture of Starters!
Hello, how are you, what's your name, and goodbye are some basic words, here they are!

Hello- hola
How are you- como estas
What's your name- como te llamas
Goodbye- adios

Step 3: Colors!

Red- rojo
Orange- anaranjado
Yellow- amarillo
Green- verde
Blue- azul
Purple- morado
Black- negro
White- blanco
Brown- cafe

Step 4: Tips For Pronunciation!

Picture of Tips For Pronunciation!
O is always pronounced like oh, never ooo
A is always ah
E is like hay with no h
L is pronounced like and h, always roll your tongue if you can

Step 5: If You Want More...

Picture of If You Want More...
If you want more Spanish, come right out and ask! If you have questions about how to pronounce things, ask! I will be doing a French instructable in a few months, meanwhile I'll try to keep the fun going!
coolsista919 days ago
Oh silly me I didn't read the comment below!! Lol
coolsista919 days ago
Hola como Estes! This is a really good instructable. Do you know any French? I do. (that's they only language other than English I know)
socksmonkeysduckstape (author) 3 months ago
A French instructable will be here in a month or so!
Chikpea4 months ago
socksmonkeysduckstape (author) 4 months ago
I am sorry for your inconvenience, I learned this from my intro to Spanish class a few months ago. This is what we learned so I'm sorry if it's incorrect.
dchall86 months ago
I honestly don't mean to pick on you. This is an excellent topic for an Instructable. I don't know what your Spanish background is, but the problem I see with every language is the use of idoms and local custom.  For example

What is your name? = ¿cuál es su nombre?

How are you called? = ¿cómo te llamas?

My daughters are both completely bilingual in English and Spanish.  But in 1st grade, when they first started, another Spanish speaker would try to test them by asking, "¿cómo te llamas?  Neither one of them understood that to mean, "What is your name?"  They understood it to be a confusing way to ask for a phone number.  If you are taking Spanish for the first time in 7th grade, then you usually get the translation as it is often used.  If you watch TV for the Mexican market, it is common to see game show contestants asked, "¿cuál es su nombre?" 

The other thing is you have to be scrupulously correct in an Instructable like this.  For example, L is never pronounced like an h.  L is pronounced like an L but there is more to it with the tongue than an English L.  J, obviously, is the letter pronounced like an h.  I'm just saying you have to proofread everything very carefully. 
aqua 126 months ago
Very cool
rimar20006 months ago
You can't learn Spanish without use accented characters (no puedes aprender castellano sin usar caracteres acentuados).

If your keyboard has not them, there are many ways to write them (si tu teclado no los tiene, hay muchas maneras de escribirlos).

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