Picture of Learn To Sew: Choosing Your First Pattern
Sandra Betzina shows you what to look for and how to choose an easy pattern to ensure your first garment sewing success!


Step 1: Selecting

Picture of Selecting
Choose patterns with few seams.
mossDboss5 years ago
Thanks for the video. I do not sew, but think about it often. My wife is a bit adverse to sewing which means I only get to think about it. I do find the art of sewing very mentally stimulating.
Sandra Betzina (author)  mossDboss5 years ago

Glad you liked the video! There's more coming!

Your wife doesn't let you sew? That sucks sew much! Maybe you should wait until she's asleep before you get out your needles!
arishine5 years ago
oh man, I've been dying for a "Sewing for people who know nothing at all" series. I'm sew excited!!
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davadiva5 years ago
Thanks! I think this step by step is just my speed!   Kim is so cute, and she asks all the questions that I would ask.
KarFran5 years ago
Thanks for the info! I have always wanted to learn to sew my own clothes- now here's the perfect opportuntiy to learn from a great teacher!
canida5 years ago
Nice! I've got to start somewhere... good advice!
Z..5 years ago
I agree! Excellent advice, and looking forward to more. There's hope for me yet.............
scoochmaroo5 years ago
This is great advice. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series!