Learn to Sew: Halloween Costume Ideas





Introduction: Learn to Sew: Halloween Costume Ideas

Kim Betzina and friend, Karie Aineb, show you how to get costume ideas from costume and make-up books, kid's clothing patterns or just rummaging through your closet!

Step 1:

You can go to your local library and look at costume books with your kids to get ideas on costumes based on your skill level.

Step 2:

You can also look at regular kid's clothing patterns to make costumes.

Step 3:

Make sure that your costumes are safe for kids. Kids need to be able to walk comfortably, sit, and see so that they can get around safely while they are trick-or-treating.

Step 4:

After all is sewn and done, Have a FUN and SAFE Halloween!

Step 5:

For more detailed advice on how to measure kids, read Sandra’s Article, “Children’s Patterns



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Going to the library with your kids is a great idea!

I love the fairy costume!

I am loving the little lion costume! What a great idea. Let's see if mine turns out as great as Karie's!