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*this is a completable so it isn't finished, i will edit it when i can, so come back*

This instructable will teach you some basic lead guitar skills and techniques to use when starting out lead guitar or merely getting a kickstart from a low level playing.

First of all i would like to point out that i am no expert at guitar.

Second i play lead guitar and i don't know a lot about chords and other techniques used in rhythm
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Step 1: Buying your first guitar.

Picture of Buying your first guitar.
Remember, looks can be deciving. The first guitar i bought was from ebay and it looked awsome! it cost me £100 got a free amp and strap i thought it was a great deal, i now know it was the worst guitar i have ever played.

My first mistake was buying from ebay, im not discouraging buying from ebay, all i could reccomend is you try out the guitar you want from a guitar/music shop first when your happy with it then by all means buy it from ebay, however if you cant find the make of guitar in your local music shop then this is a sure sign that it isnt good.

My second mistake was not researching guitars,

Here are some things to look out for when buying a new guitar (assuming you can play and inspect the guitar you want). The best thing to do if you are not sure about a guitar is to bring a friend along who has been playing for a year or two and has had some experience with buying and maintaining a guitar.

First of all, you want to inspect the body. If it is a used guitar, are there any major dents or scratches? Are the electronics in working order? Is anything loose or rattling? If it's a new or used guitar, ask someone from the shop to "set it up"- check the intonation and fretboard, etc. They'll probably know what you mean :). If you're completely clueless ;-0, ask if they know any good beginner guitars. Their job is to make you want to come back to their store again, so you'll most likely get some good tips.

Secondly, the fretboard. Are the frets to large or small? Does the guitar feel comfortable in your hands? If you know how to fret a note, check both the low and high notes on both sides of the fretboard for any buzzing (assuming you're fretting the note right), especially the last four frets on each string and frets 7-12. Run your hand along the fretboard to make sure it isn't sticky, scratched, or dented. Make sure that the frets are all straight and none of them run off the edge of the fretboard.

Finally, play something on the guitar. Don't worry about whether what you're playing is "cool" enough to play, or worry about making mistakes. Play through the same type of amp you plan on getting, and try different settings and tones to see what you like. If it's comfortable in your hands and has a good sound, that guitar might be the best for you. There may be other players at the store you're at who are playing fast and looking cool, but don't be intimidated! Your job here is to waltz in, find a good guitar, and waltz out. Also, this only applies to certain people, but don't feel intimidated about asking a sales rep if you can try out three, four, or even ten guitars. You're doing them a service by buying one of their products, and as long as your intent is to buy a guitar, they'll be happy. Be careful with the expensive guitars though :)

Remember a couple of things- If the guitar comes with a crapload of stuff (amp, case, statue of Jimmy Page), you may want to look a bit closer at the guitar itself. It would really help if you knew a couple of songs and could play them moderately well.
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jrivera362 years ago
Can I have a comment about the pickups...
Specifically the humbucker part.
The main advantage of the humbuckers over single coil pickups is that it can cancel the "hum" that the single coil produces when placed on a loud amplifier (let us say a Telecaster set on the bridge pickup, a single coil, and the amplifier's volume set to the loudest volume, 10 at least, the pickup produced a "hum" sound). The build on the humbuckers are basically two single coils stacked together in opposite polarity to cancel the hum. The three pickup selection on the humbuckers are just entirely on the build on the guitar, and can go on with single coil pickups and basically depends o the manufacturer or the user's preference (Fender Stratocaster has three single coil pickups that can switch in 5 different positions, you'll get the point).
Hope you read this out :)
Nice instruction btw ;)
Source: one year experience plus extensive research
Great strings! I used them constantly for years, until I started playing in lower tunings more- Now, most of the time I use Ernie Ball Power Slinkies! :)
Just a little addition here- To remember the names of the strings, you can think "Eddie Ate Dynamite, Good Bye Eddie!" :)
I use Di'Ardios
Good strings, but I have an update... I started using Dunlop strings, at first because they were a dollar cheaper per pack, but found they sound better- sound better for longer, and last longer than other strings I've used before. They also make a "heavy core" series for downtuning, which work great!
Now, I noticed that Zakk Wylde has a signature set of them as well. Check them out! :)
freeza363 years ago
freeza363 years ago
not all guitars have a tremelo locking system at the base of the neck. the only guitars I have seen with them are ibanez
sconran4 years ago
Seek And Destroy(Metallica) is a commonly known song to a lot of guitarists including myself
ClemensY2906 years ago
still have it wrong, the only thing the tremolo is , is the bridge/whammy bar, your locking nut has nothing to do with it at all, please learn the guitar better, before looking like a pro on a website
If you want to nit-pick, you have it wrong... the assembly mounted on guitars is a vibrato system, as opposed to a tremolo system, which is a circuit built into amplifiers to change the VOLUME of the signal, as opposed to the PITCH... common mistake, and one that is commonplace-
But, I don't like to nit-pick.
In a double locking vibrato (or Whammy bar) system, the locking nut is an important part of the setup- very important, since without that, a Floyd Rose (or most other systems of that type) won't stay in tune. On a traditional system with no locking nut, that's obviously a part that's left out, but those systems don't stay in tune very well, and they never have- just listen to some old Jimi Hendrix live recordings! lol!
The only correction I would make so far- and this is not to be mean spirited at all... I think you're doing fine, and we could ALL use more practice and more tips- is that most guitars don't have 24 frets- that's an option they put on some guitars, and it's getting more common, but a good amount of guitars still have 22 or even 21 frets, depending on the model and type. Also, I've never - and I've never heard any of my friends who played guitar or bass- in 25 years of playing in bands, gigging, etc, call the wood between the frets a "fret." Everyone I've ever known has always put the right name on the little metal piece that marks the location of notes by it's proper name.
Keep rocking!
yeah if you liv in colorado around enver brighton boulder westminister, skip that rip off guitar center and hit universal music. i got my guitar there for about $300 and its one of the greatest guitars ever. no one i have so far met has seen anything at all like it eexcept the people that work there. their business plan is repeat, not like most other paces which try to get money once and then never see you again. i prefer to buy there beause of the deals and steals but dont ask me, go check them out 200 East 104th Avenue Thornton, CO 80233 and
ski4jesus4 years ago
i still like electric tuners...
ski4jesus4 years ago
this is what i use. they are pretty sick strings
ski4jesus4 years ago
sick guitar dude! and assassin, he obviously doesnt have them so he doesnt need to know much about them. i think some people need to chill out on this website. just let the kid live happily!
Chin7975 years ago
I found my first when we were cleaning the house and it was hidden behind alot of junk the guitar is still junk but when i went looking for a pick, strap and an amp the guy from the store told me I chose a bad Amp and told me about a better one he had for only 10 bucks extra so i bought the amp for 45 bucks and there was a guitar that came with it for 75 bucks extra and with the guitar came a lesson dvd strap some picks and a cable i then started looking around on the internet for some tabs and explanations about tabs, but now i take lessons and i think lessons work better because someone teaches you a good way to play and helps you when you get stuck
caseyC0885 years ago
"Remember, looks can be deciving. The first guitar i bought was from ebay and it looked awsome! it cost me ���£100 got a free amp and strap i thought it was a great deal, i now know it was the worst guitar i have ever played"
haha i made the same mistake for my first bass :)
Hi, this is great advice. If you are new to guitar playing and find theory a tad boring, just watch your favourite music vids and mimic your heroes. Never had lessons Iv never read a book on guitar playing, I don’t know the name of a single chord but i can play ok. Have a listen and if you want some advice on advancing your pracical skills you can contact me through my website guitar body.
harley_rly5 years ago

dude what you have labeled as a power chord is what most of society call a power chord, but if your going to teach something to somebody you should teach 'em the correct way. Thats actually a fith chord, a power chord is achieved by playing the fifth(what you have) and the octave so it would look like this...


JAZ975 years ago
i use /  for slide up and \ for slide down

this is mine i dont know how it sounds its an example.

The Jamalam5 years ago
Hi, can I collaborate? I am grade 5 standard (I havent done the exam yet) and listen to a lot of music. I'm also grade 4 piano and grade 3 recorder, all with high passes (merits and mostly distinctions), so I am quite musical. I know my way around. So can I?
ClemensY2906 years ago
ur tab is upside down, the low e string is on the bottom not top, unless u play left handed
ClemensY2906 years ago
also know that a tremelo is not ur nut, its the bridge, the nut is lockable also on that, and that makes it a bit better in my opinion, so u labeled it wrong... im just helping so you dont fall into a serious group and you say o hey i got this guitar with this locking tremelo, and then you point to the nut, and then you get kicked out
skipernicus6 years ago
I usually replace the strings first thing when buying a guitar. Often, the strings they come with aren't very good. And many reputable guitar sellers will "set up" a guitar for you for a small fee - adjusting it for playability, and putting new strings on for you. This can make all the difference in the world for a new guitarist.
Moomoomilk6 years ago
you should check out jamplay rock lesson for tapping techniques
Moomoomilk6 years ago
- I <3 that song, the bass rocks
benthekahn7 years ago
Or you can make it. Here is the electric guitar i made. I made just about everything from scratch (including the pickups). I made this with absolutely no knowledge of guitars.
guitar pic.jpg
Dude! That is an absolute beast
Thats pretty beast I must say. does it play well?
Not too well. The homemade pickups aren't very effective. I think I'm gonna make another (better) one sometime.
Zackiffer6 years ago
did you do that paintjob yourself?
Grmgunner7 years ago is a great site their database of links to tablature is enormous. they even have all hte links from ultimate guitar as well as many other sites.
It's true, but I cannot stand 911tabs, I'm just not sure. Ultimate-Guitar has everything. Also, for White Stripes, your one stop shop and I swear 100% reliability is
what are you talking about 911tabs has every single entry on ultimate guitar and MORE
I just don't like the way 911 tabs is set out.
ahhh totally acceptable. even if their set up is kinda weird you gota admit they do got a lot of tabs
They do have alot of tabs, I'll admit that, but most of the time I can usually find them on UG. If I can't, I go to 911tabs. Also is awesome.
Oh i see very nice I've not been there before. Might have to drop by.
Pbyrd Noodle936 years ago
Me either because they gave me a link that tried to give me a virus.
1 ur tabs upside down...... and 2 ur warmup tabs have some numbers underneath each other. i dont mean to be picky i just dont want you to learn it wrong or maybe it was just a mistake lol who cares. anyways nice instructable!
jaybee17 years ago
"Second i play lead guitar and i don't know a lot about chords and other techniques used in rhythm" I can only suggest to go and get as good (preferably better) at rhythm than you are at soloing, and you'll NEVER be out of a band - soloing is simple, you "do as you please" (more or less that is ;-), with rhythm, you keep the canvas together the soloist is painting on...
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