Learn How to Cut Circles Out of Glass


Introduction: Learn How to Cut Circles Out of Glass

Learn the easy way to cut perfect circles out of plate glass for art projects, making a glass tabletop, glass coasters, or for repairing round windows. The only tools needed are a glass circle cutter with a suction cup, and an ordinary hand-held glass cutter. The technique is quick and easy to learn. Watch the video to see how it is done. Visit my web site at http://www.mdpub.com for more information on glass working and other projects.



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    Awesome. What if you want the reverse? A sheet of glass with a 6" hole in it.?

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    Yes I'm also interested in cutting a circle *out* of glass. mdavis19?

    On a whim I just bought about twenty pounds of lead solder, a few hundred pounds of stained glass, about eighty feet of came (the stuff they use for edges of leaded glass), five or six rolls of foil and a few tools, including a grinder and iron, for a hundred bucks.

    I've never dabbled in stained or leaded glass before, but I've been mildly curious about it. The deal was a great chance to test the waters. Since the deal didn't include a glass cutter, I resorted to the trusty ones in my tool box, trimmed a few pieces of scrap that were included, foiled and soldered them. Meanwhile, I bought a couple good ones (carbide wheels) off line.

    When the new cutters arrived, I tested them and, WOW. Night and day. Now I know not to just leave the cutters bouncing off other tools during storage. From what others say, I'll come to appreciate the carbide cutters, if I take care of them (e.g., fill and use the oil reservoirs or dip the tips in oil routinely).

    I'm anxious to try some circles now too. Thanks for the tips.

    Works flawlessly. I had ruined so much glass before learning this. I appreciate your sharing this.

    I want to make concentric circles ("donuts: if you will). How would you remove the center without destroying the part I want to keep?

    Do you have to use new glass to cut it ? I have never cut any glass before but would like to know if you've ever tried. I'm not even just talking about circles but even squares.