Picture of Learn to Sew Inseam Pockets into Scarves
Inseam pockets add sophistication and comfort to any garment.
They also give scarves a professional touch since they are nearly invisible when closed.

Materials you'll need:
  • Fabric
Scarf: 2 pieces of 64"Lx8.5"W or 1 piece 128"L x 17"W fabric of choice
Pockets: 1/2 yard of fabric in contrasting color
  • Sewing Machine
  • Pins
  • Tailor chalk
  • pocket pattern or you can draw your own by sketching a teardrop shape at 8" x 11"

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Step 1: Cut Out Scarf Pieces

Picture of Cut Out Scarf Pieces
Cut 2 identically sized rectangular pieces of fabric for your scarf's front and back.
The dimensions used here are:

This scarf was a present for my very petite aunt who is 5'1" tall.
If you're making this for someone taller than 5'2", I suggest adding around 6" in length to your fabric pieces.
(A 70" long scarf will allow for much more comfortable pocket placement.)

Step 2: Cut Out & Position Pocket Pieces

Picture of Cut Out & Position Pocket Pieces
We are going to start by cutting 2 pairs of pocket pieces that should look like mirrors of each other.
See photo of 4 pieces above.

Start by
  • folding the fabric you're using for pockets in half, right sides of fabric together. I suggest using a pocket fabric that's a contrasting color to your scarf fabric. It looks more eye catching this way.
  • Trace the pocket pattern (above) onto fabric twice at fold and cut out. You should now have 2 pairs of pockets (4 pieces total.)
Next, Decide where you want the pockets to go on scarf and mark above pocket top.
  • Cut small notch at marks, cutting thru both pieces of fabric. Repeat for 2nd pocket.
  • Pin pocket piece to scarf front at notch, right sides together, matching seam edges.
  • Sew with 3/8” (1cm) seam allowance.
-Make sure pocket depth and placement will be comfortable for the wearer of the scarf.
-Pocket sizing should be about 1/2" to 1" smaller than the finished width of scarf for a nice fit.
-Pocket dimensions for my scarf here are 8" x 11"
-Finish seams with serger or zigzag stitch