Learn to "shovel" on a Ripstick!





Introduction: Learn to "shovel" on a Ripstick!

I invented a trick i call the Shovel because you push your ripstick out in front of you then stomp it like when using a shovel.

  It is a very fun and easy way to make a  moving mount on your ripstick it should only take you an hour or two to master.

it can be done in many variations for instance you could do a  tweaked grab and put a leg out or in , you could do 360 or 540 spin

Step 1: How the Trick Is Preformed

If your goofy just follow my pictures if you're regular you'll spin the other way and use your left hand to grab the deck.

Step 2: Other Videos



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    Awesome! Ripsticks are the best

    i had this a few years ago, i let my friend borrow it, and he ended up selling it for $50

    i know a bunch of people who dance (competitively) and they are all right handed and goofy i think there might be a correlation with dance and goofyness. its funny. goofy is so much better then regular.

    Yeah I'm not any good at skating. All I can do is olie and maybe pop shuv it. I'm a bit more impressive at ripsticking tho. Still working on mastering my 180* tail -180* nose

    yeah not the best skater either but i snowboard crazy good and ripstick better then most skateboarding is a bit over rated

    You know what's funner (yes "funner") than snow boarding? ,Ski biking.

    ive always wanted to make one of those