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I invented a trick i call the Shovel because you push your ripstick out in front of you then stomp it like when using a shovel.

  It is a very fun and easy way to make a  moving mount on your ripstick it should only take you an hour or two to master.

it can be done in many variations for instance you could do a  tweaked grab and put a leg out or in , you could do 360 or 540 spin

Step 1: How the trick is preformed

If your goofy just follow my pictures if you're regular you'll spin the other way and use your left hand to grab the deck.

Awesome! Ripsticks are the best
Indeed, Omg i miss those shoes :C
Raiden974 years ago
i had this a few years ago, i let my friend borrow it, and he ended up selling it for $50
anibioman4 years ago
goofy ftw
the_burrito_master (author)  anibioman4 years ago
heck ya!
i know a bunch of people who dance (competitively) and they are all right handed and goofy i think there might be a correlation with dance and goofyness. its funny. goofy is so much better then regular.
the_burrito_master (author)  anibioman4 years ago
Yeah I'm not any good at skating. All I can do is olie and maybe pop shuv it. I'm a bit more impressive at ripsticking tho. Still working on mastering my 180* tail -180* nose
yeah not the best skater either but i snowboard crazy good and ripstick better then most skateboarding is a bit over rated
the_burrito_master (author)  anibioman4 years ago
You know what's funner (yes "funner") than snow boarding? ,Ski biking.
ive always wanted to make one of those
the_burrito_master (author)  anibioman4 years ago
they're great ,i cant wait to pull mine out this year.
yeah the funny part is i have a destroyable bike and skis at my house i should really get on that
the_burrito_master (author)  anibioman4 years ago
yeah that's all you need and a 2 by 4 and some screws a bolt and some nuts 'n' washers.
I'm probably gonna build anew one this year or, just take the skiis off the old one and put them on a bigger frame.

skii bikes handle incredibly well even on an iced up sledding hill they've got considerable handling, if you come up with a brake mech, tell me.

I've tried a small tube that goes through the back skii that can be pulled down when a brake peddle is pressed. near had enough snow to test it and the cord ripped off.
salomon19964 years ago
this is soo cool! maybe could you make more instructables with ripstick tricks? that would be GREET!! :D
the_burrito_master (author)  salomon19964 years ago
I have one other that i may have invented but even if I didn't i can still show others how. I still need to perfect it it's insanely hard to do.
rockadio1014 years ago
its cool did you lern it from youtube or did you make it up?!?!
the_burrito_master (author)  rockadio1014 years ago
Made it up it's awesome to do a 360 tweaked grab. oh and btw this works on skate boards too, you jsut ahve to be a lil careful.
MegaMetal85 years ago
Nice Trick