Learn to Dance





Introduction: Learn to Dance

(This Instructable was inspired by, but is not eligible for, the Burning Questions: Round 7 Contest.)

How To Learn to Dance -

Step 1: Fall in Very Deeply in Love...

...with someone who knows how to dance very well.

Step 2: You Will...

...learn how to dance very well indeed.

Step 3: No Other Potential Outcome Can Be Assured...

...but I wish you the very best of luck. :)

The reasons why this Instructable is not eligible for the Burning Questions: Round 7 Contest:
1) All of the images are from online sources: none are by, of, or really even for, me. (All are in the Public Domain due to prior expiration of copyright).

B) Although I have learned a great deal about stage lighting, software engineering, aerospace production management, British cars, US military service, rural Colombian village life, the Vietnam war, the Biblical Apocrypha, and any number of other things by directly analogous methods; I have yet to fall in love with anyone who knows how to dance very well. And so -
iii) I can't dance worth beans. :)



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    I'm sending you your very own personal dance troupe - The Chippendales! So even if you can't dance, I'm sure you'll appreciate dance! lol! ;-) Kev

    Thanks! :) I'll look forward to seeing you (and/or that Hunky Chunk o' Manhood seen in your avatar) as the lead dancer. ;)

    Ah but don't you just love that Rudolph Valentino?@!

    !!! Hummana Hummana!!! (...whew! It sure seems awfully warm in here all of a sudden... ;) :) :)