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Logic Gates are a key component to making computers. They can be easily represented using minecraft's redstone feature. Using Minecraft is a great way to test electronics before physically making them. Here are the main types of logic gates:

NOTE: In the pictures, unless stated otherwise, the orange block represents the input, and the lamp represents the output. The input will always be off.

NOT Gate (Inverter): Inverts the signal; if the input is on, the lamp is off.

OR Gate: Any of the orange blocks can be powered to light up the lamp.

NOR Gate: If any orange blocks are powered, the output is off.

AND Gate: Both inputs must be on for output to be on.

NAND Gate: Both Inputs must be off for output to be on.

XOR Gate: One input must be on and the other must be off for it to send an output signal.

IMPLIES Gate: For the output to be on either Input A (orange block) must be off, or Input B (diamond block) must be on.

Thank you for reading this, it really means a lot to me. I worked really hard on this, then it somehow got deleted, so I had to redo it again.

Happy Crafting!

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AjKing (author)2013-07-30

Arduino there is no category for redstone on instructables.

Bungoy601 (author)2013-06-29

Redstone is Minecraft's style of electronics, but not electrical.

Arduino Guy (author)2012-07-20

How is this related to electronics tip and tricks? electronics and redstone are different things!

FabiojapaXD (author)Arduino Guy2012-07-24

It is a explanation of how the logic gates in real life work, but using redstone, so you are able to see where and how the eletricity works in the corresponding gates

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