Picture of Leather Alphabet Bean Bags
Here you'll see how I made a sweet set of all leather (minus corn, thread and glue) alphabet bean bags.  No beans included.  

My almost two year old has been obsessed with the alphabet.  Sings the song in his crib as he falls asleep, sings it on the potty, and even tries to replace the alphabet with numbers as he sings.  So being that I work with leather naturally I had to make these.

This instructable is pretty straight forward so anybody could really do it if you got the materials and time.  Actually; Why am I making this instructable?...

A laser cutter would make this project a snap!
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Step 1: Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of Step 1:  Gather materials
First of all go to your leather working room (I'm assuming everybody has one) and see what leathers you have on hand.  If you are fresh out go find a cow and tan your hides.  We won't go over tanning in this instructable being that it's pretty nasty.  Otherwise head over to a leather store and buy a bag of scraps.  I used thick suede for the letters and fronts, and different colored antiqued leathers for the backs

You'll need:
1. A bunch of scrap leather
2. Cutting utensils   (i.e. razor, utility knife, good pair of scissors, really sharp teeth)
3. Sticky substance   (glue tends to work best)
4. Thread weaving apparatus   (sometimes called a sewing machine)
5. Hands   (other body parts will be involved but I think it goes without saying)
6. Alphabet  (A-Z is the best one)
7. Unpopped popcorn (like 20 pounds...well maybe like 5 but you'll get hungry)
8. Time
9. A baby   (why else would you make these?)
10. Fire maker (lighters are good for that)
11. Basic sewing knowledge.  

sunshiine2 years ago
Clever idea! Thanks for sharing.
Very cute idea! Is your son at the age where he can spell a few things too?
Phiske (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
At first I was just going to make the letters for his name to teach him to spell that. Then I just carried away and had to make a whole set. It's amazing to see a child's ability to learn. I'm loving being a dad. He can almost spell his name by himself. He'll be 2 in a month.