Leather Ax Sheath




Introduction: Leather Ax Sheath

Today will show the design of the holster for the ax.
The first half video is a design. And the second half will do.
For this, I use laser cutting. If anyone does not have a machine, they can download PDF, DXF to cut with a cutter.

Step 1: Design

I copied an ax with a pen and paper.
Then scanned to the computer.
Import the file into CorelDRAW.The line is based on the model.
Copy and expand and draw a circle of 1 millimeter to the edge for stitching.
And imagine the design.

Step 2: Cut Out

I use a laser cutter. For quick and easy work.
If you do not have a laser cutter, that's fine.
You can download pdf file to print A4 size. And cut with a knife cutter.
Laser Cutting Tip: Use adhesive paper off the top so that the pads do not bounce and dirty.


Step 3: Sewing and Assembling

Bring everything together


  • Buckle Size 20 mm.
  • Skull
  • Thread
  • needle
  • Drill
  • Eyelet 4 mm.

Note: I have an iron skull with leather trim. If you have something else to replace it. Depending on ideas

Step 4: Finishing Step

Show on the wall. And enjoy watching videos.



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