Hi, school is around the corner and i have art classes so i made this bag as and art bag. Testing the bag I found I could put in a lot of my art supplies, but shortly after I found I could stuff my phone, wallet, "sunglasses", small folded or rolled paper, and food. The eyelets on the bag allowed me to hook it to my belt for art to keep it on me and to grab my stuff, while also being able to be worn around my neck to grab my wallet, keys, phone, or glasses. its color grabs eyes and it is always a conversation starter for classes and social events.

best of all it holds cookies but again use a plastic baggy

Also warning read the whole guide from front to back before starting.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

Now depending on whether you use my design as a reference then make your own bag with a different decoration can change the tool list. However, there is a difference between needing that tool and thinking you need that tool.

Absolute need:
craving knife
something to punch holes
eyelets and setters

optional (this is all in how you want to do it and how its all up to you)
modeling tools
stamp tools
overstich tool
wooden slicker
rivets and setter dremel
wing compass
lacing punch 
edge beveler
lacing awl 

<p>Great work, the final result it amazing. Thanks for sharing this!</p>
I like the texture, what do you think about using acrylic instead of tandys 7$ ink for their little bottle, ive used it its not as good but huge money saver. Tips? Oh and whats the 4 prong tool? I have some but dont know what to use it for lol
it is for making holes for stitching usual thread or lace :3. i think on tandys page in the video section they show how to use it but im not sure. <br> tandys dye is crap. fiebiengs is really good and way better and is worth the price. <br>and acrylic is bad but it has to be don in the right way or it will just flake off and look shabby also the right paint must be used and it isn't much cheaper then the dyes
Wow! What a lot of work. I've never engraved my own leather before - great idea. Stunning piece!
thanks :3 it's super time consuming for something like this but simiple ones can take a hour and still look amazing

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