This instructable helps turn old, ill-fitting leather belts into a stylish bracelet! This is my first instructable so please be nice ;)

Step 1: You Will Need:

• An old leather belt,
• A sharp knife (I used a pen knife),
• About five minutes!

Step 2: Sizing

• Put the belt around your wrist so it's comfortable with the belt actually through the buckle.
• you're gonna need to cut it so make a line using your knife


• Cut the belt at your line.
• Put it back around your wrist and see where the little crossbar lands and where the hole for it should go.
• Poke a hole there using your knife, put it on and tuck any remaining belt through the little loop (picture) and viola, leather bracelet!
<p>Nice! Simple and it looks cool!</p>
Good job on your first instructable!

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