Picture of Leather Belt Fashion Jewelry
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I saw this contest, and the first thing comes into my mind was leather belt jewelry may be because I love jewelry. So I thought to make something creative with the old belt, like jewelry set. So I started working on it. And now it’s done and I’m sharing it with you all.   
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Step 1:

Picture of
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1 Old Leather Belt
1 Old Belt Buckle
Metal ornament (it could be anything available at home)
Sewing needle
Pencil / Scale (for measuring)
Small wire rings
And other tools

Step 2: Measuring and cutting

Picture of Measuring and cutting
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As I already defined above that I’m going to make a stylish jewelry set using old leather belt, so I measured and cut out the belt into four pieces, two pieces for earrings (length 3 inch each) and two for necklace (length 9 inches each).

Step 3:

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Now for making the locket I adjusted a small piece of belt into the buckle as you can see in the pictures below. Measure the suitable length and split the belt with the help of cutter. Now put the piece into the buckle.

Step 4: Drilling holes

Now measuring and marking on the pieces of belt for making little holes with the help of drill machine. Put the wire rings in the holes.

Step 5:

Putting the beading into the thread using needle and hanging the series of beads on the belt pieces knotting them with the little wire rings. Start with the earrings, then on the necklace pieces and in the end hang them on the below of the belt buckle.

Step 6: Joining pieces with buckle

Picture of Joining pieces with buckle
Join the buckle in the middle of the two pieces of belt with the help of wire as in the pictures. 

Step 7:

Stick the ornaments on the belt with the help of glue. And a oval shaped bead in the middle of the buckle to fill the empty space (you can paste anything which suites). In the end add the earrings hook to the earrings and strap to the necklace so that we can wear it easily.

Step 8: Final Product

Picture of Final Product
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038 [800x600].jpg
I hope you like my unique experiment.