Step 6: Joining Pieces With Buckle

Join the buckle in the middle of the two pieces of belt with the help of wire as in the pictures. 
That's fabulous :))))
Thank you It,s very wanderful .
Thank you Magda :) <br> <br>Cheers !!!
where did you get all of your beads? <br>
Hi<br><br>I have taken all the beads from my old jewelry. The silver ornaments I used at the end of every beaded string was my old necklace. And the white small beads, taken from my old bangles. You can untie any of your old jewelry set and use them in a creative way. Thank you !
Attention ladies! get it done for your next party.....;)<br>Great and awesome idea to reuse for the old belts. I wonder, how tricky is the brain behind this!!! <br><br>The beads are just fine with the dress shown. <br>Beads could be in RED also... that will definite match with many dresses!<br><br>Thanks for sharing!
Thanks alot for your appreciation :)<br><br>Yes, the beads could be of any color.<br><br>Thanks again !!!

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