Here I'll show you how to measure, cut, sew and burn a design out of leather to cover your book.  Pretty simple and straight forward to do so get on with it!  I picked some nice light colored vegetable tanned leather for outside and purple suede for inside flaps.

The bulk of your time in this project is the pyrography ( I just call it leather burning but... whatever).  I do quite a bit of leather burning for  my leather projects which is very time consuming and actually very exhausting.  I used to do framing carpentry which surprisingly was less tiring.  A laser cutter would truly change my life as it would be used to etch my designs directly onto the leather.  It would be a beautiful thing...but...I digress.

-Leather-  slightly more than the outside of your book plus purple suede for inside flaps
-UHU glue or a leather glue.  
-Ribbon- for a book mark
-Nylon sewing thread
-Thin card board,chip board or even paper for pattern

-Razor- Snap off kind or utility knife
-Cutting board
-Wood or leather burning tool (Got mine at Michaels)
-Sewing machine (Doesn't have to be industrial if your leather is soft)
-Leather sewing needle for machine- chisel or diamond tipped 
-Cloth tape measure
-Scratch awl

Step 1: Measure Book

Picture of Measure Book
You need two measurements:

1-Up and down on front of book
2-Around book from cover edge to cover edge
Stone_UFO2 years ago
cspanx2 years ago
Looks an awful lot like a TMS book... Do you sell those online?
CementTruck2 years ago
This is absolutely fan-freakin-tastic! Way too much talent. Share.
Phiske (author)  CementTruck2 years ago
blkhawk2 years ago
Beautiful work of art!
Phiske (author)  blkhawk2 years ago
Thank you so much! Some people see these and think they are stamped on, but I do each one by hand.
Tupulov2 years ago
Beautiful! Well done!
Mindmapper12 years ago
this is excellent I am about to do something similar when my laser cutter arrives! yes it will change the way I produce my stuff but I can go from the original drawing to the finished article.
Phiske (author)  Mindmapper12 years ago
That would be so sweet! I prefer drawing with pencil or ink on paper than the leather. But, gotta make a living too.
gb44772 years ago
Phiske (author)  gb44772 years ago
where do you get your leather?
Phiske (author)  fallen89feet2 years ago
Try to find a store nearby, they are kind of like big warehouses. Way over priced but, whatcha gonna do? Fun to walk through. Easy to spend a butt load. http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com/enusd/home/locations/storesearch.aspx
Sometimes you can find a few of their tools at Michaels craft store but no leather.

This site shows C. S. Osbourne Co. tools which are a bit better than Tandy's (not much) but you have to ask for a catalog and where to buy.
Get hardware and tools here.
I'd also like to know, any good places online?
I'd love to give this a shot, need to get a finer point for my iron though.
Bobmonkey072 years ago
Will eventually have to try this for my D&D Rules Compendium...
That is beautiful! You did an awesome job burning in the design :)
jarikcbol2 years ago
Phiske (author)  jarikcbol2 years ago