Here I'll show you how to measure, cut, sew and burn a design out of leather to cover your book.  Pretty simple and straight forward to do so get on with it!  I picked some nice light colored vegetable tanned leather for outside and purple suede for inside flaps.

The bulk of your time in this project is the pyrography ( I just call it leather burning but... whatever).  I do quite a bit of leather burning for  my leather projects which is very time consuming and actually very exhausting.  I used to do framing carpentry which surprisingly was less tiring.  A laser cutter would truly change my life as it would be used to etch my designs directly onto the leather.  It would be a beautiful thing...but...I digress.

-Leather-  slightly more than the outside of your book plus purple suede for inside flaps
-UHU glue or a leather glue.  
-Ribbon- for a book mark
-Nylon sewing thread
-Thin card board,chip board or even paper for pattern

-Razor- Snap off kind or utility knife
-Cutting board
-Wood or leather burning tool (Got mine at Michaels)
-Sewing machine (Doesn't have to be industrial if your leather is soft)
-Leather sewing needle for machine- chisel or diamond tipped 
-Cloth tape measure
-Scratch awl

Step 1: Measure Book

You need two measurements:

1-Up and down on front of book
2-Around book from cover edge to cover edge
Looks an awful lot like a TMS book... Do you sell those online?
This is absolutely fan-freakin-tastic! Way too much talent. Share.
Beautiful work of art!
Thank you so much! Some people see these and think they are stamped on, but I do each one by hand.
Beautiful! Well done!
this is excellent I am about to do something similar when my laser cutter arrives! yes it will change the way I produce my stuff but I can go from the original drawing to the finished article.
That would be so sweet! I prefer drawing with pencil or ink on paper than the leather. But, gotta make a living too.
where do you get your leather?
tandyleatherfactory.com <br>Try to find a store nearby, they are kind of like big warehouses. Way over priced but, whatcha gonna do? Fun to walk through. Easy to spend a butt load. http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com/enusd/home/locations/storesearch.aspx <br>Sometimes you can find a few of their tools at Michaels craft store but no leather. <br> <br>http://www.csosborne.com <br>This site shows C. S. Osbourne Co. tools which are a bit better than Tandy's (not much) but you have to ask for a catalog and where to buy. <br>http://www.buckleguy.com <br>Get hardware and tools here.
I'd also like to know, any good places online? <br>I'd love to give this a shot, need to get a finer point for my iron though.
Will eventually have to try this for my D&amp;D Rules Compendium...
That is beautiful! You did an awesome job burning in the design :)

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