Leather Business Card Case w/ keyring & outside pckt

Picture of Leather Business Card Case w/ keyring & outside pckt
Three factors went into the need for this little pouch:
  1. I work in a building where most the doors require a 'pass-card' to unlock
  2. I keep my expensive headphones locked in my desk
  3. I just received my business cards & now I'll be expected to have them on hand.
I wanted something that would carry all 3 things and would still be lightweight & small enough to throw in my bag or carry around the office all the time.
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Step 1: Gather supplies

Picture of Gather supplies
paper & pen/pencil (for pattern making)
scissors or craft knife
eyelet/grommet & setting tool(s)
leather punch
self-healing cutting mat
sewing machine & thread -or thimble & thread for hand sewing

Step 2: Make pattern & cut pieces

Picture of make pattern & cut pieces
when working with leather (typically a more expensive material) I always make a pattern.
You can use the pattern I made or draw your own.
Once your pattern is finalized, lay the pieces out on your leather. Always mark the back of the leather, however make sure that the grain or pattern (if any) is the same for all pieces. Now, cut out your pcs.
(Note the pattern shows only 1 "side" piece- however you need to cut two of them.)

Step 3: Sew!

Picture of Sew!
Now sew your pieces together, with a machine or by hand. (Unless you & your sewing machine are seasoned leather professionals; I would recommend doing a test run. Use scraps of the same leather as your project, with as many layers as you will sew (in this case 3 is the most) and using the stitch & all the settings you had in mind, make an inch or so of stitching.)
I started mine on my machine & had to finish the bottom corners by hand.
-make sure you don't accidentally sew the diagonal line for your back slip pckt, that shld stay loose.
3366carlos2 years ago
Great design and construction.