Picture of Leather Business Card Case w/ keyring & outside pckt
Three factors went into the need for this little pouch:
  1. I work in a building where most the doors require a 'pass-card' to unlock
  2. I keep my expensive headphones locked in my desk
  3. I just received my business cards & now I'll be expected to have them on hand.
I wanted something that would carry all 3 things and would still be lightweight & small enough to throw in my bag or carry around the office all the time.

Step 1: Gather supplies

Picture of Gather supplies
paper & pen/pencil (for pattern making)
scissors or craft knife
eyelet/grommet & setting tool(s)
leather punch
self-healing cutting mat
sewing machine & thread -or thimble & thread for hand sewing
3366carlos2 years ago
Great design and construction.