Picture of Leather Chain Necklace
A really simple, soft necklace made out of leather. It takes a little while to cut out all the pieces, but it's mindless so you can easily do it while watching a movie or something. The rest just takes a couple minutes.

What you need:
A piece of leather, approx. 12" x 12" (I bought a piece 24" x 24" at Dressew here in Vancouver for $7)
Utility knife (and something to cut on, like a self-healing mat)
Needle & thread
Template: You can draw a template freehand, or you can go here to print out the template I created.
*Print the template on heavy cardstock.

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Step 1: Cut out template

Picture of Cut out template
Print the template that I have provided (HERE) on heavy cardstock and cut out with a utility knife.

Step 2: Trace the template

Picture of Trace the template
On the back side of the leather, trace out the template with a pen (pencil will be hard to see).

Step 3: Cut out the shape

Picture of Cut out the shape
Cut the shape out with scissors, being careful to cut on the inside of the pen line so there will be no visible lines. To cut out the centers, fold and snip with your scissors and then cut out.

Step 4: Trace & cut more shapes

Picture of Trace & cut more shapes
Keep tracing and cutting out the shapes until you have your desired amount. I used 36 pieces for a long necklace, but this totally depends on how long you want the finished necklace to be.

Step 5: Link two together

Picture of Link two together
Fold one of the pieces in half so the smooth side is facing out. Now slip a second piece through the hole, as shown.

Step 6: Continue linking

Picture of Continue linking
Now fold the second piece over, and add a third one through the hole of the second. Continue linking them together.

Step 7: Find desired length

Picture of Find desired length
Hold the necklace up to your neck to check the length as you go. Keep linking until you get to your desired length. Again, I used 36 pieces for mine.

Step 8: Stitch closed

Picture of Stitch closed
If your necklace is long like mine, you will be able to pull it over your head so you don't need a closure. Just fold the last piece over the first one, and make a little stitch (see the middle two links in the picture).
sabu.dawdy2 years ago
can i use the same idea to make a braclet ?
sabu.dawdy2 years ago
its beautiful :D
Spananierin5 years ago
 Hey! That's cool! Last year I got a belt for X-mas which was made the same way. I've attached a pic from it, just in case you want new ideas to use this technique. I also have a question: some time ago, I saw an instructable about doing scarves from t-shirts. Was it yours? I can't find it any more, but your bracelet looks similar. And I have an old t-shirt which would be a fantastic scarf... Do you know something about it?

Have a nice weekend!
Something went wrong with the upload. Hope it works this time!
Aggrieved5 years ago
how would you go about making a clasp for it. i'm thinking of making a smaller one(about 15mm wide) and more choker length.
xevg6 years ago
Girl! I love it, i have many aunts and cousins that loved it! I checked your webpage and i charming, i put it in my marks ♥ Thank you for this~~
xerxesx206 years ago
Nice idea and very well presented! With a little patience one could take this 'ere 'ible and make the very same thing in more or less anything, card, thick paper, leather (as above), thin sheet metal. Another nice point is that this is entirely doable in one evening. I might just make one, if I have a free evening -- I should be so lucky! lol.
dr.tulip16 years ago
it is awesome I love it
KI4WLG6 years ago
I'm going to have to make one for my girlfriend I think. And I agree! Cucumbersome is gorgeous!
avigibly6 years ago
This instructable has taught me two basic facts: 1. Old white leather jackets are good for more than just "come as Crocket / Tubbs night" at the local bar . 2. 'Cucumbersome' is hands down one of the prettiest girls around here (and by 'here' I mean the world-wide-web...) Hoping this comment is well within the "be nice" policy we have around here (I was nice, I complimented her, twice).
ElChick6 years ago
Lovely!! ...Oh, and the necklace looks pretty nice, too. ;)
halume6 years ago
ohh I have a leather belt that looks just like this~ but a necklace is just too cute~ XD
11orem halume6 years ago
remember, the belt is not a necklace YOU CAN STRANGLE YOURSELF :P
omnibot 11orem6 years ago
Also, necklaces are not belts YOU MIGHT DROP YOUR PANTS %d
hahaha!!! Well put, xD
PastTheVoid6 years ago
...wow... I myself would rather make it out of ring tabs from soda cans. Use copper wire to link like-with-like holes, and make it kinda big (my head is abnormally big).
rcweinkauf6 years ago
Looks awesome. :D I'll have to give it a shot.
HOT! that looks really cool
theRIAA6 years ago
wow that looks great. I myself would really consider making a punch. Just hammer the pattern in a block of wood with a knife, fill the cracks with glue, hammer sheet metal in the cracks, and you got a nice punch for making thousands of links. This works great too though. 5 stars.
Does the sheet metal need to be sharpened at all? Obviously having it flat is critical.
I think you have a little room for error and don't have to sharpen it as long as you use a soft wood block below your leather. You could always sharpen it by leveling it off with a sander. (sharp like an ice skate)
cucumbersome (author)  theRIAA6 years ago
That's a really good idea! I would love to try that for another project.
Good idea theRIAA. Maybe you could post us an instructable on how to do it..
signtist6 years ago
Check at local thrift shops (say like Goodwill) they have lots of old leathers coats/pants cheap. Good way to repurpose.
Arkarinum6 years ago
Cool! Regards from Brazil.